signs of Mehadrin Group on packing house for grapes | Beka'ot Settlement | May 2010 | Photographed by CorpWatchCrops of the Jaffa brand of Mehadrin in Massu'a settlement | 14 January 2013 | Photographed by Who ProfitsDocument of STM peppers exported to Russia, stored by Habik'a cooling in Nativ Hagdud settlement | 14 January 2013 | Photographed by Who Profits

Grower, processer, packer, marketer and exporter of agricultural products in Israel and abroad. The company also provides loans to farmers and agricultural corporations who export their products through Mehadrin.

Mehadrin owns three packing houses and a distribution center, in addition to dozens of orchards it operates. The company operates at least four orchards in the occupied territories (three in the occupied West Bank and one in Gaza), as shown in a mappublished by the company in its website.

The company operates a packing house for grapes in the settlement of Beka'ot in the occupied Jordan Valley and a crop in Messua settlement. Mehadrin packeges were found in Tomer and Na'aran settlements' packing houses in the occupied Jordan Valley. The company also stors produce in Habik'a cooling in Netiv Hagdud settlement. Mehadrin owns a packing house for mangoes in the occupied Golan Heights through its subsidiary Miriam Shoham (50%).

Mehadrin is an authorized procider for the Israeli Ministry of Defense for refrigerating services.

Following Agrexco's liquidation in September 2011, the Mehadrin group gained most of Agrexco's export products, such as citrus, avocados, persimmons and dates, mainly Medjool, some of which are grown in the occupied Jordan Valley. 

Mehadrin also supplies water for agricultural irrigation and pumps water from its wells for Mekorot – the Israeli water company. The company also sells drawing services and water supply to Mekorot for agricultural and domestic uses. 

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