YOU Reading Group: The Broken by Tamar Cohen



When a marriage breaks down, the fallout can have a corrosive effect on friends of the couple involved; the more bitter the split, the greater the potential for collateral damage. 

This particular battle in the relationship wars begins on familiar territory. 

Dan, a successful photographer, announces that he is leaving his wife Sasha and their young daughter for a beautiful 24-year-old model. 

He imagines that everything can be smoothly resolved if he acts generously in any divorce settlement. The couple’s best friends, Josh and Hannah, believe they can remain neutral.

How badly mistaken they all turn out to be. 

The one person who won’t conspire in this emotionally mature narrative is Sasha, who is devastated by Dan’s decision and vows that ‘he won’t get away with it’. 

Not only are Josh and Hannah sucked into the increasingly toxic situation, but it exposes cracks in their own relationship, threatening its survival. 

As Sasha becomes more volatile, unhinged by bitterness and betrayal, things spiral into a nightmare of psychological suspense, with a brilliantly insidious twist at the end.



‘It’s always sad though, isn’t it, when marriages don’t work out?’ his mother said. ‘It’s so hard on the children.’ 

Was he imagining things, or did Hannah just glance sideways at him? 

He felt a cold hand suddenly grip his insides and squeeze tightly. 

That was the problem when your friends split up, you started seeing divorce and separation everywhere you looked.

I couldn't put this book down. It haunted me for weeks Author Lisa Jewell



With novels such as The War of the Wives and The Mistress’s Revenge, a previous YOU Reading Group choice, Tamar Cohen has established herself as one of the sharpest writers around when it comes to dissecting dysfunctional relationships, which she admits she finds more interesting than happy ones. 

Read her exclusive piece about the background to The Broken at, where you will also find suggested topics for your own book club discussion.



The Broken is published by Black Swan, price £6.99. 

To order a copy go to or call 0808 272 0808; p&p is free for a limited time.




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