Summer 2012 Waldorf Teacher Preparation Videos

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is pleased to offer teacher preparation courses to Waldorf and other inspired teachers. These videos were recorded at our onsite training and are now available for purchase on disc for playback in computers (Mac and PC) as well as mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. All videos include original music by Adam Cantor. Learn more about his music at:
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Please note: while the videos are saved to DVD disks, they play best in computers and may not play in DVD players.


These videos are part of the 15-Day Teacher Preparation Course that Dr. Robin Bacchus presented at Prairie Moon Waldorf School in June 2012.

Instructor Biography: 
Robin Bacchus, PhD, grew up on a Biodynamic farm in New Zealand. He attended the pre-eminent Waldorf teacher education program at Emerson College in the UK and then began work in Waldorf education as a teacher in the High School at Wynstones in western UK. Dr. Bacchus helped found the first Waldorf High School in New Zealand. He then became Program Director of the Diploma in Rudolf Steiner Education at Taruna College for seventeen years. He was integral in getting Taruna recognized and registered as a college and private training establishment.


8 Disc Set – $350 plus S&H (save $275!)
This series features master teacher Robin Bacchus in a 15-day intensive offered at Prairie Moon Waldorf School. This in-service included 5 topic areas or lecture strands: Circling Activities, Anthroposophical Foundations, Anthroposophical Foundations for Classroom Management, Mathematics, and Drawing. BONUS MATERIAL: One Hour of group singing and all handouts in PDF format. All discs are video mp4 format and may be viewed on Mac and PC computers as well as tablets and mobile devices.

The 8 discs included in the set are:

Disc 1: Circle Activities
Disc 2: Anthroposophical Foundations – Part 1
Disc 3: Anthroposophical Foundations – Part 2
Disc 4: Anthroposophical Foundations for Classroom Management
Disc 5: Math Lessons – Part 1
Disc 6: Math Lessons – Part 2
Disc 7: Drawing Lessons
Disc 8: Bonus Material – 1 hours of group singing with all handouts (available only with the full set purchase)
Full descriptions of each Lecture Strand are below. Enjoy these video previews:

Grades Circle Strategies for Working with Early Childhood Strategies for Working with Lower Grades
Action Research – Learning from Your Lesson Plans Lecture on Learning Processes Teaching Algebra
Teaching Fractions Form Drawing



Lecture Strand #1 – Circling Activities
This disc contains 15 lectures (5.5 hours) of circle activities/instruction from Robin Bacchus. He offers valuable insights and activities that you can put into practice in your classroom immediately.

Lecture Strand #2: Anthroposophical Foundations
This topic area includes 14.5 hours of lectures on two discs covering topics such as: What is Anthroposophy, Kingdoms of Nature, Three-fold Body, Evolution of Earth, Three-fold Social Order, Human Biography, Coming of Age, Seven Stages of Learning, 12 Human Senses, Child Profile Studies, College of Teachers Imagination and the Third Hierarchy, Strategies for Teaching, Pedagogical Law, Role of the Teacher, and the Festivals.

Lecture Strand #3: Anthroposophical Foundations for Classroom Management
This topic area includes 9.5 hours of lecture covering topics such as: Four Human Temperaments, Purposeful Will, Equanimity of Feeling, Positivity, Lesson Planning, Conduct-Lead-Inspire-Manage, Change-Rhythm-Balance.

Lecture Strand #4: Mathematics
This topic includes 12 hours of lecture on two discs on teaching Math beginning with first grade and progressing through the grades.

Lecture Strand #5: Drawing 
This disc includes 10 hours of lecture in Drawing (from forms to geometry) including: Symmetry, Lemniscates, Celtic Patterns, Metamorphosis, Geometry: line/curve 13-circle net forms, Nest of Polygons, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Series, Leaf Forms, Pythagoras Theorem, and Triangle Centers.

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