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  1. Here's why independent publishers think Amazon's reviewer guidelines are too strict:

  2. NYC stripper takes issue with 'Magic Mike's happily ever after

  3. 9 out of 10 Americans eat too much salt

  4. Donald Trump just gave President Obama a rare compliment:

  5. Facebook has opened a new office in South Africa, poised to tackle the issue of high-cost data & lack of smartphones

  6. VIDEO: Murder mystery is back and rumors are running wild.

  7. Sister of Charleston shooter bows to criticism, takes down her GoFundMe page

  8. Can weed help PTSD patients? If only researchers could cut through the politics to find out.

  9. Tradition vs. racism: the Confederate flag's presence on college campuses

  10. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufaki is ready to resign if voters accept a bailout

  11. INVESTIGATION: Exploring the secretive world of selling phone calls to inmates

  12. Jim Webb announced his candidacy for president, making him the fifth Democrat to date:

  13. When did size 0 become the magic number?

  14. Red, White and Booze: Get ready for Independence Day with seven patriotic cocktails

  15. Donald Trump's latest controversy gives insight into the buying power of Latino consumers

  16. As if the dark net wasn't already dangerous enough...

  17. A collision of race, white supremacy and tradition: the Confederate flag on college campuses

  18. "'Cast the first stone' - John 8:7," reads the sign outside the First Church of Cannabis:

  19. An in depth look at the companies that are profiting off the phone calls made by prisoners:

  20. Stephen Colbert guest hosted a Michigan public access show, and interviewed Eminem:

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