Sifteo hearts 3D Robotics

So long, thank you, we’re still here

We’ll cut to the chase: Sifteo has been acquired by 3D Robotics! We’re really excited about it; we will continue to support Sifteo Cubes and Sifteo users; and we are so grateful to our customers and supporters around the world.Thank you.

handbuilt prototypes from our MIT days

When we (Dave and Jeevan) started Sifteo in 2009, we knew we could deliver magical versions of everyday objects - that we could use the latest in computing and sensors to create new interactions that were more natural, more human, and just better than what currently existed.

kids ♥ sifteo. (adults do too)

We discovered something special with Siftables - which we later named Sifteo Cubes: they made kids happy, pulled families together for play, and enriched the lives of students all over the world. We feel fortunate to have built a team of extremely bright, talented and good people who believed in what we were doing, shaped it, and brought it to life. As a team we have built and shipped amazing products - hardware, software, games - that customers all over the world have enjoyed.

a trip to stinson beach

So, it’s with real elation that we announce that 3D Robotics has acquired Sifteo. We are thrilled.

In this past year we’ve been working on a new product and getting ready to launch it. But when we were presented with the chance to join forces with a company that is redefining how we interact with and connect the digital and physical worlds - flying robots! - we had to say “yes!”

We can’t say too much about how Sifteo’s people and technology will become a part of 3D Robotics, but we hope you’ll stay tuned. Chris Anderson and the 3D Robotics team are awesome, visionary and hard-working - it's going to be fun.

Down to brass tacks: we’re not going away. We are going to rejigger the website a bit, but our support system will remain open until August 1, 2015 - email us at if you need anything.

We want to conclude with a “thank you” to everyone who has been part of the Sifteo story - customers, employees, partners, advisors, friends and our investors - True Ventures, Foundry Group and The National Science Foundation. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last few years, it’s that - while it’s fun to build brand new things - the whole point of our existence as a company is to deliver valuable experiences to our customers. We are grateful we had the chance to do so. We wouldn’t be here without your support and guidance and love. Thanks, everyone!

Jeevan & Dave
CEO & President, Sifteo Inc.