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Apocalyptic scenes in Georgia's Tbilisi as animals escape from zoo during freak flood

Residents in the Georgian capital Tbilisi have been warned to stay indoors after dangerous animals escaped for the city's zoo after flash floods destroyed their enclosures, setting them free. read

Migrants shelter from elements in Ventimiglia on Italian coast three miles from border with France 

A group of around 50 huddled together in Ventimiglia. The town is three miles from the France-Italy border, where Italian police moved in yesterday to disperse around 200 migrants staging a sit-in. read

Hello Earth, can you hear me? Comet lander Philae has woken up from 7-month hibernation, says European Space Agency 

Breaking news: The probe became the first spacecraft to land on a comet when it touched down in November last year. It resumed communication on Saturday night after seven months' hibernation. read

Osborne for Prime Minister? Chancellor to stand in for Cameron at PMQs for the first time as he eyes the top job

George Osborne is to cement his position to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader by standing in for him at Prime Minister's Questions this week. read

Rolf Harris's vile jail song revealed in letter from Stafford prison

Convicted paedophile Rolf Harris has written a vile song from his prison cell in Stafford, sickeningly castigating his victims as money-grabbing mercenaries intent on claiming compensation. read

Now there can be NO doubt over Rolf Harris according Mail On Sunday

The prison letter penned by Rolf Harris, pictured, is a powerful the fact all criminals are in love with themselves because it comes from the mind of a highly intelligent and talented man. read

Paedophile raped his two step daughters aged 11 and 14 and infected them with HIV 

The stepdad, 60, had originally denied the accusations but has since developed full-blown AIDS. He was warned he faced an indeterminate sentence at Canterbury Crown Court. read

MI6 pulls spies after Russia and China decode Edward Snowden's leaked files

Over one million top-secret files accessed by Russian and Chinese spy chiefs contain information that could lead to the identification of British and US agents, senior government sources say. read

Lord Janner wrote to Michael Jackson after he was cleared of sex abuse

Lord Janner wrote to Michael Jackson in 2005 saying he was 'pleased' the pop star was acquitted of child molestation charges. The letter was found by Mark Lester at his home in Gloucestershire. read

Chelsea's John Terry warns fan autographed picture from official club shop is fake

The 34-year-old Chelsea captain spotted the image on Instagram and told the fan he had been sold a fake and should ask for his money back - only to be told the snap had been bought from the club shop. read

New Tory MP branded a 'Nazi' and 'slag' by SNP supporters

Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire, pictured, has apologised and claimed it was a joke intended to break the ice after long debate over how much voting power Scottish MPs should have. read

Cameron orders laws to tackle female genital mutilation to stop British girls being taken abroad during summer holidays

The Prime Minister said urgent action was needed to tackle the 'barbaric practice' and legislation would be brought forward earlier than expected to seize passports of people trying to travel overseas. read

Ex-girlfriend of Baby P killer Jason Owen reveals they split up because of his temper

Petya Paneva, 27, from Bulgaria, started dating Jason Owen, 43, after the pair met while working together at a gym in south London, but did not know that he was convicted over Baby P's death. read

Queen did impressions of Margaret Thatcher as two women 'waged a war against each other', shock book claims

Author Dean Palmer claims the Queen tried to undermine the Iron Lady when she was prime minister through 'petty class put-downs and Press leaks'. read

David Starkey branded 'serial utterer of bile' for likening SNP to Nazis

The outspoken 70-year-old claimed the Saltire was like the swastika and accused the SNP of treating the English in the way Hitler persecuted the Jews, provoking an angry response from the party. read

Eleanor Hawkins the Topless backpacker is home after 3 days in Malaysian prison

Backpacker Eleanor Hawkins has returned to her home in Derby after fleeing Malaysia, where she was jailed for three days after posing topless on a sacred mountain. read

Jail in Malaysia? It's a a small price to pay for the ultimate gap year yarn, says RACHEL JOHNSON

The case of the penitent, red-eyed Hawkins reveals there is a clear and present new danger abroad, and it is the internet-enabled smartphone. read

U.S. to station vehicles and weapons in Eastern Europe in bid to deter Russian aggression

In a significant move to deter possible Russian aggression in Europe, the Pentagon is poised to store battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other heavy weapons for as many as 5,000 troops. read

Pope Francis to call for revolution to stop climate change and global inequality

Pope Francis is to call for a stop to climate change and global inequality in a letter due to be sent to Catholic bishops around the world on Thursday, with the UN predicting his encyclical could have 'major impact'. read

Dog-owner who left pet to die after it suffered a broken spine, cheekbone and ribs when it was beaten up at a house party is jailed for 18 weeks

WARNING: Graphic content. Paul Rush, 36, from North Shields, North Tyneside, left his cross breed dog Scoobie unconscious on the floor after it was brutally beaten at a house party. read

Benefits couple say 'thank you' to the taxpayer for footing the bill for their £5,000 wedding... now they want the government to fund their luxury Malaysia honeymoon too 

Richard Broom, 35, married 61-year-old Sandra Gallagher in the hometown of Gillingham after using the £1,900 a month they get in state handouts to pay for their wedding. read

Labour is rocked by anti-EU rebellion

Labour for Britain (UK), a new anti-EU group, will call for an ‘out’ vote in the referendum on Britain’s EU membership unless David Cameron (pictured with Angela Merkel) wins radical reforms. read

Why Labour must end EU love-in and save Britain by KATE HOEY MP for Vauxhall

The MP, pictured, believes the decision to support an EU referendum is a good one but thinks leadership candidates need to show more understanding on why they lost votes to UKIP if they're to win an election. read

Labour made mistakes with Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband says MP

We cannot hide from the fact that we made catastrophic errors in the choice of our two most recent leaders, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, writes LAbour MP FRANK FIELD (pictured). read

Labour plot to bring back David Miliband if 'second raters' fail

Initiative follows Labour claims that the leadership contenders currently bidding to succeed Ed Miliband (pictured with David) are ‘second raters’ doomed to lead the party to another defeat in 2020. read

Exodus from hell: Civilians flee as Kurdish forces close in on Isis held border town in Syria after US led coalition air strikes

Backed by allied rebels and air strikes by a U.S.-led coalition, Kurdish militia have pressed their offensive on the ISIS-held Syrian border town of Tal Abyad, advancing to within three miles of it. read

'Founding father of western jihad' Abu Muntasir regrets opening the door to ISIS 

Abu Muntasir, 55, who lives in Suffolk, spread hate and a radical Islamist message for nearly two decades during the 1980s and 1990s, but now regards with horror the 'virus' drawing young Muslims to ISIS. read

Man with British accent claiming to be doctor appears in ISIS video

Calling himself Abu Amir al-Muhajir, the man claiming to be a medic praises the healthcare facilities ISIS has at Deir Ezzor province in Syria in flawless English and urges doctors to join him in the cause. read

Sepp Blatter is planning to UN-RESIGN from FIFA, Swiss media claims

FIFA president Sepp Blatter, pictured, has indicated he may be willing to rescind his December resignation after receiving strong support from African and Asian football federations. read

FA fear FBI probe with troubling questions in FIFA scandal after Jack Warner schmoozing

NICK HARRIS EXCLUSIVE: Warner has been receiving favours from the FA for almost two decades, and for much of that period the FA regarded him as an ally, even a confidant. read

Sir Elton John's husband David Furnish 'buys home for personal trainer he met clubbing'

David, 52, met 33-year-old Danny Williams on a night out clubbing in the capital, and quickly struck up a friendship, a report in The Sun on Sunday claims. read

Can clothes filled with WEIGHTS get you twice as toned for summer? Exercise gear promises to work muscles with every move

ExoFitness is a range of workout clothes with built-in pads featuring unique technology which claim to maximise your workout - whether simply walking in the park or undergoing targeted training. read

Boys problems: Is your son a teenage timebomb? How to spot the danger signs

Teenage boys’ problems are often more difficult to detect than girls’. So should you worry about your uncommunicative son who spends hours alone on his computer in his bedroom? read

The UK's top places to enjoy a drink in the sun this summer

Now that the weather is warming, enjoy a pint in the British sunshine. Whether you prefer a film and burger with your beer or a drink aboard a floating pub, it's time to head outdoors. read

Expert tips to make the perfect summer cocktails revealed

As a new survey shows that Brits are increasingly throwing cocktail parties,'s head mixologist Kenji Jesse explains how to jazz up classic libations without breaking the bank. read

Moment woman realises she's wearing the same outfit as the FLOOR

Rather than dash home for a quick wardrobe change, the woman, who has yet to be identified, saw the funny side of the situation and lay down to document the hilarious moment in a picture. read

Our agony on The Smiler: Alton Towers victim reveals the hell of waiting hours for rescue and how he comforted his girlfriend who lost a leg that 'nothing would change between them'

Joe Pugh smashed both kneecaps in the crash and faces a long battle to walk again while his girlfriend Leah Washington, 17, had to have her left leg amputated above the knee. read

MPs battle to stay in crumbling Houses of Parliament as bill for huge repair job could hit £6BILLION

Ahead of a major study into how to save the Palace of Westminster from collapse, there are claims the cost could double to £6billion if MPs refuse to leave while repairs are carried out. read

LIZ JONES: Ferrari? My pension will only buy me  hole in the ground 

It always provokes hollow laughter when I read or hear about the Government’s plans to allow those over 55 to release money from their pension pots, writes LIZ JONES read

Men see their sons more than daughters after splitting from the mother - while women lose confidence in their parenting skills 

Men with spare rooms and those who helped bring up their children before the separation were also found to have longer-lasting relationships, research by The Nuffield Foundation claimed. read

PETER HITCHENS tackles Britain's migrant problem

The world's poor have discovered that there's no way to stop immigrants getting into the EU, writes PETE HITCHENS. And it's so difficult to get them out, the steady flow of migrants will continue. read

Pictures that reveal new joy for widow of policeman David Rathband who is now happy and settled with her new prison officer boyfriend 

Kath Rathband, 45, appears to be enjoying life again, with holiday photographs showing her relaxing with new boyfriend John McGee in Rome and Kent. read

SAS coroner's fury as MoD searches bins in bid to find highly classified documents

Louise Hunt, who is hearing evidence about the deaths of three SAS recruits in the Brecon Beacons told the inquest she was ‘extremely upset’ to learn her bins had been searched. read

New love site for all those lonely doles: Businessman launches internet dating site for singletons on benefits, which has approached Benefits Street star White Dee to be its poster girl, is a new matchmaking website for people on state handouts. read

British Muslim campaigner ridiculed after claiming 'Zionists' stole his shoe

In a public Facebook post, Asghar Bukhari, founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, pictured, said someone had tried to intimidate him by mysteriously taking his footwear as he slept. read

Billionaire owners of House Of Fraser are on the brink of buying 255-year-old British toy store Hamleys 

Yuan Yafei, chairman of Chinese conglomerate Sanpower, is understood to be in talks to buy the famous London toy shop Hamleys from its French owner, Groupe Ludendo. read

'The ultimate doomsday escape': California entrepreneur builds $1billion luxury underground bunker in tiny German village for millionaires in the event of an apocalypse and where survivors can live for up to a year without leaving

These photos show Vivos's invitation-only underground survival bunker in the German village of Rothenstein, which is worth $1billion. The bunker is in 'turnkey operational condition'. read

The paedophile school inspector: Predator facing jail after downloading dozens of child abuse videos and grooming teenage boy online

Top schools inspector Adam Higgins (pictured) is facing jail after dozens of child-abuse videos and hundreds of sick images of assaults on children were discovered on his home computer. read

Hushed up, the taxpayer's £350,000 legal aid bill for arson couple who killed six of their own children in fire at their home 

Child killers Mick and Mairead Philpott were given more than £350,000 of taxpayer money to fund a legal team that included four barristers, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. read

Children should be reading their cereal box in the morning claims Eton headmaster

Tony Little, the head of Eton College, Berkshire said that youngsters benefited from reading in a variegate of different forms including magazines, eBooks, comics and puzzle books. read

BBC faces £500m cuts as Tories plan to freeze licence fee for five years

Culture, Media and Sport Secretary John Whittingdale, pictured, is poised to order a five-year freeze in the annual £145.50 licence fee with sources saying it was 'almost inevitable'. read

You won't be laughing tomorrow! Aides appear to be in fits of giggles standing behind tyrannical North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as he inspects a vegetable patch 

In the latest bizarre set of images released by North Korea, a military officer is seen laughing as Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un appears to make a joke about tomato plants. read

Watchdog duo among up to 100 landlords to sue Foxtons estate agents for 'secretly' charging exorbitant commissions on repair work 

Lynn Faulds Wood and her husband John Stapleton said they felt ‘cheated’ after learning Foxtons was accused of charging landlords ‘secret commissions’ of nearly 50 per cent. read

Military bosses compare Britain's inaction in Iraq and Syria to appeasement of ADOLF HITLER

Former First Sea Lord Sir Nigel Essenhigh warned that Britain is standing by despite crisis in Iraq, Syria and Russia - and that slashing the military budget could put the country at risk in the future. read

£30,000 to teach pupils how to use Wikipedia: Fury after council pays IT expert to show children how to 'critically engage' with online encyclopaedia 

A £30,000 scheme, set to begin at secondary schools in Leicester later this year, to teach schoolchildren how to use Wikipedia has been condemned as a waste of taxpayers’ money. read

New blood test blamed as women choosing to abort babies with Down’s syndrome and other serious disabilities soars 34% in three years

Last year, nearly 3,100 women chose to end their pregnancies because of medical problems with their babies, compared with 2,300 in 2011. read

Former Mr England bodybuilder has tumour the size of a melon removed from his leg after being diagnosed with cancer 

Gary Case, 46, from Liverpool, faced having his leg amputated if doctors were not able to remove the cancerous tumour. He first noticed the lump (inset) in 2013 but put it down to intense training. read

Comedian Bobby Davro reveals he is living with the ex-wife who broke his heart AND dating his girlfriend but ‘cares for them all deeply’ 

The TV star who rocketed to fame in the 1980s revealed the unusual living arrangement, while insisting that it is for the good of his three daughters. The couple divorced in 2003. read

ISIS suicide bomber pictured before Iraqi oil refinery attack that killed 11

The British ISIS fighter who goes by the alias Abu Yusef Al-Britani (pictured) was part of a four-strong team of suicide bombers who killed at least 11 people in two separate explosions in the city of Baiji, Iraq. read

Richard Branson is blasted off into the stratosphere and finally makes it to space (well, sort of)

Lee Thompson, co-founder of a UK-based travel company, blasted off his own version of Branson 'into orbit' using a a foamex cut out picture, a hydrogen balloon and a GoPro camera. read

How NOT to play frisbee! Hilarious video shows beach-goers in Bosnia launching the disc at each other in cringeworthy efforts at playing popular game  

The game is not exactly hard to pick up, and can be played both in the sea and on the sand. Yet for some, perhaps a rulebook is necessary. read

Nearly 100 people are blinded after facial fillers are mistakenly injected into blood vessels, claims doctor who pioneered botox

Professor Jean Carruthers (pictured) said 98 patients worldwide had lost vision in one or both eyes after being injected with dermal fillers in the face. These fillers are used to smooth away frown lines. read

Hundreds of fuming United Airlines passengers 'abandoned' in remote barracks in Canada for 20 HOURS after 'faulty' Chicago-London flight made emergency landing (while their crew spend the night in a 'comfy hotel')

Hundreds of men, women and children have been abandoned at remote barracks in Canada for 20 hours after their United Airlines flight from Chicago to London made an emergency landing. read

Anger as water park in Stoke-on-Trent bans bikinis on women-only 'night for Muslims' where visitors must cover up with 'Islamically appropriate attire'

A water park in Stoke-on-Trent (file photo from Dubai) has been accused of stirring up religious tension by holding a women-only night aimed at Muslims where bikinis are banned. read

Probe launched by police watchdog after 25-year-old man falls ill and dies in custody

The man was arrested by Bedfordshire Police officers at an address in Luton at 8.47am on Friday and taken into custody. He subsequently became unresponsive in his cell and died. read

How 7/7 London attack triggered new data-fed war on terror which led to capture of 21/7 bomb plotters which made ISIS vanish into encrypted web but makes your calls transparent to GCHQ spooks in 'Doughnut'

On July 7, 2005, director general Eliza Manningham-Buller gathered her staff at the headquarters of the MI5 in the atrium and told them their worst fears had been realised. read

Greece is dying to leave the Euro with babies held hostage for medical fees

There's no better metaphor for the health of a nation than the health of its people and in Greece, where spending has halved in five years, the situation is dyer, writes IAN BIRRELL. read

The woman who can NEVER close her eyes: Mother fears she may go blind after 'botched' nip-tuck operation... but hospital chiefs do NOTHING 

Dawn Knight was sold a ‘lifetime aftercare package’ by The Hospital Group, the celebrity-endorsed private medical chain that arranged the £3,500 surgery at their Dolan Park clinic in Birmingham. read

Foo Fighters fans fear cancellations after Dave Grohl's leg break

Hundreds of thousands of anxious Foo Fighters fans fear next week's Wembley Stadium dates will be cancelled after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg during a performance last night. read

Waldorf Astoria hotel wedding sees woman get shot after man accidentally fires gun

Maya Rafailovich (pictured), 55, was rushed to hospital on Saturday after a bullet grazed her head in the hotel's lobby. Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, accidentally fired his gun, an NYPD source said. read

Revolver owned by legendary WW2 General George S. Patton fetches $75,000 at auction

A Colt .45 revolver once owned by General George S. Patton sold for $75,000 at auction in Los Angeles.The single-action revolver was acquired by the famous World War II general around 1928. read

The moment a cyclist bleeding to death was saved - by a balloon fed through her leg: Woman, 24, undergoes emergency procedure after paramedics decide she would not survive journey to hospital 

Victoria Lebrec, 24, became only the third person to undergo – and the second to survive – a procedure that involves inserting a balloon into a vein in the leg. read

Battle of the Crocs! Amazing photos show the brutal moment a MASSIVE 5m monster devours a 'small' 2m crocodile

Shocking photos of the moment a massive five-metre crocodile killed and ate a 'smaller' two-metre croc in the Northern Territory were captured by a tourist cruise in Kakadu National Park. read

Cherie Blair calls police to hunt for mother's lodger after '£80k vanishes'

Inquiries are centring on a man, 47, who lodged with Gale Booth, 82, pictured with Mrs Blair, at her modest terraced home in Oxford. He is believed to have bought a first-class ticket to Australia. read

Truffle Shuffle! Two Goonies fans visit its famous film locations to make mini documentary in celebration of the cult classic's 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of 1980s cult classic The Goonies, two megafans have made a mini documentary about Astoria, where the iconic film was set in the U.S. read

HEALTH NOTES: Hoff's beach ready, but don't ask him to run...

He made his name running across Californian beaches in 1990s TV series Baywatch – but actor David Hasselhoff now has to find more gentle ways to keep fit, thanks to arthritic knees. read

Blown apart... French ambassador's claim that Napoleon would love EU is ridiculed as a 'travesty of history'

Ambassador Sylvie Bermann said the French have finally ‘got over’ their humiliating defeat because the EU represents the ‘united Europe’ that Napoleon always ‘dreamed’ about. read

How Leslie Karpman turned Calvin Harris into Taylor Swift's superstud

When he arrived in Los Angeles, DJ Calvin Harris was a pale and scrawny Scot, but three years on, the superstar’s chiselled torso and Hollywood smile have helped him win the heart of Taylor Swift. read

Runaway elephant in Germany escapes from circus and kills man

The 65-year-old man was killed while on a regular morning stroll through woodland near Buchen, southwest Germany, in the early hours of this morning. Police are investigating the death. read

Mail on Sunday exposé forces fundraiser watchdog to stamp out abuse and protect vulnerable donors

The watchdog probe follows the recent investigation of Bristol poppy seller Olive Cooke, 92, who fell to her death after being bombarded with calls and letters begging for money. read

Police scan faces of ALL 90,000 revellers at the Download rock festival

Leicestershire Police have set up facial recognition cameras in strategic locations in Donington Park, to scan the faces of thousands of people attending the rock festival this weekend. read

Mount Sinabung unleashes hot ash a mile into the air in Indonesia

Nearly 3,000 people have been forced to leave their homes after Mount Sinabung on the Indonesian island of Sumatra erupted - sending hot ash over a mile into the air and covering villages four miles away. read

Incredible photo shows Allegiant Air passengers escaping onto plane's WING after fumes spread through cabin after landing at U.S. airport

The worrying incident that saw passengers escaping fumes on board happened after Allegiant Air Flight 330 had landed at Boise Airport in Idaho, U.S. from Los Angeles. read

Nobel Prize winner Sir Tim Hunt and wife Mary Collins on their despair after 'sexist' remarks

Sir Tim Hunt (pictured) and his wife have spoken of how they cried and held each other in the aftermath of the public backlash which led to him quitting his role with University College London. read

5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford's hair catches fire on stage

5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford has been rushed to hospital with burns to his face sustained during a concert in Wembley, London on Saturday evening. read

Austerity riot plot of the facemask anarchists: Far-left activists secretly filmed by MoS bragging about plans to hijack peaceful demonstrations in London 

The same fanatics responsible for clashes with police that took place outside Downing Street two days after the General Election have been secretly filmed bragging about their plans. read

Drug boasts of shamed charity call centre boss: MoS film exposes toxic culture of firm targeting donors aged 98 

After revelations that Listen Ltd has been targeting vulnerable donors including pensioners and cancer patients, a new video shows a team manager boasting about marijuana. read

Snap! How Prince George appeared in the very same romper suit as his father wore in balcony scene with Prince Charles in 1984 

Prince George made his debut on the balcony of Buckingham Palace wearing exactly the same baby-blue romper suit his dad, Prince William, wore during his first appearance 31 years ago (pictured) read

So many frocks, so little space? Fret not! You too, like Victoria Beckham or Gwyneth Paltrow, shall store them in a climacool unit tended by wardrobe technicians

Ordinary women are copying Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow in paying for extra space once it becomes too much of a challenge to squeeze that new jacket into an overcrowded wardrobe. read

What will Prince Andrew's glamorous friend get in the UK's first £4BILLION divorce? Former Pirelli calendar girl in legal battle with Saudi husband

In what could become one of the largest divorce claims in British legal history, Christina Estrada has apparently separated from Walid Juffali, one of the richest men in the Middle East. read

My father could not talk to me until I was five: A touching portrait of Stephen Hawking's family life by his son Tim

Tim Hawking, the third of Hawking’s children with his first wife, Jane Wilde, makes the disclosure as part of a documentary on the world’s most famous physics professor airing on Tuesday at 10.35pm. read

Stately home adventurer in fatal Morocco plunge: Cambridge-educated journalist 'fell during stroll to watch sunrise'

Father-of-two Charlie Norton, pictured, is believed to have been on an early morning stroll after a friend's birthday party near Tangier when he fell off a cliff. Police continue to investigate. read

Barbara Hepworth's amazing life and work revealed

Interest in Hepworth is at a high. Her first major London exhibition in half a century opens at Tate Britain on June 24. Entitled Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture For A Modern World. read

EVICTED! She's the wild Queen of the Rave Castle who drove Somerset mad with her up-all-night carousing. Now the party's over... but it's not the locals who've seen her off - it's her scheming ex-husband 

When millionairess Margarita Hamilton moved to a fairytale castle overlooking the quaint Somerset seaside town of Clevedon, it wasn’t long before the genteel residents were up in arms. read

Fight not flight: Magnificent bald eagles wage war in mid-air as one bird of prey swoops in to steal fish from the talons of another 

A Malaysian photographer snapped the shots on a visit to Seabeck in Washington. The magnificent birds of prey locked talons in a vicious fight as one tried to snatch a hapless fish. read

Teeth under attack from 'healthy' snacks: The growing problem is one that many dentists are failing to treat 

Acid erosion is responsible for 80 per cent of problems such as cavities and yellowing, and food and drink with a high acid content, such as fizzy drinks and fruit juices, are common causes. read

Where HAVE all our woods gone? Up in smoke - as the new trendy 'green' wood-burning stoves and boilers (funded by tax millions) are being fuelled by birches and oaks... and leaving swathes of Britain barren

More wood is now being burnt from British woods than at any time since the industrial revolution. The Government’s target is that the annual fuel harvest should reach two million tons by 2020. read

This friendship has legs! Determined dog digs hole to unearth crab on North Carolina beach... and then tries to play a game with it

Footage captured on a beach in South Nags Head, North Carolina, shows the dog digging a hole and then playfully snapping its jaws as it chases the crab. read

Snow in the desert: Freak hailstorm turns the Red Centre white, blanketing parched earth in ice

On Saturday the Alice Springs area turned into a winter wonderland after a thunderstorm blanketed the area in hail. Photographs show a stunning contrast between the bright earth and hail. read

Disney fans take note, one woman magically transforms into seven Disney princesses

One lucky model got the opportunity to transform into not one but seven Disney princesses in a manner of minutes, with the magical touch of a talented hair and make up team. read

Bricks of a feather! Lego lover Tom's home-made birds fly off the shelves (and they even landed him a wife)

Thomas Poulsom’s designs have been adopted by the Danish company and one of his sets is now among the top ten bestselling Lego products. read

A 'monstrous' blot on Turner's landscape: Dairy farmers provoke fury with wind turbine plan - but say they were forced into it by supermarkets' milk price squeeze 

Two dairy farming brothers want to put up the 160ft tall turbines – just a few feet shorter than Nelson’s Column – on countryside neighbouring historic Harewood House (pictured). read

Thunderbirds are going, going, gone! Lady Penelope trumps the stars at showbiz auction: Puppet from 1960s series set to fetch £20,000 - more than Madonna and Bond memorabilia

A few pieces of some of the most iconic moments in cinematic history will go on sale at the glamorous showbiz auction. But the one set to trump them all is a 14-inch Lady Penelope, puppet, pictured. read

Teen shocks high-school crowd by winning dance-off in video

A boy goes from unassuming and somewhat awkward to instant hero thanks to his scintillating dance moves in an inspirational high-school video. read

WW2 Blenheim is restored in tribute to the Bomber Command after 2003 crash

Beneath the panes of Perspex in her floor, the daisy-strewn runway falls away as fast as 80 years of history. The Blenheim’s snout lifts skywards, her twin engines casting a heat haze behind the propellers’ silver blur. At 200mph, she throttles towards a patchwork of cumulus and sun, quiet, quick and deft. read