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Travel Humour

Tips For Travelling To Watch Golf: Don’t

Skip the greens for your couch.

By Sidin Vadukut

Travel Humour: The Misadventures Of The Tall Flier

The woes of a tall traveller.

By Abhijeet Kini

NGT Travel Humour: Dilli Darshan

The funnier side of visiting the world's most polluted city.

By Rohan Chakravarty

Video: What Goes Through Your Mind While Flying

Inside the head of an airline passenger.

By NGT Staff

NGT Travel Humour: Diet Diaries

The funnier side of watching your weight while travelling.

By Abhijeet Kini

Video: Jerry Seinfeld's Hilarious Take On Airplane Travel

The veteran comedian rips apart the various aspects of flying.

By NGT Staff

Video: The Hilarious Truth About Gujarati Tourists

East India Comedy’s take on India’s most avid holidaymakers.

By NGT Staff

Travel Humour: A Whistle-Stop Tour For The Obamas In India

Sidin Vadukut draws up a satirical itinerary for the world's largest democracy.

By Sidin Vadukut

NGT Travel Humour: New Year Resolutions

The funnier side of the best-laid plans.

By Abhijeet Kini

NGT Travel Humour: Christmas Special

The funnier side of bringing joy to the world.

By Abhijeet Kini