Spaces of Visual Contestation

Walking past the Ha’ Penny Bridge on the lovely Deptford Creek, I stopped chatting with Alberto (I made this name up). He was erasing a giant graffiti tag on behalf of Lewisham Council.


Alberto shows me the mobile camera provided by the council. He takes a snapshot of the graffiti and somehow tags it on the LoveLewisham website (hashtag), ´so that the police can eventually track down the offender´. On his left arm a beautiful tattoo comes out the rolled up sleeve. This is a screenshot of the website on the same spot, a week later. You can navigate the website by a Google Map and select the spot you want to report, the one above was under the heading: ‘Two meter graffiti removed’.

Screenshot_graffioAlberto has worked there for two years, but has now had enough, he says, he would like to move on. Graffiti everyday, he says, they never go away! I agree with him, and that reminded me of a photo I took with my mobile phone in the same place, about a year ago. The Railway arches, freshly painted by the Sisyphean work of people like Alberto, is in fact the perfect canvas.

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