Now THAT'S how to grow old gracefully: As she happily goes make-up free at 69, how Helen Mirren's faced up to ageing 

Would you pay £30 to plump your pout for just one night? Woman has 'Cinderella lips' jab that lasts EIGHT HOURS... to see what it's like to have Angelina Jolie's smile

Harley Street's Dr David Jack has invented a saline injection that boosts lips for a matter of hours before they return to normal again. Joanna Della-Ragione, 27, from London, put it to the test.



Lottie looked fresh faced at a launch event in London's ME Hotel. She made her neutral palette pop with a rosy lip stain and a classic feline flick.

Lottie looked glowing at a launch party in London Lottie looked glowing at a launch party in London

Brush your teeth with charcoal! It's the latest wonder ingredient, found in face, masks, shower gels and even toothpaste... but does it really work?

It's thought that charcoal has the ability to absorb toxins and it becomes a type of super-cleanser, acting like a magnet to attract dirt. So, could the next beauty miracle be lurking in your barbecue?

Ghd launches revolutionary new styling tool that claims to straighten or curl in just one stroke AND make hair healthier... so is it worth £165?

FEMAIL writers Bianca London, who wanted to achieve perfect curls, and Martha Cliff, who dreamed of super sleek locks, put the new hair tool to the test... so was it worth £165?

What's REALLY in dry shampoo? Alcohol, petroleum and CLAY revealed as ingredients in popular product

The product's four unusual ingredients have been revealed in a new report. While soft clay molecules absorb grease, brown algae helps regulate the production of a natural oil known as sebum.

Beauty guru demonstrates the incredible power of make-up by transforming HALF of her face with cosmetics while leaving the other half completely bare

Beauty guru Nikkie demonstrates make-up's by transforming HALF of her face

YouTube star Nikkie, 21, from the Netherlands, is used to people not recognizing her from her make-up tutorials. So in a recent video, she created a glamorous cosmetics look on just one side of her face (pictured left) to demonstrate just how transformative some lipstick, eyeliner, and contouring expertise can really be. She left the other side of her face bare (pictured right) to show what she really looks like underneath all of that make-up. She adds that she hopes it will put an end to the awkward situation she often encounters when she meets people while not in full make-up; when Nikkie shows new acquaintances her YouTube videos, they tell her 'that is not you' and claim that she doesn't look anything like the glamorous girl who features in the clips and on her Instagram account.

Good skin in a teacup! Miranda Kerr's secret to glowing skin revealed: Weekly facial steaming with GREEN TEA

Miranda Kerr has revealed her latest beauty secret as a green tea infused steam bath. The Australian model has revealed she makes time for the process weekly as part of a DIY facial.

The secret to ageing well? It's all in the genes, reveal scientists as research finds women born with unique skin 'fingerprint' will look younger for longer

Research carried out by skincare brand Olay found some women are born 'exceptional skin agers', meaning they'll appear youthful for much longer than their peers.

Would you plump up your vagina with fillers? Top cosmetic doctor warns of risky new trend... after being inundated with clients looking for 'genital enhancements' 

Dr Neetu Nirdosh, a top cosmetic specialist based in London's Harley Street, has said increasing numbers of clients want cosmetic jabs to their genitals. But she says doing so is incredibly risky.

Binky Felstead reveals how she achieves amazing sculpted cheekbones using contouring

Binky Felstead tries out a contour palette with the help of make-up artist Mikey Phillips. The technique takes too long to wear it every day but it can be a show-stopper for a night out.

BIG hair and plenty of bronzing! Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead shows you how to get red carpet ready in time for TV BAFTAs

From big and bouncy hair to flawless make-up and a gorgeous golden glow, Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead shows you how to get red carpet ready ahead of tonight's BAFTA TV Awards!

Fifty shades of beauty! Binky Felstead reveals how to achieve come-to-bed eyes with a smouldering smokey palette

In celebration of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie release Binky has created a smoldering smokey eye look. Her come-to-bed eyes use a grey tones for a sexy but subtle finish.

Elsa McAlonan shows you make-up that goes with grey hair

ELSA MCALONAN advises Alison, 63, on how to do her make-up now she has embraced her silver hair.

Tips on how to give your daily make-up routine a makeover as you get older

Julia, 52, isn't confident enough to leave the house without make-up. She has used the same products for years and wants to try out a new look. Here, Shehla Shaikh, Lancome UK head make-up artist helps her.

How you can use make-up to help you get the perfect pins

Elsa McAlonan helps a reader who dreads baring her legs. Celebrity beautician Nathali Eleni says it's important to moisturise as skin is more susceptible to dryness in the winter.

The proof that red-hot lips can work at any age and on anyone

Many spring/summer fashion shows showcased statement lips. Bold lipstick can be an instant pick-me-up and can also be very flattering. Maggie, 59, volunteered to try out a statement red lip.