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June 2006

Volume 7, Number 1

Edited by Susan Ryan

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Rooftop Sessions has been on hiatus since December.  Additionally, there have been serious issues with the submissions email address that are now resolved.

A brand-new issue with new stories should be up very shortly!  Stay tuned to this page!

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In this issue:

  • "The Gift" by Sharon Richards (low-res version)
    When Laura got that postcard from the Dakota, she never imagined the possibilities...

  • "The Rooftop Session" by James Ryan (low-res version)
    This was one concert no one wanted to miss, no matter when they came from

    Write Thinking: Musings on the Writer's Craft

  • Go Read The Write Thinking Archive


    Rooftop Sessions story in Daytrippin' Magazine

  • Elizabeth Darcy's story "She's Got A Ticket" has been featured in the Winter 2004 issue of Daytrippin' Magazine celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in America.  Check out the link to this great magazine on our Links Page!  (Many thanks to Daytrippin' Editor Trina Yannicos for her ongoing support!)

    Rooftop Sessions stories in Beatlology Magazine

  • Lisha Goldberg's story, "Gear Costume" and Margaret Racine's "Write Thinking" article, "I'm a Loser" have been featured in Beatlology Magazine!  Look for future reprints of our stories and articles in upcoming issues and check out the link to this fine magazine on our Links Page!  (Many thanks to Andrew Croft for his interest and support!)

    Rooftop Sessions stories in Beatlezine

  • Jim Ryan's story, "Nobody Told Me" has been featured in a new Beatles fanzine called Beatlezine!  Look for future reprints in future issues, and be sure to check out the link to this new 'zine on our Links Page!  (Many thanks to editor Shawn Rubenfeld for his interest!)


    Fan Fiction as featured in Beatlefan

  • "Beatles Worship Through Words" by Kit O'Toole (low-res version)
    Fan fiction was highlighted in Issue #133 of Beatlefan Magazine -- Editor Susan Ryan and some of your favorite Rooftop Sessions authors and other fan fiction writers are profiled in this special reprint.  (Many thanks to Bill King and The Goody Press!)


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