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DIY Succulent Pallet Table


Max with the new Succulent Table.

Max with the new Succulent Table.

Can you believe that our latest DIY project was once just a couple of junky pallets and some scrappy table legs?  Crazy…if I didn’t have photos, I wouldn’t believe it myself.  Not too long ago, we whipped out a coffee table sized succulent table out of an old shipping crate.  Now we scaled it up.

The pallets.

The pallets.

First bit of advice, deconstructing pallets are a big pain unless you have the right tools…and our hammer and wall scrapper wasn’t quite doing the trick.  Boards were cracking and splitting left and right.  Good news.  We had three pallets to figure out how to do it, and by the second one…we were getting usable boards.

Couple good planks.

Couple good planks.

Love the scares of time left on these chunks of pallet wood.

Attaching the legs.

Attaching the legs.

After pulling apart two pallets, we used the 2 x 4 sized boards to make a rectangular frame to attached the appropriated table legs.  Debate went back and forth whether or not to strip the paint off the legs…we’re not huge fans of washed out creamy yellow.  We ended up just leaving them dinged up how we found them.  In the end, it worked in our favor.

Dry run for fittings.

Dry run for fittings.

Like TV magic (and 2 days later), the table was more or less put together.  We got so into the project that we forgot to take some pics during the building of the succulent hole, oops.  Basically, the top is made up in three sections.  Two flat boards make the right side, three boards make the left.  The center three boards were built as a separate planting box…again all using parts of the pallet.  We made it this way because we knew the succulent table was going to journey about 45 minutes south to Sunset Test Garden.  The plan was to make the succulent section removable so that it could ride inside the car while the rest of the table may need to be strapped to the roof of the Subaru.

Megan with some semps.

Megan with some semps.

After a weekend of slivers and sweat, we finally got to plant this baby.  Megan had the pleasure to do the ceremonial dividing up of the first bunch of semps.

Getting messy.

Getting messy.

3/8 inch holes where drilled in the bottom, and we decided to go with a fast draining cactus mix.  The bulk of the plants are Sempervivum, Sedum, and a hint of Orostachys iwarenge.  We plugged in some pea sized pebbles to stabilize and dress up the top.

Packing them in.

Packing them in.

Yeah, we didn’t hold back on jamming them.  By all means, it would be fine to plant the strip thin and let it grow in.  But when you need it to look full fast…you just hold, tuck and stick until it looks more or less done.

Succulents playing together.

Succulents playing together.


Finishing touches.

Finishing touches.

Here you can get a sense of how the center box is separate from the rest of the table…great for traveling.

Ready for action.

Ready for action.

Speaking of journeys, this guy is on view Jun 4-5 at the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend in their Test Garden down in Menlo Park, CA.  While your there, say hi to Johanna Silver, aka Ask a Garden Girl and Sunset Test Guru.  She has rock star garden skills and one of the most engaging personalities you’ll find.

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  1. Wow, this is really incredible! You guys did a fantastic job, I’m completely inspired.

  2. wow. great post. what happens to it after the show?

    • It’s gonna hang out in the Test Garden for awhile, then may take a detour at Flora Grubb Garden in SF, or somewhere else near to home. Eventually back to the homestead unless we make another one here for the back yard. We already are eying up the table we use and making a mod to it.

  3. your work is incredible, beautiful, creative and innovative and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing. I want to try a scaled down version since i live in an apartment. I hope i get to it.

  4. That is so great that your talents will be seen at the Sunset test garden! Awesome! Really beautiful.

  5. this is so excellent! love the re-use and how beautiful and functional it is! who knew that pallet wood could clean up so nicely! thanks for sharing your how-to!

  6. That looks wonderful! You and Megan both did a great job. I’m inspired to try and make my own.

  7. What were the tools of choice for pallet deconstruction??? LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing! Outerland gardeners unite!

    • I wish I had a better set of tools before starting this project and knew the pallets were going to be challenging. I ended up using mainly a hammer and thick scraper along with a circular saw. Big surprise was the boards were held together with 12 each of these nails that twist into the wood…sorta Kim a screw. After I was fine pulling off the boards, my buddy lend me. Crow bar and the funky palm sized nail digger tool to get below the wood to get the head of the nail some meat to pull on. Worked 50% better.

  8. Great job! Kudos to you.

  9. This is one of the coolest tables I’ve ever seen! I’m from Missouri so you can take that comment in context. Ha!

  10. Great idea! love it, thank you :)

  11. OMG, I love it! I want to make one (the smaller version because my space is limited of course).

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  13. Fantastic. It looks WONDERFUL.

  14. Nice!! Who would’ve thought a few pallets could make such a cool table! Thanks for sharing….

  15. Beautiful! I also use pallets, but have a problem of taking boards off in tact. Could you please give me your secret of how you removed them without damage? Am making my compost bins with them now. :~)

    • Hey JoAnn, I still have the same issue too. Seems that pallets are either really soft, or super hard and brittle. I found that taking the circular saw and cutting off the ends at least eliminates two of the four sets of those twisted nails in each board and gives you something to leverage against. A crow bar is really handy too.

  16. WOW!! looks Great. I’m just having a very hard time getting past eating anything out of a pallet. Pallets are a great source of wood for many things, but they’ve been through the ringer, so to speak. Pallets are the shoe sole of industry, exposed to EVERYTHING you can imagine! Yuck! Use them for everything else but somewhere to eat.

    • I have to say, my first thought upon seeing that it was made from pallets was “um, do they know pallets are imbued with pesticides to prevent insects”. I really think, at the very least, the author needs to post a highly visible warning that it is critical to positively verify that the pallets were not imbued with pesticides or other chemicals.

      • Hi Marc,
        Thank you for your concern, but we won’t be eating any of the plants in the table. It would be easy to build the table with a gap that would fit a removable (pesticide free) container for edible plants to prevent leaching. We’re not big food growers, as it’s pretty foggy & cold where we live. The rats have always gotten to our veggies before we could enjoy them.

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  18. This is awesome! I saw the table at the Sunset Celebration, and it’s great to read about the ‘behind the scenes’!

  19. This is amazing! I need to make one of these!

  20. Awesome use of materials! We’re going to make an “East Coast” version and utilize herbs in the center. Thank you for sharing a flowerful idea!

  21. Nail removal trick: Use a pointed metal punch to make a indentation in the nail head, one sharp whack with a hammer should do, then use a 1/4 inch drill bit to quickly remove the nail head. Or depending on the type of wood, using a flat end punch you can usually drive the nail completely through the wood slat without cracking the wood. We learned this when we used several hundred pallet slats to make a wooden lower half of a family room wall with wallpaper on the upper half. We were amazed at the beauty of the wood (oak) in the slats after we ran them through a wood planner.

  22. I love your table and saw it at the Sunset Celeb. Congrats on your ingenuity and new found fame! I would like to tackle one myself and wondered how you finished the top. Sanded, stained and sealed??? Also, how did you attach the legs?
    Thanks for guidance.

    • Gave it. Good sanding but wanted to preserve a little roughness of the pallet wood. Gave it two coats of a stain and seal, light sanding in between. The legs are attached using metal brackets but wood should work fine too.

  23. It is a wonderful table. Here in Mexico we have great variety of cactus. I will enjoy making my own. Great for you!!!!

  24. This is the Ultimate in being GREEN. So ingenious; so absolutely cool.
    PS. Think of the possibilities with edible greens and flowers! Love it, thanks for the inspiration.

  25. What an awesome use for an old pallet – much better than using them for firewood which is what I typically do. I love the fact that the planter can be moved in or out, depending on whether the tables in use. So functional and and fancy.

  26. It would be great with herbs too.

  27. You did a great job. I love the idea with the pallets and cactus. Once there stained you can eat off them. I’ve used pallets for dog houses, compost bins and parts went into a chicken coop. And scrapes for handles. I was looking for something just like that and there it was. Fantastic Job! Thanks.

  28. This is absolutely gorgeous. I totally want to make one.

  29. What did you use for soil? And is there anything protecting the soil/roots from the wood? Are there drainage holes? Thanks for the post. Very inspiring.

    • We apted to use a cactus soil mix in this one. No liner for this guy. I think if we were doing edibles, I would put in a protector cuz who knows what the pallets have seen. There are about 7 drainage holes drilled, plus a bit of a space down the length where seems meet.

  30. What did you use for finishing/staining the pallets?

  31. I’ve already shown this to my partner, we’re going to have to give this a go some weekend! Old pallets are always being thrown out in work, so I’m going to be speaking to my boss about getting some!

  32. Awesome succulent table. !!

  33. This would be fabulous with salad greens — your guests could pick their own salads!

  34. My garden in New Zealand needs that table. Have shown husband he likes it & I love it!

  35. Love the table, very creative. You have an awesome blog, too!

  36. “While your there, say hi to Johanna Silver” should say you’re- as in you+are=you’re.

  37. Really sweet idea. Awesome, those succulents are lovely

  38. Truly inspiring! I love it! I still cannot believe that was a pallet!

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  41. This has me thinking about some old tables in my basement. Beautiful blog!

  42. Cool, most of the pallets we use here in Australia are eucalyptus, super hard to work with but lovely when sanded down. The plants look great.

  43. Wow! That’s awesome. I really like the table – and thanks for the pictures so that I might create one of my own.

  44. This inspires all kinds of things to do with pallets. I can get my hands on plenty for free – I really want a table like this! Thanks!

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  46. How did yall eventually get the pallet boards to come off as a single piece without cracking them? These things are hard to remove and the nails wont budge.

    • I find that a good small crowbar that can be taped with a hammer under the planks works good. and if the nails are bent in you need to bend them loos with a screw driver.

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  48. Wow I have done a lot of building from pallets and the hard part is to find the right pallet. Good find and very nice work.

  49. I love your sense with plants. Do you guys run a business? Where can I find information on that? I might need some help with my garden.

  50. Such a simple concept but so well executed! Love the dense green of the succulents and the ‘easy to waterness’ also. Top Job!

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  52. This is gorgeous! BUT… you have to be really careful when selecting pallets. Many are used to ship toxic chemicals and then reused for something else. So for all those mentioning salad greens and herbs, be aware you may be poisoning your guests if you choose the wrong pallet. Not to mention what you’ll be doing to yourself when you make the table.

  53. this looks incredible, going to show this to my husband he loves making things from pallets too :)

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  57. Adorable! I’ve been wanting a table for the garden, and this idea rocks my socks off. Great job!

  58. wow that’s what I call a table

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  60. I don’t get it, where you gonna put the ketchup?

  61. guys, this is pure awsomeness! love it! great idea, realisation and documentation, thanks for sharing! wow!

  62. Bravo from Cleveland. I’m inspired to make a coffee table version. My husband said to ask if you’d make it for us, but I think we can pull it off. A good family project, I’d say.

  63. Wow!!! You did a wonderful job. It is beautiful, creative and innovative and as well as inspiring. I think i must give it a try. Thanks for sharing the post.

  64. Ahhhh what a cool idea!!

  65. What a fantastic idea! You won’t believe me, but I literally ‘stumbled’ on this page and I had just acquired a stack of pallets this past month! This project is on!

  66. Wonderful and really lovely!!!!!!!

  67. What a wonderful idea and good use for wood that gets put to the wayside

  68. I love this idea. I have to try and do this with tropical plants

  69. BEE U TE FULL………

  70. Wow..I’m very impressed! Truly inspiring…thanks so much for sharing!

  71. Can you describe more in detail how you made the middle box. Is there a plastic material inside the box that catches the water through the holes in the bottom? For the sides of the box, are you using the entire wooden slat width or the half of a slat width? Thx.

    • Since only succulents are getting planted in this table I used no lining, I reused the 2x4s for the depth to match the skirt, and one of the slats for the bottom. Holes were drilled in the bottom for draining, and there’s small gaps along the whole length were the bottom and side of the box meet. If I were to do any edibles, I would have used a separate approved plastic lining and wood for the design.

  72. I was totally amazed with the finished table. I’ve got my husband working on one
    for the back deck as I type. Thank you

  73. Saw this on Sunset magz… Love love love it!! Now I just have to find a way to convince my husband to make one!! 😉 Wish me luck! ha-ha. Thanks for sharing!

  74. Look so nice..its great and fantastic job


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  78. This idea is so great! I’m writing a blog post about different ideas for planters and I was wondering if you would mind if I included one of your images with credit and a link back to your site? Thanks much for the inspiration!

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  82. Hey all, use a Reciprocating saw to cut right through the nails! I am loving the look of the rusted nails! Will send a photo of the completed table! Cant wait, thanks for the excellent idea found in Sunset Magazine

  83. Love the table …. Two questions: how did you attach the planks to the frame? Screws or nails? And if I want to make the table twice as long do you have a suggestion on how to make that happen? Than, you!

    • Used a board underneath the planks and screwed them to the planks from the underside so they would not show. I used some nails on the top in some places. I would suggest finding some old barn wood, or reclaimed long pieces. Matti

      • Can you go more depth on how you attached the planks and the board? I am stuck on this part of it

        • Hey James, the top is divide into three sections…right, left and center. The right and left have two smaller boards underneath that the top is attached from the bottom side The center is attached to the floating box. All three sections are the floating on the skirt. Basically did it this way so that I could squeeze it into the car for travel. The three section could just float on top or you could out in some strategic nails/screws to keep it all in place. Hope that helps. Challenging to describe with words sometimes. Matti

  84. What an amazing table! I’m inspired …

  85. This is a great idea, I have all the spare parts to make this table. A built in centerpiece makes for a wonderful conversation piece.

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  90. Are the rest of your gardens just succulents?
    Love your table. What color did you stain it and what product did you polyurethan it with?
    Thank you

    • Hey Crystals Creations, our garden started out being mostly succulents…but we have expanded our plant diversity 10 fold. Lots of other CA natives, cloud forest lovers, and other Mediterranean plants too. I haven’t taken count in a while, but suspect we around about 150-200 species back there in the garden. As far as the table, it had two coats of a stain & polyurethane combo on it. More of a nature / honey color to it. Matti

  91. Nicely done, and cheers to your re-use of materials!!!

  92. Just love the work, the garden table is fantastic, so creative!

  93. Hi Matti. I received the message you left on my blog. I love this new table, it’s just nice that the coffee table.
    I’m glad you do not mind sharing your work with me, and I hope you receive many visitors to your blog.
    A greeting.

  94. This table is awesome! Does watering ever become an issue.

    • Hey Ashley, most succulents don’t like over watering. There’s a good draining soil in the box with lots of holes for the water to escape. Plus it doesn’t rain here for half the year…so really only concerned during winter for us in SF. If something dies…hey more room for more plants. Matti

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  96. Gosh this is beautiful. So polished and yet a bit rustic. I would love to have one at my own home!

  97. I’m glad to hear the table is doing well. It’s so pretty! Hopefully you can enjoy it soon at your home.
    Quick question. We went to san francisco and surroundings last year and there was a beautiful bright red plant growing on the shore in the carmel/monterey area. It’s looks like a cross between a succulent and a sea plant. Do you know the name?

    • Hi Jacky, I think you are talking about the Hottentot Fig (Carpobrotus edulis) aka…ice plant. Not all ice plant is bad…however the stuff that the California Hwy service planted back in the day to hold down erosion is pretty aggressive and invasive here along the West Coast of CA. Still, the red color can look great at the end of the dry summers here when it gets super red. Check out a post we did on it:



  98. Yes, that is the plant, thanks. The photos are beautiful, it’s sad that something so amazing can be so invasive.

  99. Absolutely love this Succulent Pallet Table !!!

  100. This is so coooool! My kids have been messing with a few pallets for a long time and this will inspire them. I’m inspired by the plants down the middle. They are trying to build a pallet house.

  101. Did you ever see the “river of succulents” in Sunset Mag back in the early 90’s?
    Love your table. Nicely done.

    (Found this thru my Stumble! email today)

    • I have not seen that one. Were new to Synset magazine. I remember thier books when I was back in WI. Will hav to see if I can get my hands on some old copies from back in the day.

  102. I love DIY projects and the table is beautiful.

  103. Wow – what an incredible idea. It looks great!

  104. I can just see this planted with salad items for a pick your own salad table.
    Looks like I will be asking on our Freegle (like Freecycle) group for some pallets next spring.:-)
    Brilliant idea. love the succulents too.

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  107. I love the imagination & inspiration that was used to create this. It’s uplifting when someone takes one thing and molds something quite different out of it.

  108. What a fantastic way to have a perfect table scape! You could add candles or a few sparkly baubles and dress it up for a evening dinner. I love this table.

  109. I wanted to make something similar, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it in a less costly manner. I’m looking at making something like this but for my dining room, and having the middle section with either small glass containers that can contain plants, utensils, etc., so it could be interchangeable, so this would be a good design style for me to look at. Thank you! And Max is adorable.:)

  110. SUPER KOOL IDEA! You have gotten my creative juices flowing. I am going to look at my local thrift shops for a table that opens up to insert a leaf. Open it to the desired size you want planted. And then carry on like you did to make a planter. Trial & Error construction. Thanks for the great post. If you GARDENERS want to chat about your gardening experiences come join my website forum for backyard gardeners.TIPS, TECHNIQUES AND TOURS. http://www.larksperennials.com Smiles, Lark

  111. Great idea, guys. I’ll be giving you a mention in a future post. I love succulents and intend, if feasible, to make a green roof from them.

  112. I’m blown away! How beautiful, and so clever!
    I really enjoy your blog – I write about radical homemaking, DIY, and (eventually) gardening at http://patchworkradicals.weebly.com – check it out if you like.

    Take care!

  113. Beautiful, beautiful art. Looks wonderful. This reminds me of my father in law (deceased), because he and one of his daughter’s tore down an old building in town. They were nice broads, So they pulled every single nail out and built her a house. The house didn’t cost much at all. Lots of time, and hard work. you guys did great!!

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  115. I love plants and flowers, I make flower arrangement and European gardens, but never try this, It looks so nice and special. Thanks

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  117. I cannot WAIT to post the top photo and link to this great blog on my FB “Grow Damn It” group! They are going to go nuts. Thanks for sharing.

  118. What a very clever idea. It’s beautiful with all the succulent plants and a coat of varnish. Nice job!

  119. Love it !! Has been added to the top of my project list.

  120. I love that! It looks amazing, and would do well in our climate.

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  122. I figure since I have this post bookmarked and return to it every other day, I ought to write a message saying how much I love the table. It is simple and elegant. I am thankful for you posting pictures and describing your process.

  123. Do you recall what brand name stain you used and what the color was? It is a really beautiful color especially for pine.

    • Hey Kathy, if I remember right, I used a Minwax PolyShade Honey Pine. Two or three coats with light sanding in between. A guy at work showed me a new product that I want to try out called Good Stuff Wood (I think that’s the name). I want to give it a try…looked a more slick.

  124. Looks great! How did you attach the top wood slats to the 2×4 frame? Nails?

  125. This is inspiring…love it…I am going to check around and see if I can come up with a pallet…I have some awesome table legs to go with it…love the succulents….

  126. Hi from England, good idea! Not sure i’d want to eat cactus pesticides or not (0; Might give something similar a go.

  127. This is great. I think maybe I could even make it.

  128. Great job! Now I want to create something cool…

  129. I am so making this table, its awesome, almost free, and looks delish!!! thank you and thank you Yolanda for sharing it on Facebook!!

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  131. Amazing Table!!! How did you attach the table boards to the frame. I don’t see any screw holes! Thanks!

    • Hi Jake, there are cross boards underneath, which I screwed into the top to make stable. There are some nails on the top holding it in place.

  132. fantastic idea, one that i would definitely want to try out someday. kudos guys!

  133. That is a really cool idea! Love to see people being creative!

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  138. I ran across this site on ‘stumbleupon’ – wow, this is incredible. I’ve been looking for creative ideas like this.

    I really got hooked on succulents after picking up a book on creative container succulent gardens. You work here is very cool.

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  140. LOVE IT! If I get the time I’ll have to try this amazing DIY!

  141. I wish I had a backyard so I could do this! Fantastic idea!

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  143. I love this table! What a great idea. The pictures of all the succulents are beautiful.

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  146. Great idea. It’s something new for me. But, do these flowers have enough water and soil to grow?

  147. Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing idea. Just this last weekend I came across a couple pallets, an abandoned table and some free time and made my own… turned out really well. I’m a fellow San Franciscian and new to the world of succulents… yet I may be crazy as I’m going to try to do them inside. I lined the box with some plastic and filled the bottom with some charcoal to keep the roots away from any excess moisture… here’s hoping… in the meantime the table looks amazing. So thank you for posting this and in turn allowing me to borrow (steal) the idea.


  148. really nice,love the old wood.

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  151. Beautiful work! I have been interested in including succulents in our home decor, but how do they do inside? Any advice?

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  154. This is great, but you know what would be perfect for sitting in that space? One of those long plastic water trays used to moisten wall paper. That would be perfect to sit down in there and either plant directly or use as a drip tray for the smaller containers to protect the wood from moisture. I’m already making plans on sitting one by my grill area!

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  156. Hey guys, It’s genius, Bravo for both of you. I hope you have more creative ideas in the future that are very simple but very useful. Good luck.

  157. Awesome! I’m going to seek out pallets!!

  158. This is a fabulous idea. I use saucer dish around my garden area that contain small succulent gardens. I have also used a similar idea with herbs as a centerpiece on an outdoor table. They smelled divine.

  159. This is seriously cool !

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  161. Wow this is cool! Thanks for sharing!

  162. What a great idea, I never considered this before, but now I see it I keep thinking how great the table would be for BBQs, with gourmet lettuce and herbs in the center. Brilliant.

  163. This is beyond clever! It’s so wonderful to re-use things–and this, for sure, is more beautiful than anything store bought!

  164. this was a really good idea. even better is that the whole project was recycled. keep up the good work

  165. This is completely awesome!! Love your table, it is so inspirational!

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  170. This is absolutely beautiful. Lovely organic design. I’d love to try something like this next Summer! :)

  171. Hi. This is sooo awesome! I just got a pallet & I ran across your website. I am having a hard time finding legs that are high enough to create a table. You are so lucky to have found those legs. (i agree about creamy yellow, but it is doable :)))!
    If you have any suggestions for legs that I could get at Lowes that would be great. My pallet is quite large 4 x 4 so I know I need something study. Thanks so much.
    Keep up with the cool diy projects!!!

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