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Adventures in Parenting Workshop
with Rachel Ross, M.Ed.
Introductory Price $25 plus shipping (Regular $45)

Three .mp4 video files (edited to approximately 3 hours, 30 minutes) will be shipped on one DVD
Also included as a bonus on the DVD will be a copy of Rachel’s widely-acclaimed book, Adventures in Parenting. This workshop was videoed in June of 2013 at Prairie Moon Waldorf School. Rachel provided an overview of the 4 temperaments, the 12 senses, and activities to strengthen the lower (or foundation) senses. This is a wonderful workshop to be able to watch again and again, as it is filled with such wonderful pearls of wisdom, by a master Waldorf teacher who has worked with thousands of children across the globe.

10 minutes on the 4 lower senses



Crossing the Rubicon: Reaching Toward the Shores of Adolescence

By Bill Toole

DESCRIPTION: Somewhere in the sixth grade, parents and teachers alike witness the beginning of a deep and far-reaching transformation. The child at this time stands on the threshold of a future that can be felt only dimly. It can be a confusing time for all, as the sixth, seventh or eighth grader pitches back and forth between a familiar, reassuring past, and the promise of a fearful/ wonderful future. In all these vague inklings, in all this pitching about, the child at puberty seeks a steady, calm center as well as a dramatically new approach from parent and teacher. In this evening we will explore some of the developmental themes of this age and how a school may begin to form itself to support them.

Bill Toole has been a class teacher at the Austin Waldorf School since 1982. He received his teacher training from the Waldorf Institute in Detroit, now Sunbridge Institute. As class teacher, he took two groups from first through eighth grade, and after a sabbatical year, met his third class in the fourth grade in 1999. Since 2004 he has been serving as Middle School Support Teacher, mentoring and teaching blocks and math skills classes in the middle school.

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