Where's an ark when you need one? Apocalyptic scenes in Georgia as lions, bears, wolves and HIPPO are among dozens of animals to escape from zoo during freak flood

Apocalyptic scenes in Georgia's Tbilisi as animals escape from zoo during freak flood

Residents in the Georgian capital Tbilisi have been warned to stay indoors after dangerous animals escaped from the city's zoo when flash floods destroyed their enclosures, setting them free and allowing them to roam the streets. Among those to escape were bears, left, a hippo, main, and wolves, bottom right, some of which had to be shot dead by police. The freak weather has already killed nine people in the city, including three workers who are employed at the zoo. One of the dead was confirmed as Guiliko Chitadze, a zookeeper who lost an arm in attack by a tiger last month. Heavy rains and wind hit Tbilisi last night, turning a normally small stream that runs through the hilly city into a surging river.

Police search for driver of second car after 25-year-old father of one was executed by a close-range shot to the head as he was DRIVING

Family of young father found shot dead in the front seat of his car appeals for

The family of a young father killed by a gunshot to the head are appealing to the public for information about his killer. Police are investigating the death of 25-year-old Fabian Brock, pictured, after he was shot in the head 'from close range' as he drove a gold Toyota Camry down Union Terrace, in Wagaman, north of Darwin, at around 2:35 am Saturday morning.

Nice work if you can get it! Joe Hockey is paid $1000 a month to stay at his wife's Canberra home

The Treasurer, who can claim $271 worth of accommodation per night while away from his electorate, claimed the costs despite staying in his wife Melissa Babbage's Canberra house in Forrest.

BREAKING NEWS: Hello Earth, can you hear me? Comet lander Philae wakes up from 7-month hibernation, says European Space Agency

NEW Breaking news: The probe became the first spacecraft to land on a comet when it touched down on the icy surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November.

Spice up mojitos with ginger, marinate fruit in vodka and use a JAM JAR to shake drinks: Expert tips for making perfect cocktails revealed

As a new survey shows that Brits are increasingly throwing cocktail parties, TheBar.com's head mixologist Kenji Jesse explains how to jazz up classic libations without breaking the bank.

Queen did impressions of Margaret Thatcher as two women 'waged a war against each other', shock book claims

Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher visit Zambia for the Commonwealth conference in 1979 in Lusaka, Zambia. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

Author Dean Palmer claims the Queen tried to undermine the Iron Lady when she was prime minister through 'petty class put-downs and Press leaks'.

Jewel in the crown: Princess Mary sparkles in lavender gown and pearls as she rubs shoulders with the world's royalty at fairytale Swedish wedding

Jewel in the crown: Princess Mary sparkles in lavender gown and pearls as she rubs

Although all eyes were on the beautiful bride at the Royal Swedish wedding, Princess Mary of Denmark (left) once again didn't disappoint with her usual elegance and style when she arrived at the grand occasion. It was a who's who of royalty when Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist tied the knot at the Royal palace in Stockholm in Sweden on Saturday but our very own Princess shone above the rest in her exquisite flowing silk soft lavender gown complete with intricate embroidery. Her adoring husband, Prince Frederic of Denmark (far right), was beaming with pride as he walked alongside his stunning wife who wore a sparkling crown lined with pearls and matching drop earrings. Mary wore the traditional blue and yellow sash across her gown to honour Sweden's colours while at the same time continuing to do her adopted country of Denmark proud with her effortless charm and charisma.

All eyes on gorgeous George! Prince steals the show with royal wave from Buckingham Palace balcony as mummy makes her first outing after giving birth to join in Queen's birthday celebrations

Prince George watches Kate Middleton and Prince William for Trooping the Colour

Despite all the military pomp and splendour of the Trooping the Colour parade, Prince George managed to steal the show with a simple wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Held by proud father Prince William, the pair were joined by the Duchess of Cambridge, making her first appearance since giving birth to Princess Charlotte last month. Today's parade along The Mall and Horse Guards Parade marks the Queen's official birthday, though her actual birthday was on April 21, when she turned 89.

Snap! How Prince George appeared in the very same romper suit as his father wore in balcony scene with Prince Charles in 1984 

Prince George made his debut on the balcony of Buckingham Palace wearing exactly the same baby-blue romper suit his dad, Prince William, wore during his first appearance 31 years ago (pictured)

Take selfies of bruises and keep a diary: How police say domestic abuse victims can help convict their violent partners

Domestic abuse victims have been advised to help police by taking photos of their injuries and recording details of offences to ensure there's sufficient evidence to put perpetrators behind bars.

Sir Elton John's husband David Furnish 'buys London home for 33-year-old personal trainer he met clubbing'

Sir Elton John's husband David Furnish 'buys home for personal trainer he met clubbing'

David, 52, met 33-year-old Danny Williams (pictured together right) on a night out clubbing in the capital, and quickly struck up a friendship, a report in The Sun on Sunday claims. 2013 Land Registry documents show David, who married Elton in December, paid in excess of £330,000 for a two bedroom flat in South London for Danny.

Former Mr England bodybuilder has tumour the size of a melon removed from his leg after being diagnosed with cancer 

Gary Case, 46, from Liverpool, faced having his leg amputated if doctors were not able to remove the cancerous tumour. He first noticed the lump (inset) in 2013 but put it down to intense training.

A real-life toy story: Backpacker loses treasured stuffed lamb... but is reunited with it after woman sees her appeal on Facebook and finds it in garage sale 15,000km away

A real-life toy story: Backpacker loses treasured stuffed lamb... but is reunited with it

NEW A woman has been reunited with her beloved childhood toy after it went missing a year ago and turned up a year later nearly 9,500 miles from her southeast Queensland home. 30-year-old Bernadette Lavallee (pictured, left) misplaced her toy lamb Lamberise while on a trip to Dover last year. The distraught bar manager set up a Facebook page and after reaching nearly 5000 likes Char Pellow (pictured, right), a local woman, discovered the toy at a car boot sale back in Dover.

Man accidentally 'mounts curb and runs over his girlfriend' as he attempts to break up an argument

On Saturday night the man, 26, took his 24-year-old partner to her former boyfriend's house in Argenton, about two hours north of Sydney, to pick up some belongings.

Mother who smashed into five cars during high-speed police pursuit in Sydney had two infant children in her vehicle 

A 14-month-old girl and three-month-old boy, who were found in the woman's vehicle once it stopped, were sent to hospital after the high-speed pursuit around Chipping Norton in Sydney's south west.

Ex-girlfriend of Baby P killer who dated him after he left prison reveals they finally split up because of his temper

Petya Paneva and Jason Owen

Petya Paneva, 27, from Bulgaria, started dating Jason Owen, 43, after the pair met while working together at a gym in south London, but did not know that he was convicted over Baby P's death.

Paedophile raped his two step daughters aged 11 and 14 and infected them with HIV 

The stepdad, 60, had originally denied the accusations but has since developed full-blown AIDS. He was warned he faced an indeterminate sentence at Canterbury Crown Court.

'Walkover' woman realises she's wearing exactly the same outfit as the FLOOR 

Bizarre moment woman realises she's wearing exactly the same outfit... as the FLOOR 

This young woman walked into a room and discovered that her two-tone dress blended perfectly with the rug she was standing on and the patterned linoleum below. But rather than dash home for a quick wardrobe change, the woman saw the funny side of the situation and lay down to document the hilarious moment in a picture.

EXCLUSIVE - Rolf Harris's vile jail song: In shock letter from cell, shamed star reveals 'country rock' lyrics that damn his sex victims as greedy 'wenches' - then brags about cushy prison life 

Rolf Harris's vile jail song revealed in letter from Stafford prison

Convicted paedophile Rolf Harris has written a vile song from his prison cell in Stafford (inset right), sickeningly castigating his victims as money-grabbing mercenaries intent on claiming compensation. Harris, 84, targeted girls as young as seven, but in his lyrics he displays no remorse for his crimes. Instead, he callously describes the victims whose lives he wrecked as 'woodworms' who have 'climbed up out of the woodwork from 40 years ago'.In his misogynistic rant, he shamelessly sneers at the women he indecently assaulted, saying: 'Perhaps you think you're pretty still, some perfumed sultry wench?'

Radical Muslim dubbed 'founding father of western jihad' reveals how he now regrets opening the door to ISIS 

Abu Muntasir, 55, who lives in Suffolk, spread hate and a radical Islamist message for nearly two decades during the 1980s and 1990s, but now regards with horror the 'virus' drawing young Muslims to ISIS.

'I know I've been foolish': Topless backpacker Eleanor Hawkins is finally back home with her parents and apologises for 'any offence caused' 

Eleanor Hawkins the Topless backpacker is home after 3 days in Malaysian prison

Backpacker Eleanor Hawkins has returned to her home in Derbyshire after fleeing Malaysia, where she was jailed for three days after posing topless on a sacred mountain and blamed for causing a deadly earthquake. Flanked by her parents outside her home with this morning, she apologised to the tribesmen who accused her of triggering the tremor. She said: 'I know my behaviour was foolish and I know how much offence we all caused to the local people of Sabah. For that, I am truly sorry.'

Pope Francis to call for revolution of hearts and minds to stop climate change and global inequality in letter to world's 2.1billion Catholics

Pope Francis delivers a speech next to prefect of the papal household Georg Gaenswein during a meeting with the employees of Roman catholic broadcasting network TV2000 at Paul VI audience hall on at the Vatican.  AFP PHOTO / TIZIANA FABITIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

Pope Francis is to call for a stop to climate change and global inequality in a letter due to be sent to Catholic bishops around the world on Thursday, with the UN predicting his encyclical could have 'major impact'.

Police slam neglectful parents who are leaving children as young as five on their own at suburban pool while they go shopping or to the PUB 

Frustrated police officers turned babysitters from the Kuring Gai local area control have slammed carers who are leaving children at the Hornsby Aquatic Centre on Sydney's north shore.

'Your boobs are so perfect': What Commonwealth Bank manager allegedly said to teller who is now suing for sexual harassment... but he says the lewd comments were just jokes between friends

Mary Molloy sues Commonwealth Bank over managers 'lewd comments'

Brisbane fitness model Mary Molloy (left and centre) is suing the Commonwealth Bank and her former boss for sexual harassment in the work place, claiming the manager told her she was 'sexy' with 'perfect boobs' and suggested she was limping due to rough sex. Ms Molloy, 23, has filed documents with the Federal Court, claiming she endured months of unlawful discrimination from Frank Lopez (right), the former manager of the bank's Queen Street Mall branch in Brisbane (inset). Ms Molloy, a former bank teller, claims the father-of-three compared her to Kate Winslet in her infamous nude scene in the film Titanic and allegedly sent her texts to say he would 'kiss her if he was with her'. The bank and Mr Lopez are defending the allegations, claiming the comments 'were not unwelcome sexual harassment' as Mr Lopez and Ms Molloy were friends.

'Finally justice will be served!' Australian held hostage for more than a year by Somali kidnappers welcomes arrest of the first suspect... seven years after the crime

Police have arrested a Somali man they believe was involved in the 2008 kidnapping and torture of Australian journalist Nigel Brennan after initiating an undercover operation in Canada.

5 Seconds Of Summer stop London concert mid-show after guitarist Michael Clifford's hair catches fire and he sustains burns to his face before being rushed to hospital

5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford's hair catches fire on stage

Australian boy band 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford has been rushed to hospital with burns to his face sustained during a concert in Wembley, London on Saturday evening. The 19-year-old reportedly got too close to a pyrotechnic display on stage, which saw his hair catch fire before the show was cancelled early so the musician could seek medical attention. Taking to Instagram hours later, Michael assured fans his condition was stable with a thumbs-up, although the left side of his face is now bandaged.

'These girls keep breaking down barriers': Women's Australian Rules team play historic exhibition game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground ahead of AFL match 

A women's Australian Rules football team made of up predominantly multicultural and Muslim players has had a historic exhibition match at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Dog-owner who left pet to die after it suffered a broken spine, cheekbone and ribs when it was beaten up at a house party is jailed for 18 weeks

A cruel drunk has been jailed for leaving a dog to die after it was brutally beaten up at his house party.\nPaul Rush left Scoobie the cross breed comatose on the floor of his North Shields home.\nThe pet, who suffered a broken spine, cheekbone and ribs, had been badly beaten up during a house party and was left unconscious in the kitchen.\nAnd when police attended Rush¿s address and found Scoobie, he was just hours away from death, a court heard.\n\nPaul Rush who has been jailed for leaving his dog in a comatose state after it was attacked

WARNING: Graphic content. Paul Rush, 36, from North Shields, North Tyneside, left his cross breed dog Scoobie unconscious on the floor after it was brutally beaten at a house party.

Exodus from hell: Civilians flee as Kurdish forces close in on Isis held border town in Syria after US led coalition air strikes

Exodus from hell: Civilians flee as Kurdish forces close in on Isis held border town in

NEW Backed by allied rebels and air strikes by a U.S.-led coalition, Kurdish militia have pressed their offensive on the ISIS-held Syrian border town of Tal Abyad, advancing to within three miles of it. The militia have also seized at least 20 villages southwest of the border town, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Turkish troops watched on helplessly yesterday as heavily-armed ISIS terrorists blocked the border crossing at Tal Abyad, where some 13,000 civilians have crossed over the past ten days. The men, women and children were stopped at gunpoint almost within touching distance of the border town of Akcakale.

Nigerian player expected to be hit with eight-week ban after viciously elbowing Australia Matildas star Sam Kerr in the face

Nigeria's Ugo Njoku could be hit with a eight-match ban after she viciously elbowed Australian star Sam Kerr in the face during the Matildas 2-0 win at the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Sepp Blatter is planning to UN-RESIGN after receiving support from African and Asian football federations, claim Swiss media

FIFA president Sepp Blatter, pictured, has indicated he may be willing to rescind his December resignation after receiving strong support from African and Asian football federations.

The 14 most in-demand Sydney suburbs, which carry a staggering 100 per cent auction clearance rate

The 14 hottest Sydney suburbs with a 100% auction clearance rate

Numbers don't lie, and these are the suburbs where Sydney home owners are guaranteed to sell. The 14 districts-which are dispersed throughout the city- have a 100 per cent auction clearing rate in the past three months. From Thornleigh on the northern beaches to Mortdale in the west, the golden suburbs have an average clearance rate of 83.3 per cent, which is 16.7 points higher than Sydney's current all-time record-rate. All of the top suburbs appeared to be next to high-profile suburbs, allowing them to become the reasonably priced alternative.


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Battle of the Crocs! Amazing photos show the brutal moment a MASSIVE 5 metre monster devours a 'small' 2 metre crocodile

Battle of the Crocs! Amazing photos show the brutal moment a MASSIVE 5m monster devours a

Shocking photos of the moment a massive five-metre crocodile killed and ate a 'smaller' two-metre croc in the Northern Territory were captured by a tourist cruise in Kakadu National Park. The confronting images were posted to Kakadu Tourism's Facebook page, accompanied by the quote: 'Beauty ... AND THE BEAST. You never know what you're going to see on Yellow Water, Kakadu.' Nikki Davies, a tour guide who took the photos, said it was a reminder of 'supreme power of nature'. 'At first we thought they were fighting, but as we went around the corner a bit more you could see what had happened,' said Ms Davies.

Not your typical peshmerga fighter: The female Kurdish pop star with assault rifle rings who inspires troops with her songs about destroying ISIS

Helen Abdulla, who was born in Iran but fled to Finland before launching a pop carer in Los Angeles, is now being championed by Kurdish peshmerga forces after making her latest song about them.

Six-year-old girl held for three days by police at French airport after they mistakenly believed she was travelling with a fake passport


The girl was traveling as an unaccompanied minor carrying all necessary documents, and her mother was waiting at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to greet her.

Men see their sons more than daughters after splitting from the mother - while women lose confidence in their parenting skills 

Men with spare rooms and those who helped bring up their children before the separation were also found to have longer-lasting relationships, research by The Nuffield Foundation claimed.

The woman who can NEVER close her eyes: Mother fears she may go blind after 'botched' nip-tuck operation... but hospital chiefs do NOTHING 

Dawn Knight was sold a 'lifetime aftercare package' by The Hospital Group, the celebrity-endorsed private medical chain that arranged the £3,500 surgery at their Dolan Park clinic in Birmingham.

Hundreds of rubber thongs, rusted pipes, gas canisters and even bones: So many items washed up on one Queensland beach 'it looked like a ship had gone down'

Hundreds of rubber thongs, rusted pipes, gas canisters and even bones: Man shocked at

A man in western Queensland was shocked to discovered hundreds of items washed up on the shore of his local beach. The man, who lives in western Queensland on the Gulf of Carpentaria, took a number pictures of the surprisingly large stack of cargo scattered across the sand, when he discovered it in March this year. 'I went to the beach and I noticed all of these strange things floating onto the shore,' the man posted online. 'I'd never seen anything like that for years ... Even some of the older locals, who lived their whole lives on this beach, said it looked like a ship had gone down and that they'd never seen anything like it before.'

Measles cases at 16 year high in 2014 with the majority of cases brought in to the country by travelers 

Last year saw 340 cases of measles nationally, 62 of which occurred in children under five-years-old, the highest figures in 16 years. So far, 2015 has only seen 45 cases of the highly infectious disease.

Is your son a teenage timebomb? How to spot the danger signs

Teenage boys' problems are often more difficult to detect than girls'. So should you worry about your uncommunicative son who spends hours alone on his computer in his bedroom?

Woman shot in head and four others injured at wedding at iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel after man accidentally fires his gun

The 55-year-old woman was rushed to hospital after a bullet grazed her head in the hotel's lobby. The 42-year-old shooter claims he accidentally fired the gun, an NYPD source said.

You better not be laughing AT him! Aides snapped in fits of giggles standing behind tyrannical North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as he inspects a vegetable patch 

You won't be laughing tomorrow! Aides appear to be in fits of giggles standing behind

NEW In the latest bizarre set of images released by North Korea, a military officer is seen laughing as so-called Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un appears to make a joke about tomato plants. The picture is one of two released by North Korea's official news agency, both of which show men dressed in military uniform chuckling with Kim Jong-Un.

Teeth under attack from 'healthy' snacks: The growing problem is one that many dentists are failing to treat 

Acid erosion is responsible for 80 per cent of problems such as cavities and yellowing, and food and drink with a high acid content, such as fizzy drinks and fruit juices, are common causes.

U.S. to move vehicles and enough heavy weapons for up to 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe in bid to deter Russian aggression

In a significant move to deter possible Russian aggression in Europe, the Pentagon is poised to store battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other heavy weapons for as many as 5,000 troops.

How Australian jewellery designer beloved by Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Nicole Scherzinger took his brand from the kitchen bench to Hollywood in five years... and now he is designing a line for Target

How 8 Other Reasons beloved by Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba was created in five years

Australian designer, Charles Lichaa, created his accessory label 8 Other Reasons when he was just 20 years old and has transformed it into an international success in just five years. It is a favourite of celebrities like Jennifer Hawkins, Khlow Kardashian (centre), Jessica Alba, and Nicole Scherzinger (right)

$60,000 to teach pupils how to use Wikipedia: Fury after council pays IT expert to show children how to 'critically engage' with online encyclopaedia 

A £30,000 scheme, set to begin at secondary schools in Leicester later this year, to teach schoolchildren how to use Wikipedia has been condemned as a waste of taxpayers' money.

It's a 'Shoeish conspiracy': Twitter mocks Muslim campaigner after he claims MOSSAD sneaked into his home and stole a single shoe - and he responds with bizarre video rant

In a public Facebook post, Asghar Bukhari, founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, pictured, said someone had tried to intimidate him by mysteriously taking his footwear as he slept.

EXCLUSIVE - Our agony on The Smiler: Amusement park victim reveals the hell of waiting hours for rescue and how he comforted his girlfriend who lost a leg that 'nothing would change between them' 

Our agony on The Smiler: Alton Towers victim reveals the hell of waiting hours for rescue

Soon after he boarded his favourite Alton Towers rollercoaster, Joe Pugh (pictured centre) sensed something was wrong. And tragically, his fears would prove justified when the carriage he and his 17-year-old girlfriend Leah Washington (right) were riding crashed into an empty car, causing horrific injuries to them both. Sixth-form student Leah Washington (pictured with Joe on the ride, inset) had to have her left leg amputated above the knee, while 18-year-old Joe smashed both his kneecaps, which will take months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation to overcome. Now, as the pair recover in the same hospital, Joe has spoken for the first time of the day out which ended so horrifically.

Did passenger really find a LIZARD in their in-flight meal? Air India forced to deny claims after picture of creature 'on food tray' goes viral

Air India has strongly denied that the reptile was discovered on board the flight from Delhi to London on Thursday, despite a source claiming the passenger was heard screaming.

Gruesome scenes as four people including two women are found dead in the basement of Ohio suburban family home after botched robbery as suspect remains at large

Columbus police say four people are dead and one person is injured after a shooting on Saturday morning. Police said the victims, two men and two women, were found in the basement.

How NOT to play frisbee! Hilarious video shows beach-goers in Bosnia launching the disc at each other in cringeworthy efforts at playing popular game  

How NOT to play frisbee! Hilarious video shows beach-goers in Bosnia launching the disc at

It's a beach activity that is played by thousands of people around the world. The game is not exactly hard to pick up, and can be played both in the sea and on the sand. Yet for some, perhaps a rulebook is necessary. In this hilarious video, beach-goers in Bosnia show how not to play frisbee, to ultimate comedy effect.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Chelsy's flesh-revealing summit pose in South Africa

Chelsy, 29, posted this picture as she -  in barely-there cropped top and shorts - climbed the Lion's Head above Cape Town to celebrate being reunited with her best friend Olivia 'Bubble' Perry.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: 'Love the glove' Princes sign up for campaign on prostate cancer

The Royal brothers promised to promote Samuel's charity One For The Boys, which encourages men to check for prostate cancer by visiting the doctor regularly.

Anger as water park bans bikinis on women-only 'night for Muslims' where visitors must cover up with 'Islamically appropriate attire'

A water park in Stoke-on-Trent (file photo from Dubai) has been accused of stirring up religious tension by holding a women-only night aimed at Muslims where bikinis are banned.

Rugby league star reveals GRUESOME pictures of his surgery after having his arm SNAPPED in charity wrestling competition on live TV

Rugby league star reveals GRUESOME pictures of his surgery after having his arm SNAPPED in

Former rugby league star Ben Ross posted photos gruesome pictures of his fractured arm he received while arm wrestling on live TV. The photos include an X-ray of a badly fractured upper arm bone, another of a metal plate with several screws, and a long, bloodied bandage. 'Finally got to see the fractures, plates, screws and scar that will be with me for life... Gotta take positives out of every negative,' he wrote on his Instagram page. Another disgusting picture he shared was taken by his surgeon mid-surgery. Ross has been recovering in a Sydney hospital since Thursday night, when his arm audibly broke during a charity arm wrestle with former NRL winger Wendell Sailor on Channel Nine's The Footy Show.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: A frosty night for Lily 

Jaime Winstone and Lily Allen were once firm friends, and almost became sisters-in-law. So why was the atmosphere so frosty when I spotted them at a Louis Vuitton party last week?

Snow in the desert: Freak hailstorm turns the Red Centre white, blanketing the parched earth with ice

Snow in the desert: Freak hailstorm turns the Red Centre white, blanketing parched earth

On Saturday the Alice Springs area turned into a winter wonderland after a thunderstorm blanketed the area in hail (top and bottom right). Photographs show a stunning contrast between the bright earth and hailstones covering the ground (top left) in parts of Alice Springs. While the area does see storms it's not often conditions are just right to deliver the spectacle it did at the weekend.

Pictured - the fire Kim Jong-Un didn't want you to see: Images emerge of major blaze at showpiece North Korean hotel which officials refuse to admit happened 

Despite pictures clearly showing the Koryo Hotel in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang on fire, state authorities have refused to admit there was a blaze, or any details about where people were injured.

Revolver owned by General George S. Patton, who was one of the most successful wartime commanders leading the U.S. into World War II, fetches $75,000 at auction

A Colt .45 revolver once owned by General George S. Patton sold for $75,000 at auction in Los Angeles.The single-action revolver was acquired by the famous World War II general around 1928.

Military bosses compare 'feeble' Britain's inaction in Iraq and Syria to the appeasement of HITLER in the 1930s - and warn the government not to cut the budget any further 

Former First Sea Lord Sir Nigel Essenhigh warned that Britain is standing by despite crisis in Iraq, Syria and Russia - and that slashing the military budget could put the country at risk in the future.

'It took my breath away, it made sense': How a family realized their son, 4, has rare terminal condition after watching poignant video about girl, 5, with the same disorder

'It took my breath away, it made sense': How a family realized their son, 4, has rare

A family realized their four-year-old son has a terminal disorder after seeing a video online about a girl suffering from the same rare condition. Will Tharp Byers was diagnosed with autism after he seemed to be developing at a much slower rate than other boys his age. But his mother Valerie was not convinced. It was not until she saw a fundraising video called Saving Eliza, and read the story, that she recognized her son's symptoms: he has Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Baltimore woman and her cockatiel find Irish doppelgangers on Instagram

A lady from Baltimore who enjoys placing her pet bird on top of her head got the surprise of her life as she perused Instagram only to find another woman on the other side of the world who did the same.

Dreams do come true! The incredible moment one woman is magically transformed into SEVEN Disney princesses in a matter of minutes

Disney fans take note, one woman magically transforms into seven Disney princesses

One lucky model got the opportunity to transform into not one but seven Disney princesses, with the magical touch of a talented hair and make up team. Finished off with the help of a green screen, and some appropriate movie props, the Disney Style YouTube channel model becomes Belle (top right), Rapunzel, Elsa (top left), Ariel (bottom right), Jasmine (bottom left), Snow White and Pocahontas, all in a matter of minutes.


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So this is how you do the downward dog: Photographer captures zen-like images of karma-loving canines

Striking images show peaceful pooches with eyes blissfully closed

Australia's leading animal photographer Alex Cearns has released an adorable assemblage of peaceful pooch-portraits named ZEN DOGS. The project is a series of portraits showing dogs in a Zen like pose - relaxed and happy, with their eyes blissfully closed. Ms Cearns photographs over 800 beloved pet dogs each year in her studio in Perth, Western Australia. It was here she happened upon the technique for the project. The Perth based photographer, who has dedicated the last nine years of her life to shooting animals, said the images are a reminder to take a break and unwind.

Detroit's rotting Silverdome stadium, where fans once gathered to watch the Super Bowl and see Led Zeppelin, goes on the market for $30million

The 80,300-seat, 430,000-square-foot stadium sits on 127 acres of land about 30 miles outside Detroit. The Detroit Lions last played in the stadium in 2002, before before moving to Ford Field in Detroit.

B.B. King daughters accuse the blues legend's manager of stealing OVER $1 million

Attorney Benjamin Crump, said Friday in Las Vegas he'll take an independent look at King's death May 14 at age 89 and the handling of his finances.



The witch of St Ives: Did Barbara Hepworth REALLY 'bewitch' fellow artists and discard husbands and children in relentless pursuit of perfection?

Barbara Hepworth's amazing life and work revealed

Every year, tens of thousands flock to her museum and glorious sculpture garden in St Ives to absorb not only her art but that serene spirit - many of them, though, will be unaware that there is a darker and more anguished side to Hepworth's story. Interest in Hepworth is at a high. Her first major London exhibition in half a century opens at Tate Britain on June 24. Entitled Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture For A Modern World, it features many of her greatest works, plus rarely seen pieces. Yet even before her dramatic death in 1975, in a fire caused by smoking in bed, there was a sense of controversy surrounding Hepworth in St Ives. It has coloured her wider reputation and continues to this day.

Is a drop of a hat faster than the blink of an eye? Table reveals the TRUE speeds of popular and clichéd sayings

The list was compiled at the University Campus Suffolk. It compared speeds of clichés such as 'lightning fast' and 'a bat out of hell'. Top place went to the speed of light, at 300,000,000 metres p/s.

You are here: The incredible map that reveals our place in the universe - and it's about to get a lot bigger

Dr Brent Tully from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu has begun mapping out an even greater concentration of galaxies, known as the Shapley Supercluster.

Hit-and-run driver who killed man in a wheelchair turns himself in - after realizing the victim was his COUSIN 

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Malik Clyburn, 19, of Sarasota, Florida, turned himself in to police after seeing the hit-and-run that killed Michael Wright, 48, as he crossed the street in his wheelchair.

Fight not flight: Magnificent bald eagles wage war in mid-air as one bird of prey swoops in to steal fish from the talons of another 

Fight not flight: Magnificent bald eagles wage war in mid-air as one bird of prey swoops

A Malaysian photographer snapped the shots on a visit to Seabeck in Washington. The magnificent birds of prey locked talons in a vicious fight as one tried to snatch a hapless fish from the other. The action-packed shots show the true extent of the power of these impressive birds of prey, which were once facing extinction in the United States.