Is your son a teenage timebomb? Why learning to spot the danger signs is crucial

Teenage boys' problems can be difficult to detect. So should you worry about your uncommunicative son who spends hours alone on his computer in his bedroom?

Meet YOU/Clarins Most Dynamisante Women of the Year: three women who built a school in Kenya 

While other teenagers were taking an extended holiday on their pre-uni year, Annemarieke, Rebecca and Zoë were building a school in Africa.

Aliza Licht is one of fashion's most influential women - now she's sharing the secrets of her success

She was named as one of 'six women who rule the fashion world'. And now the real life Gossip Girl wants to tell us all how to make our mark at work.

To have and to hold (or sell on eBay?): How to take the woe out of giving and receiving wedding gifts

For better or worse, it's wedding season again - bringing with it a deluge of gift dilemmas. We explore the art of giving and receiving gracefully.

'I will be my son's lungs, heart and legs,' says the father of an eight-year-old with an incurable disease, who will be pushing, pulling and pedalling his son in a triathlon

Alex Smith's son Harrison: I will be my son’s lungs, heart and legs

When Alex Smith's four-year-old son Harrison was diagnosed with the incurable wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy, he refused to take the diagnosis lying down. He set up a charity to raise millions for medical research, and this month he and Harrison, now eight, will compete in a 13-hour ironman triathlon, with Alex pushing, pulling and pedalling his son all the way. Alex tells Matthew Barbour their inspiring story

You Mag Cartoon

Fashion forward: Summer's sporty little numbers

Sport luxe has arrived at the start line. And while an Ironman triathlon may be a little way off, there's no need to be a sloth in the sartorial stakes.

Front Row: What's hot and happening this week 

Sleek wedding dresses by Charlie Brear

Front Row is fronting a 'Banish The Meringue' wedding-dress campaign. So thank goodness for Charlie Brear. We do, we do, we do!

Emotional ties with novelist Rachel Johnson

The novelist, Mail on Sunday columnist and sister of Boris reveals what keeps her sane and who is the best-behaved member of her family.

Spotlight on beauty and lifestyle vlogger Michelle Phan

At 16 she started a blog and was asked for make-up tips. 'I decided to create a video and it's been a hit ever since.' Now she's had over a billion views!

This month's YOU Reading Group: Fallout by Sadie Jones

At the heart of this novel is an intense, illicit love affair between Luke, an aspiring playwright, and Nina, a young actress starting to make a name for herself on the London stage.

Summer pop-up: Salted tamarind caramel ice cream 


MasterChef contestant and supper-club host Shivi Ramoutar, the new face of modern Caribbean cooking, reinvents a childhood favourite. A sundae with a difference.

The ultimate can-do classic: Boston cream pie 


It looks suspiciously like a cake and not a pie to us... But with sponge, custard and chocolate icing, who cares? A gorgeous slice of Americana!