Welcome to the home of Waldorf ® Education in North America. The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) is proud to bring you Why Waldorf Works, a definitive source of news and information about Waldorf Education. Here you can explore this remarkable approach to educating children that boasts an 87 year history in North America.

Waldorf Education has grown from its humble beginnings in North America to include 160 member schools across the continent and 14 teacher preparation institutes, 1 school entirely adapted for children with special needs, 1 school adopted by Native Americans and 8 schools with educational programs designed in partnership with farms practicing organic or biodynamic agriculture. So as you can see, this independent school movement has grown to have a huge reach and influence across the continent and remains as exciting and challenging as the day it started.The following pages contain a lot of rich news, information and resources about Waldorf Education. Here’s just a snap shot of some things you will find.

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Antonio ElmalehThis web site was made possible through the vision and generosity of Antonio Elmaleh, an alumni Waldorf parent who understood, with gratitude, how much Waldorf Education enriched the life of his children and family, his own parenting, and his journey as an individual.

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