Headphones review: Musical Fidelity EB-33

Rating: 4 Star Rating

Price: £79

The Musical Fidelity EB-33 in-ear headphones are stylish and offer a strong performance which more than matches their value.

The headphones look quite large, but fit comfortably and deeply inside your ear. The two wires heading to each earpiece are different colours – one blue and black, the other red and black. They are made of that pleasant and increasingly popular rubber which sits nicely and is durable.

The wire is long, and has a rubber clip which you can use to shorten it, although this can be fiddly.

It’s easier just to tuck any length of unused cable inside whichever pocket you’re keeping your phone or music player in.

Musical Fidelity EB-33
Musical Fidelity EB-33

Impressive: The sound quality is strong and the headphones are stylish to boot, with blue and red trims

As you would expect from a Musical Fidelity product, the sound quality is strong. They cancel noise by virtue of sitting quite a way inside your ear - a deep seal.

They come with plenty of alternative tips, in a nice carry pouch, so you can find the ones which fit perfectly.

The bass response was good and the headphones were comfortable dealing with a variety of different genres.

There is also an inbuilt microphone for taking phone calls on the move.

In the EB-33s Musical Fidelity have created a pair of headphones that will not disappoint customers familiar with their existing products.


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