Watching This Video Will Change The Way You View Nutrition.

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Women's Daily Self Defense

This unique women’s formula is slightly less potent than Hardy's clinical product, but it’s powered by the same mineral chelation technology. It’s an inexpensive option is for less acute conditions such as stress, occasional anxiety and mild depression. For less than $30 a month, this formulation provides 40 essential nutrients balanced and optimized for mood balance for women.

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Good food is not enough.

 This specialized formula is a great option for managing every-day stress, occasional anxiety and mild depression in men. It’s powered by the same mineral delivery technology as Hardy's  clinical-strength product but is slightly less potent. For just $1 a day, this formulation gives men the solid nutritional foundation they’ll need to stay healthy and fight the side effects of aging.

Men's Daily Self Defense

This clinical-strength formula is the most potent micronutrient treatment available for mental health. It has the highest, safe levels of specialized nutrients on the market! Currently backed by an array of studies, it’s designed to help with depression, GAD, bipolar disorder, ADHD and more.  If our less potent formulas aren’t strong enough, use this more concentrated version for the cost of $4 per day.


Daily Essential Nutrients

Learn about the American Psychiatric Association's highlight of Hardy Nutritionals® at their annual gathering in 2015.

Read the studies from 27 medical journal publications on treating depression, stress, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, autism and ADHD successfully.

Compare the ingredients and processing in Hardy Nutritionals® formulas to other "natural treatments".

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Make An Informed Choice.



So, What Is The Difference?

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Watching this short video will change the way you look at treating mood instability.

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University Researchers: High Quality Nutrients Help Treat Stress, Mood.

What we eat affects our mental health.

University of Canterbury psychology professor Julia Rucklidge recently gave an informative public presentation about how poor food choices are risk factors for many psychiatric problems and how supplements can help.

In her presentation, Dr. Rucklidge explains that broad spectrum micronutrients can effectively treat many mental illnesses, with robust effects being observed across different disorders, different researchers and different countries.

Dr. Rucklidge presents a broad array of research on nutrient treatments for a variety of disorders, including her recent randomized placebo-controlled trial in adults with ADHD, which has generated strong international interest.

Hardy Nutritionals formulations have been the feature in 27 medical journal publications so far, several of which were conducted by Dr. Rucklidge at the University of Canterbury.

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