Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Pope Francis Defended": Helpful Resources for Confused, Troubled, and Frustrated Folks (New Link)


Dave Armstrong said...

Someone's faults (real and/or imagined) can be addressed in any number of places; doesn't have to be here, and off-topic at that.

I'm glad you liked my resource, though.

Since I can't edit your comment to take out the personal attacks, I have to delete the whole thing.

Dave Armstrong said...

This guy you linked to is an idiot and deserves no one's attention. I have to delete your comment, so no one will go to the link.

Bornacatholic said...

Dear Mr. Armstrong. Agreed. But, I thought it was interesting in that his Blog is linked to on the mouthpiece of "tradition," Rorate Caeli.

It is quite sad that so many soi disant traditionalists have descended into rebarbative hatred of virtually all things Catholic - Pope, Council, and Mass.

It was not too long ago that I was a soi disant traditionalist until I allowed the Grace of God to pull me up out of that sinkhole of enmity and pride.

Mark Alan said...

Hello Bornacatholic!

Sounds like you have had the same experience as me. I am thankful however, for them bringing me back to the Faith. But I too started discovering things once I began to read and research on my own.

God Bless and Praise God for people like Mr. Armstrong who defend the truth.

Bornacatholic said...

Dear Mark. Mr. Armstrong is a valuable asset to the Church and his ability to correct the errors about Pope Francis has made him an enemy of the SDTs (soi disant traditionalists).

He and Mr Akin are ridiculed and mocked because they seek to cast in a favorable light what Pope Francis does; and that, in today's tragic-comedy world that in part has resulted from the Rise of the Online Trad Machine, is considered an act of vice.

go figure...

Dan Marcum said...

Great post! I also recommend the following article:

12 Ways Pope Francis is Pro-Tradition, Against Modernism

Please let me know what you think.

Dave Armstrong said...

That is a fabulous resource. Thanks so much! I will link it on FB and add it to the "Dummies" collection.

In fact, I will make a paper of it on my blog.