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  Is any mental illness real?
Are you mentally ill because they are making you ill? Why hasn't there been any challenger? I would want the $5000 being offered if I was reading this, why hasn't anyone been able to find a challenger? Does the field of psychiatry NOT have anyone with courage to take on somebody who isn't even a psychiatrist who want to challenge them? I have to offer money just to get them to challenge me? What more can I do to expose that schizophrenia is a scam illness? Sure you people with schizophrenia who read this may be cured of the scam illness but what about people with schizophrenia who HAVE NOT read what I wrote? Since schizophrenia is a scam illness why would you believe that other mental illness is real? Why take medication that never cures you of anything when you don't have to?

    DO NOT TRUST PSYCHIATRISTS. They refuse to challenge me. Schizophrenia is a scam illness which makes  mental  illness a scam. You are not mentally ill, you are made mentally ill. It is a scam to make people mentally ill so they can be on medication that never cures them. I have offered a solution to schizophrenia called self-protection that cures a person with schizophrenia  or those with similar symptoms. There is no reason why people with other mental illness cannot use self-protection because schizophrenia includes many symptoms such as feeling of depression, suicide, etc.  I am saying mental illness is a scam and no psychiatrists want to challenge me. What more evidence does anyone need?

    I have yet to get any email to refute what I am saying. The solution to schizophrenia is simple and it is a medical issue which makes it a medical scam. How come there is NO refute to what I am saying. So where is all the so call expert in the field of mental illness? Where is  the expert on schizophrenia hiding? Are you such a coward? A person has to go to four years of college, then four years of medical school, then four years of psychiatry residence to become a psychiatrist. How come psychiatrists have NO CONFIDENCE in what they are taught? Do you hate people SO MUCH that you want them to be mentally ill? How can you look yourself in the mirror when you know mentally illness is a scam to make money from people.

    Self-protection works because you are made mentally ill. Just by using self-protection you will no longer be mentally ill. So WHERE DID the mental illness go to? Did it magically disappear? They are telling you it is genetic, stress, etc which are causing your mental illness and that is a lie.  Where are the expert who made such claim? Tell me you lying scumbag why you think making people mentally ill is justifiable? I am right about mental illness being a scam and they just want to ignore me and hope I go away or fall victim to their poison game to make people ill. I won't go away because  I was driven insane like the other people who were diagnosed with schizophrenia. Their lives are ruined just like mine and many more lives will continue to be ruined because psychiatrists REFUSE to confess that mental illness is a SCAM.  I have demonstrated that mental illness is a scam using self-protection that anyone can test. I have made statement about psychiatry and as much as they like me to be driven insane again, I have not fallen victim because I practice self-protection.  But if we realize that the solution to self-protection involves avoiding getting poison then anyone can be MADE mentally ill. There  are many ways to attack a problem, what I did is give you people the solution. You may ask many questions but the result is no more mental illness when you use self-protection. So where did the mental illness go you SCUMBAG psychiatrists?

    WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Psychiatry is a scam profession. Will everyone sit on the sideline and let innocent people be driven mentally ill? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Psychiatry is a scam profession.  When will our government take action on psychiatry? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Psychiatry is a scam profession. Why am I treated like an OUTCAST when I am trying to do what is morally correct?  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Psychiatry is a scam profession. When will psychiatrists develop a CONSCIENCE for what they have done to mentally healthy people who they made mentally ill? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Psychiatry is a scam profession. Why haven't the psychiatry profession challenge me in what I am saying? Because I am right and psychiatrists REFUSE to admit mental illness is a scam. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE? Psychiatry is a scam profession.  

    I am saying that psychiatrists make their living doing the most horrific thing to those made mentally ill; just read what a person's life is like being diagnosed with schizophrenia. We KNOW schizophrenia is a scam illness but the symptoms that are created are horrible to those that have to endure them. Psychiatrists are financially REWARDED for doing these horrific things to people while those who suffer are made financially POORER. Psychiatrists are educated people with many options in life to pursue other career but they choose to torture people to insanity as a career and they are REWARDED. What kind of world do we live in that REWARD EVIL PEOPLE? If you support psychiatry you support wicked people. Are psychiatrists the ONLY group of people who is involved in the mental illness scam? NO, they use other people as well. But I have offered you the solution to mental illness by PROVING that it is a scam. Every scam that last long needs people to "cover" the scam from being discovered but if too many people are in the scam it would take a lot of money to keep them going along with the scam so there is the NEED to create more mental illness to generate more money. If you support psychiatry you support wicked people.

    Why do school continue to teach psychiatry when it has been proven to be a SCAM. If psychiatry does not exist any longer, where would the money come from to make people mentally ill?  Do people in university not have an obligation to the well being of the public? Teaching psychiatry is bad for the public. Psychiatry is a wicked SCAM.  If you support psychiatry you support wicked people. Think of how many psychiatrists are in the world, not ONE has the courage to challenge me even just to shut me up. Think of all the people involved in the field of psychiatry, not ONE has refute against my solution to schizophrenia because  it works and mental illness is a SCAM. I still see commercial on mental illness drugs being shown when people don't need medication at all because people are made mentally ill and the solution to mental illness is simple. Psychiatry is a wicked SCAM.  If you support psychiatry you support wicked people.  We live in a society of law and I am calling psychiatrists CRIMINAL. Why don't they do something to me in a LEGAL sense because they are criminals and they can only resort to criminal means since mental illness is a SCAM! Do you understand what I am trying to say?  I know for a fact that mental illness is a scam that I am willing to put my LIFE on the line. Why don't psychiatrists put their LIFE on the line since they believe mental illness is real? Because I have offered proof that mental illness is a SCAM and they have been caught! They have no confidence in their scam anymore and act like a little boy who hides with his hands in his ears ignoring what someone is telling him hoping that it will all go away. But as people with conscience we have to teach the child right from wrong because people should not be rewarded being a CRIMINAL.

    When you read about people with mental illness committing crime, are they to blame or the psychiatrists who know that mental illness is a scam and people with mental illness are manipulated into committing the act. You read about murder, suicide, etc  that were done by people with mental illness but now that we know mental illness is a "created" illness then the blame go to the psychiatrists. The medication for mental illness does nothing because it cures NOBODY.  How can you cure a person of mental illness when you "created" the illness. A cure for mental illness would be financially terrible for what is involved in making  someone mentally ill. The solution to schizophrenia and other mental illness show it was "created" and NOT a natural illness. So where did the mental illness go you scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists? There is legal recourse for mental illness patients because they were made mentally ill . The solution to mental illness is so simple once you realized that you are made mentally ill. Do not trust the scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists who refuse to admit mental illness is a SCAM. If my method of self-protection DIDN"T work I would have been INSANE long ago. So where did the mental illness go you scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists? I have no preference for which head of psychiatry that want to challenge me but there is no taker. They know it is a scam!

    All these years that a simple to solution to mental illness existed and psychiatrists never revealed that is a "created" illness. Do you trust a bunch of psychiatrists who CANNOT be objective since they are the GUILTY party. How convenient it is to label someone delusional, paranoid, insane, etc when they call your very profession a SCAM. How convenient it is to ignore all the facts that have been presented. How convenient it is to ignore the CHALLENGE that is presented in front of you which you have no CONFIDENCE in taking part in. How convenient it is, you selfish scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists. How convenient is is for you to forget the lives you have ruined creating a illness that never existed. How convenient of you lying all these years to the people you made ill and pretend to treat. How convenient it is, you selfish lying scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists. Why don't you do anything LEGAL to me if you feel that I am wrong ? Because you know I am right and you are a coward, you selfish lying scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists. Perhaps you think I ridicule psychiatrists too many times  but they are wicked in what they have done to healthy people and making them sick. If you have a reason for the way you feel then it is perfectly healthy to express them. I am telling you psychiatrists are the most wicked of people being able to stare their patients in the eyes and lie. Where is the oath doctors take to treat the sick and NOT make them sick, did psychiatrists cross their fingers when doing so?

    So now that we KNOW schizophrenia is a scam why did the scam illness not spread EVENLY among the population. It is said Afro-Caribbean backgrounds are three to five times more likely to be diagnosed for schizophrenia and admitted to hospital than other backgrounds. [LocalCopy] So if you are a psychiatrist of Afro-Caribbean background, why did you go along with it? Why were people of Afro-Caribbean being targeted? Is it a racial reason because it seem you can "drive" people of any racial group insane. If you wanted people to believe that it was GENETIC as a cause of schizophrenia, why didn't you make the statistic EVEN among the population?  If you wanted people to believe that it was STRESS as a cause of schizophrenia, why didn't you make the statistic EVEN among the population?  If you wanted people to believe that it was WHATEVER as a cause of schizophrenia, why didn't you make the statistic EVEN among the population? Are you so confident about your mental illness scam that you thought you can do as you please? So you psychiatrists hate people of Afro-Caribbean background more because? So where is that confident psychiatrist that is willing to challenge me, are you hiding somewhere now? Self-protection can work for all sort of mental illness because people are made mentally ill. Suppose people who aren't aware that mental illness was a scam and thought that people of Afro-Caribbean background were inferior because they are more prone to schizophrenia than the general population according to the statistic on mental illness, wouldn't that hurt their prospect of a better life?  Apparently people of Afro-Caribbean background aren't well like by psychiatrists because mental illness is based on symptoms and they are making these people have the worst of symptoms so I would assume that somebody who is in "charge" of the mental illness scam isn't of Afro-Caribbean background.  I live in NYC so who is really in charge of the mental illness  scam in the place I live in? Is it the Jews, Irish, Italian,  Hispanic as they represent the large majority of the city population. I'm excluding Blacks as being in charge because of the statistic on Afro-Caribbean. The other racial group does not represent a majority of the population and would likely work under those in charge. So of these majority group, who do you suppose dislike people of Afro-Caribbean background more?  If you like someone, would you "make" them mentally ill?  So we who are made mentally ill are despise but that is no fault on us but on those who want to play God with our lives. So how come you suppose there hasn't been any arrest in NYC given what I have said about how people are made mentally ill? Who is running NYC? I think some people are paid "hush" money to keep quiet about the mental illness scam. I think that the psychiatrists who run the mental illness scam in NYC are the most wicked because their intention is to ruin the people who they made schizophrenic, psychotic, etc, from the day they are diagnosed to the day they die; as all things in life, there are degree to good and evil. Why do you suppose a scam this large like mental illness been kept so quiet from the public for so long? Which group of people is really running the mental illness scam? We know that not every racial group is equally made mentally ill and Black people are the one most made mentally ill. So why is this mental illness scam still going on? I am putting my life on the line to say mental illness is a scam. I have proven mental illness is a scam. SO when will people wake up and start doing something about it. Could it be that Black people are made MOST mentally ill that nobody seem to want it to END? If a scam favors a particular group such as Blacks to be made mentally ill, then how do you suppose it has spread and continue to operate for so long? It is not reasonable to say that those who are in control of the scam don't like Blacks compare to other racial group and the infrastructure of psychiatry offered in school allow it to proliferate as an acceptable field while hiding its true motive to make people mentally ill. So we have psychology students, professors, magazines, journals, books, medication producers, researchers, psychiatrists, etc, creating a whole network of people who are in the scam directly or indirectly. It is that BIG while Blacks are hated by those in the scam. I'm sure there are some Blacks who are also in the mental illness scam but that doesn't change the point that is being made. There will always be people who only think for themselves but the strange thing about this scam is that other racial group would NOT tolerate it if THEIR kind was three to five times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. These people who are NON-Blacks are willing to continue the mental illness scam because their racial group is not more prone to be made mentally ill.  Since mental illness is a scam and your RACE is most affected, how come you don't do anything about it because the other racial group would not allow it to continue. Do you Black people not realize that psychiatry and those involved in it HATES you whether your made mentally ill or not. What more can I say? Schizophrenia is the WORST of all mental illness that were created and Black people got more of it. What does that say about those involved in the mental illness scam because schizophrenia is a life-time commitment of suffering since psychiatry says there is no CURE.  Do you now understand why I say that other racial group would NOT go along with the mental illness scam if THEIR kind was three to five times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    Psychiatry is a field where it can MAKE-UP whatever it wants. For instance, from How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease: An Interview with Jonathan Metzl: [LocalCopy] "Doctors viewed schizophrenia as an illness that afflicted nonviolent, white, petty criminals" Then "In 1968, in the midst of a political climate marked by profound protest and social unrest, psychiatry published the second edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. That text recast the paranoid subtype of schizophrenia as a disorder of masculinized belligerence. "The patient's attitude is frequently hostile and aggressive." So we have two different view of schizophrenia, one NON-VIOLENT to one of being HOSTILE and AGGRESSIVE.  How can the same illness be so different? Do you know how retarded the field of psychiatry is?  If your Black and schizophrenic and you know it is a scam now that your using SELF-PROTECTION, how do you feel about your kind being so targeted? Who is looking out for your back? What is  your leader doing for you? Go find me any head of psychiatry to challenge me if anyone of them disagree about what I am saying. I am willing to risk my life to help mental illness people, who else would do this much for YOU?

    Another point I like to make is that psychiatry changes according to PRESSURE from people. According to the Wikipedia entry on America Psychiatric Association " In the early 1970s, activists campaigned against the DSM classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder, protesting at APA offices and at annual meetings from 1970 to 1973. In 1973 the Board of Trustees voted to remove homosexuality as a disorder category from the DSM, a decision ratified by a majority (58%) of the general APA membership the following year. A category of "sexual orientation disturbance" was introduced in its place in 1974, and then replaced in the 1980 DSM-III with Ego-dystonic sexual orientation. That was removed in 1987. Nowadays the research and clinical literature demonstrate that same-sex sexual and romantic attractions, feelings, and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality and the longstanding consensus of the behavioral and social sciences and the health and mental health professions is that homosexuality per se is a normal and positive variation of human sexual orientation." How can anybody trust what psychiatry says? Once homosexuality was a mental disorder to NOW being a normal human sexual orientation. How can you just drop a mental disorder? Because mental illness is a scam and psychiatry can MAKE-UP whatever it wants using false "research" to support whatever position it choose to take. Psychiatry is a dangerous field because of its ability to influence people who are unaware of its CRIMINAL intent. The DSM should be called [D]iagnostic to [S]teal [M]oney because as more mental illness are created, it would translates to making more money. Those of you who contribute to psychiatry in words or money may think your doing your part to help people but the reality is your making the public worst. Mental illness is a scam and your supporting the scam by encouraging psychiatry. In essence your supporting a CRIMINAL "organization". So here I am calling psychiatry CRIMINAL and how come the industry cannot do anything to me LEGALLY? Because psychiatry is CRIMINAL for making people mentally ill. Even if you were never driven insane, you cannot deny the points being made against psychiatry. In a world of lawyers, how come no lawyers for psychiatry have said anything about what I am writing? After reading everything I have written wouldn't you say psychiatry would have some sort of reply? Perhaps, psychiatry is much more GUILTY then what I have written.

    Self-protection works and if you still have symptoms then your not doing it right. If anyone doesn't think SELF-PROTECTION works, get a head of psychiatry to challenge me. Mental illness is a scam so of course it would work. Do you people think I'm a retarded individual who would go against  an industry of people who specialize in psychiatry without any proof? I know it is a scam that is why self-protection works and these people can have all the PHD degree to their name and psychiatry would still be a scam. It is that SIMPLE.

    So here is the situation. I could have "played" like I know nothing about how I was cure of mental illness but I decided to say something about it being a scam. So I'm treated like an outcast, labeled with terms like paranoid, functional schizophrenic, etc that I don't  make sense because terms like that imply mental illness and mental illness is a scam. So we are going in circle. I have described how someone can be free of mental illness without medication because mental illness is a scam to make money. I'm going against money that is much greater than my own. The money involved is more than anyone can imagine in the mental illness scam. So I EVEN decided to offer people money to get a head of psychiatry to challenge me since they would be the "expert" in the field and YET I still do not have anyone to challenge me. I wanted to bring the solution to mental illness to the public because it is nothing more than a scam. Perhaps the danger element keeps people who know about it being a scam quiet but what kind of person are you if you allow innocent people to be made mentally ill. Therefore, I decided for the greater good I would write about what I know and do what I can to expose these CRIMINALS. If we were  to look objectively at the challenge I posted, wouldn't you say the psychiatrist who takes the challenge have an advantage? The psychiatrist is the expert on mental illness. The psychiatrist have other psychiatrists to consult and years of data on mental illness. So why don't any psychiatrist want to challenge me? I did offer the solution to mental illness. Is that the reason? Is that a SILENT admittance by psychiatrists that mental illness is a scam? Am I missing something?

    Maybe some of you reading what I am writing do not know how to find what you are looking for. I have offered you the solution to mental illness but from that you can GATHER real evidence of the "chemical" I am talking about. Everyone who has mental illness has symptoms so that symptoms represent evidence. The symptoms are caused by the chemical whether it be internal, external or both within you. For instance, is your hair yours or do you have something sticking to it? is your skin yours or did you use some product on it?  Have yourself analyze if you want real evidence. There can also be external product that can get to your skin, have that analyze if it's the case. It is pretty much product tampering. What your using has been tampered with. Or you can just practice self-protection. So every mental illness patient has evidence but the symptoms are temporary such as when you sweat and whatever is on your skin, hair, etc dilutes.  But it is still SIMPLE now that you know how to get the evidence. When a person go to the hospital for mental illness examination, he does not get his hair, skin, etc examined. A person should have his hair sample taken when he complains of symptoms and a swab of the skin on his forehead; this is how schizophrenic is created, causing them to feel like his brain is running in overdrive. The clothes the person wear should also be analyzed. He may get his blood taken but that does very little to find the real cause of the mental illness. Even if a person consumed something that may have caused him to feel ill, that is temporary if you make sure what the person consume afterward is safe from tampering. All you have to be concerned about is the external(skin, hair, clothes,bed, pillow,blanket) of the individual not the internal. The person should be FREE of mental illness once the external chemical is cleaned from the individual.  It is all about product tampering because if you are using the original product that is not tampered, you are FREE of symptoms but when it is tampered, you have symptoms. It is that SIMPLE. This test will always work. If  your mentally ill have someone who isn't mentally ill and have her do exactly the same thing you do whether it is eating or sleeping, etc (use the same product) and that person will become mentally ill as well because of product tampering and this will work in a reverse manner also

    So when I say that mental illness is a "created" illness, now you have evidence so you should believe what I am telling you. So do you trust psychiatry or do you trust me?  What will people think if the government won't do anything about mental illness being a scam now that evidence has been revealed to exists in every mental illness patient? The logic is this. If a patient has symptoms then there is some chemical on the patient that is causing the symptoms so we have to examine the patient for the chemical which is NOT done when a person is committed to a mental hospital. There are so many type of mental illness out there that I would not be able to tell you each one specifically but the solution(self-protection) to mental illness would generally work for ALL type of mental illness.  So the causes listed for schizophrenia has been shown to be illogical. The solution to schizophrenia shows it is a "create" illness. The evidence can be easily obtained to show that it is a "created" illness. How much more information must be given before somebody in government do something? Isn't it "their" job to police these psychiatrists? What has everyone in government been doing all these years to "protect" the people?

    I take no pleasure in using terms like " selfish lying scumbag CRIMINAL psychiatrists." But it is for the greater good that I use such term because people need to wake up to reality of what is happening to innocent people who are made mentally ill. You may not like the manner in which I write but I am honest about what I am saying. If you were to  put yourself in my shoe after discovering mental illness is a scam and you were driven insane and "they" still try to do product tampering on me, I don't seem so hostile do I? You may wonder of all mental illness why I choose schizophrenia as a challenge? It is because the symptoms of schizophrenia are so horrible to those suffering from them that is the reason. I knew that the chance of getting a head of psychiatry to take my challenge was slim given that I offered the solution to schizophrenia so I offered people $5000 to find one for me. But now that you know that mental illness has a solution, psychiatry is no longer needed. What we need are police, law enforcement to arrest these people who are making us mentally ill. We have real doctors for REAL medical problems we do NOT need psychiatrists.  The psychiatrists may seem well manner people but underneath that role they play hide their true nature. You now have evidence to prove they are a bunch of CRIMINALS. Why are they not being rounded up for questioning and why does psychiatry still exists? We have real doctors for REAL medical problems we do NOT need psychiatrists.

    What should we do with psychiatrists? I call for them to be arrested. Tell people of law enforcement in your government to have them arrested. I have provided proof that mental illness is a scam. I have proven that mental illness is a scam in so many ways. I have EVEN challenge the industry itself. So when people say who should we arrest? ARREST psychiatrists. You have the SOLUTION to mental illness. Psychiatrists have the detail on the mental illness scam. Any psychiatrists who still say mental illness is not a scam should be IMPRISONED for life since so many lives already been ruined because of it. Did psychiatrists believe that nobody would figure out their mental illness scam? Did they believe that nobody  could prove it was a scam? Psychiatrists cannot get away with what they have done because mental illness has been proven to be a scam.  So NOW the ball is in the court of people in government,  you have the evidence in front of you. What will government do? Will government continue to allow innocent people to be driven mentally ill?  Where else are you going to read what has been written? I call for psychiatrists to be arrested. I ended mental illness with the solution(self-protection) I offered. I even tell you how to obtain evidence on the chemical used to make people mentally ill. Psychiatrists know I am right so they cannot do anything to me legally regarding what I am saying. So you may ask what is the URGENCY of having mental illness end now since it has existed for so long? Because if you are a victim of being made mentally ill and the type of illness chosen for you happen to be schizophrenia, then you will feel so horrible of symptoms that nobody should have to experience causing pain, suffering, humiliation, etc while YOUR government does nothing. So each day that goes by and people are diagnosed with mental illness when mental illness can be destroyed just by doing what I have written. What will these people think since the solution to end mental illness has already been written. How come the government is not acting on what has been written? Of course there are consequences to ending psychiatry because it has been used to ruined so many lives but it is better to do it now than let it continue to ruin more people. Psychiatrists are involved in the mental illness scam so what OTHER criminal activities have they been able to get away with? How will history judge those who do nothing while innocent people are being made mentally ill?

    It doesn't take much to create a mental illness free society. All you have to do is make sure there is no product tampering, an easy way to accomplish this is by arresting those who benefit from making people mentally ill, such as psychiatrists. Psychiatry cannot say that there is a CURE for mental illness due to product tampering, financial reasons, being unlawful, etc. For psychiatry to admit to a CURE it would have to say what caused it, so psychiatry creates possible "causes" for mental illness never a specific cause but that should be obvious from reading what I have written. I say there is a CURE for mental illness because I am not a psychiatrist and can speak about product tampering since I have no desire to be a wicked person. It is a myth that people "relapse" into being mentally ill again because the truth is they are made to be mentally ill again just as I have discussed before. I am disappointed in people in our government especially in the city I live in when I have dedicated so much of my time and resource to help people from being made mentally ill. I think these people are heartless and do not care about those made mentally ill. Unlike other people who criticize psychiatry, I offer solution. I just don't tell you mental illness is a scam, I offer you the solution to mental illness WITHOUT any charge. Why are these psychiatrists still in the business of terror, especially those who are targeted for schizophrenia. The government has been asleep for too long and failed to protect its people. EVEN now, the government hasn't done anything! Maybe some of you out there fail to realize that in the process of driving someone insane, the person who is being driven insane can commit suicide or murder people. Do you really want that in your conscience given what I have said about mental illness being "created". Not everyone knows about SELF-PROTECTION and why should victims of mental illness have to live having to look over their shoulder. It is the fault of psychiatry! We know mental illness is a global problem but NOW we have a solution. So why isn't the government using the solution? Some of you who were made mentally ill may have someone you KNOW who took part in driving you insane because psychiatrists do not work alone. While we wait for governments to take their time to combat mental illness because all they have to do is arrest psychiatrists, we should help those who are made mentally ill

    Why are schools still offering psychology courses since we know psychiatry is a scam. Is there a place in education to teach people how to be a CRIMINAL? In essence your supporting a CRIMINAL "organization". What about those who sell mental illness medications? We know mental illness is a scam so where did they come up with the medications? Are the CEO of the these medication companies involved and do you trust these companies since you know they are pushing mental illness medications? There seem to be many players in the mental illness game and that may be the reason why psychiatrists are able to get away with "murder".  History doesn't seem to change much as people are being taken advantage of while those in charge look the other way. What other conclusion can you come up with? The mental illness scam is like a line of dominoes, if one falls, the rest will follow. Therefore, I will wait to see which country actually care more about its citizens and end mental illness. I find it strange of all the religion, only Scientology outright speak out against psychiatry. What happen to all the other major religion such as Muslim, Christian, etc? Are you really a believer in God and allow people to be made mentally ill? You call yourself God-fearing? This is not the way to worship God by letting people be made mentally ill. You are being a dishonest person by saying you believe in God. I know psychiatry is so good at brainwashing people with its "chemical" that is why psychiatry is so dangerous. If you can convince a sane person that he is insane, then you can probably convince a sane person of many other things. Do you understand why psychiatry is so dangerous? I cannot remember a time in history when someone who gave a solution to an illness that works and people look the other way. What is so desirable in wanting to make people mentally ill? The solution to mental illness is in front of you why not spread it around? Are we wicked people or good people? Has psychiatry brainwashed the world with its mental illness scam so well that a simple solution like what is offered seems too good to be TRUE? I know there are people out there who "self-medicate" because they don't know about SELF-PROTECTION which is why I made this website. SELF-PROTECTION does not involved any drugs whether it be legal or illegal. For instance, "Bedell was diagnosed as bipolar, or manic depressive, and had been in and out of treatment programs for years. His psychiatrist, J. Michael Nelson, said Bedell tried to self-medicate with marijuana, inadvertently making his symptoms more pronounced." [LocalCopy] The outcome was Bedell was driven to "wounding two police officers before he was fatally shot."  We know mental illness is a scam and people are made mentally ill and I can find countless stories like Bedell. What about the Virginia Tech massacre that killed 32 people and wounded many others before committing suicide. The shooter "had previously been diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder. During much of his middle school and high school years." It is speculated that Cho's "lack of speech that resulted in the diagnosis of selective mutism could have been an early indication that Cho was developing schizophrenia. One symptom of schizophrenia is what is known as "poverty of speech," referring to a marked deficit in the amount of talking the person engages in. In addition, Cho's manifesto provides evidence of both paranoid and grandiose delusions." We know schizophrenia is a scam illness. We know college students are often a target for this illness because during college was when I was driven insane but I did not act out the suicidal brainwashing that was created for me. What on earth would cause someone to be so outraged to shoot so many people?  Cho's action was not rational because his manifesto showed him to have grandiose delusions. When someone doesn't act rational, it is a sign that he is being brainwashed for mental illness. Cho is said to exhibit symptom of schizophrenia so that was the illness that those who targeted Cho wanted him to have. I believe it is a case of driving someone insane to cause schizophrenia that resulted in these people dying and the victim himself. So Cho died because he didn't know about SELF-PROTECTION and so did many other people. Who should Cho's family and the people who died blame? There are a lot of people who died because of "created" mental illness but the law is still taking its time.

    It is reported that "In 1999, the statistical arm of the Justice Department estimated that 16 percent of state and federal prisoners and inmates in jails were suffering from mental illness. These illnesses included schizophrenia, manic depression (or bipolar disorder) and major depression." [LocalCopy] Why don't somebody out there get a head of psychiatry to challenge me on schizophrenia so we can END mental illness. People go to prison because they commit crime, so when they are made mentally ill, is it their fault? Why would you want to pay to imprisoned these people anyway? I am telling anyone who read this about how I proved schizophrenia is a scam illness. I described what is SELF-PROTECTION . Psychiatry has the upper hand because it is better at DECEPTION than anyone can realize. Look how long the mental illness scam has been going on! Why don't psychiatry challenge me? Is it so wrong to want mental illness to END? If law enforcement feels that schizophrenia is a REAL illness, it can get the head of psychiatry to challenge me. Since law enforcement does not get the head of psychiatry to CHALLENGE me then law enforcement believes schizophrenia is a SCAM illness and so is all mental illness. So what is the conclusion you would make about law enforcement for not doing anything about psychiatry? If the law enforcement in your area is not aware of the psychiatry scam, let it know what I am saying. Spread the information to every law enforcement AGENCY you can because this can be helpful to people who are still made mentally ill so they can sue in the future if law enforcement does not take ACTION. It would also help to tell politicians,, the media, and anyone you feel like telling because it may be useful in the future when you want to seek legal remedy for what has been done to you. Mental illness is a scam so anybody who has been diagnosed with mental illness should be able to sue because you are "made" mentally ill. There may be LEGAL cases for people such as Bedell and Cho who did NOT die during the process of being made mentally ill but end up in PRISON diagnosed as mentally ill. Companies such as Pfizer who sell medications for mental illness can be sued for furthering the mental illness scam. If Pfizer who sells medication for schizophrenia which is a scam, can you trust Pfizer with other medications it produces? So where is a LEGAL letter from Pfizer about what I am saying? Go tell the company because what I am saying is TRUE. If anyone of the people you tell have doubt, tell them to get any head of psychiatry to challenge me; don't say I do not care about the mentally ill because they are made poor and some become homeless, criminals, etc. Given all the head of psychiatry in the world, not ONE is confident enough to challenge me given the advantages these people have over me.  How can somebody in law enforcement NOT be able to "piece" together what I have written. It is obvious that mental illness is a "created" illness so it can be uncreated with SELF-PROTECTION. It is that SIMPLE so I cannot accept law enforcement NOT doing anything about psychiatry. It isn't even my JOB to police mental health issues and here I am giving law enforcement and anybody reading the website the information. When someone is driven mentally ill and become dead in suicide, murder, made insane, etc, the person will have a legal case. Mental illness  is a scam. So where are the psychiatrists that believe mental illness is a REAL illness, I am ready for the challenge. Mental illness has been proven to be a scam in so many different ways and law enforcement is doing what? So many people's lives are in danger!

    I live in NYC and I am ASHAMED of those running this city to allow people to be driven insane. Here I am challenging the psychiatry industry on schizophrenia and I have no challenger. I have provide proof in so many ways. Who is in charge of the mental illness scam in NYC? Is it the Irish or the Jews? Who is the brain behind the operation? If that is what they choose to do in life is to make people mentally ill then it is actually a compliment to their intelligence for being at the top of their profession even if it is wicked. I would call them an evil-genius in comparison to those in their profession because we know that the mental illness scam includes different racial groups. Who is more wicked, heartless, and intelligent, the Irish or the Jews? If a person was living in Ireland and targeted for schizophrenia, the most likely group to be in charge of driving people insane would be Irish; so if you are Irish and you have schizophrenia, is your leader looking out for you? I'm not Irish and I am telling you it is a scam, if anyone disagrees, get a head of psychiatry to challenge me. If a person was living in Israel and targeted for schizophrenia, the most likely group to be in charge of driving people insane would be Jewish; so if you are Jewish and you have schizophrenia, is your leader looking out for you? I'm not Jewish and I am telling you it is a scam, if anyone disagrees, get a head of psychiatry to challenge me. If Israel is a religious state then you have to wonder are they RELIGIOUS people being involved in driving people insane? Who else in Israel but Jewish people who are in charge. If anyone thinks Schizophrenia is a REAL illness, I am ready for the challenge. It is a compliment to say that Irish and Jews are more likely to be in charge of NYC. I am not saying that all Jews or Irish are in the mental illness scam because they are also victims. But in terms of who is in charge, if it was the Jews, would Arab go along with Jews in charge? If it was the Irish, perhaps, Arab who are in the scam would go along.  So now  the blame is getting closer to who control the mental illness scam in NYC. Would you say Jews or Irish have more natural enemies? The odd seems to favor the Irish in charge of the mental illness scam in NYC. Irish Americans also represents the second largest white group after German Americans and America's population is still mostly white. Consider what I do as helping white people because the mental illness scam is a negative to society. If the Jews has more natural enemies, wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to ruin the Jews if the Jews was in charge of the mental illness scam? There are always criminals in every racial group but to be the leader of a scam this large, it would be better to have someone who has the least enemies so it would survive. The solution to mental illness is simple once it is realized it is a created illness, so anyone involved in the scam can bring it down.  Somebody who is in charge of the world's mental illness scam must be such  a "likeable" criminal. People outside of the mental illness scam can test SELF-PROTECTION and verify what I say is correct that mental illness is a created illness but he would still not have inside knowledge of the operation of the mental illness scam. SELF-PROTECTION cannot fail unless a person does it incorrectly or what he is doing is being tampered with. Do we want to hear questions such as "if mental illness doesn't exist, why do we have psychiatrists?" SELF-PROTECTION works so why do we have psychiatrists is what you should focused on. Mental illness is created by those who benefit from the illness, how difficult is it to come to such a conclusion. I know that Hispanic represents a large population in NYC but have there been any mayor that is Hispanic that anyone can recall? How bright of a group are you? I can recall a Black mayor, a Italian mayor, but not a Hispanic mayor. I am not putting any group down but just pointing out that there are other group that is brighter because they are in control. Although I don't fall into the group that is in charge, I admit to reality. Asian group represents a small population of the USA close to 5%. The USA is a mix country with many different racial groups but the majority of the population are White, Hispanic, and Blacks. The USA has a rather high percentage of mental illness and it takes people to make someone mentally ill so Asian group could not be in control of mental illness in the USA. So what we have is some group in the USA that decides which racial group to make more mentally ill than others. Mental illness is a created illness so somebody decides how they want to distribute the mental illness to the USA population. If one observes the mental illness statistics in the USA, the racial group with the most mental illness are not well liked by those in control. When people lose sense of reality, it is a sign of being brainwashed for something. The important point is those who are in control of an area would know what is going on because it takes people to drive someone insane. I live in an area with a lot of Hispanic, even though they may not be the brain of the operation, they would still be involved in driving people insane. But since the area is mostly Hispanic, then most of the victims would be Hispanic as well, so you Hispanic victims or other victims in the neighoborhood should keep that in mind because Hispanic would most likely to be blame because it takes people to make someone mentally ill. Because the victims speak Spanish, the person causing the auditory hallucination would also know Spanish. So a person who is Spanish speaking has the advantage of driving not only people who speak Spanish but also English such as a mix neighborhood of Blacks and Hispanic. Since I am also Asian, Asian would also be involved because when people are driven insane, the sound that is spoken must be understood by the victim (typical way to make someone schizophrenic resulting in what is called auditory hallucination), so if you ONLY speak Spanish, then someone trying to send sound to you does it in Spanish because you would not understand what they are trying to say otherwise, so there is no way to brainwash you but you can have symptoms due to being "poisoned". Although I am Chinese, I also speak English so they would try to brainwash me in that language but using SELF-PROTECTION makes it difficult for them. So if you are Chinese, is your leader looking out for you? I am telling you mental illness is a scam and beware of the people around you. Just because they are Chinese, it doesn't mean you can trust them. Mental illness isn't some magical thing, it is man made, so beware of those around you. Since you are a target, they will try to drive you mentally ill. It is often the case to make someone think he is insane is by making it seems as if his mind can be "read". There is NO such thing as a mind reader, it is nothing more than a trick. If a person washes his hair with clean water (I would even considered beach water to be "clean water" even if it has urine since it is not tampered with, otherwise all the people who are using the same beach water would develop symptom), he will notice the "auditory hallucination" lessening(his mind will also cease to feel like it is "racing" at an abnormal speed and he will be able to think closer to a normal state), so we can conclude that something that is sticking to his hair is allowing him to hear; it is nothing more than a trick that is used to cause this symptom which I wrote about when explaining SELF-PROTECTION (Things that get to your hair can be hair products, unclean water, hat, pillow, etc). Schizophrenia, psychosis, etc are nothing more than a label used to describe the symptoms that they are trying to create so it should work for other type of mental illness that has "auditory hallucination". If we know that it is some sort of transmission that is why auditory hallucination exists, then we just have to block every sort of transmission which can be done by building a room but that isn't practical so use SELF-PROTECTION. I once read from a person who thought that there was some sort of ear implant that is why schizophrenic are able to hear the sound; i found it amusingly ridiculous since the person should be aware if such an implant existed or it could be found by doing a scan. If you shop at a certain store regularly, you can have the product you purchase tampered with even if it is sealed (If somebody wanted to drive you insane, a sealed product would be simple for them to tamper with) such as in a Asian grocery store buying some cooking spices but you can check this by having somebody taste the product and see if they develop any symptoms and this method would work for any product you purchase as a way of testing if you lack testing equipments. The real truth is, a lot of racial group are involved in trying to get me to "relapse" to further the deception of mental illness and psychiatry is afraid to challenge me. Although there aren't that many Asian living in the area, I would think the other victims would be Hispanic; so if you are Hispanic and you have schizophrenia or any other type of mental illness, is your leader looking out for you? I'm not Hispanic and I am telling you it is a scam, if anyone disagrees, get a head of psychiatry to challenge me. Because in any scam, somebody got to be the brain of the operation, so I am saying that while the other racial groups are wicked, heartless as well, the brain of the operation is what keeps it ticking. Why isn't anyone being arrested? It is so simple to destroy psychiatry given what I said about SELF-PROTECTION. So why do people in charge want mental illness to exist is the question you have to ask yourself? It is said that those in power can trash the truth but the truth will still be there. Psychiatry will always be a scam profession no matter what happens. I don't feel comfortable living in a city that is suppose to treat people equally yet I feel like an outcast for telling people the truth. This is the lesson that these people want for me and other people who want to tell the truth about psychiatry. If you try to help people, your an outcast. So why would anyone want to do it? Maybe some people cannot standby and let the wickedness of the world continue despite their own personal disadvantages for doing something about it. So when people die because of mental illness, blame those in law enforcement and other people who know mental illness is a scam and do not want to take action. In the future, you can sue people and file CRIMINAL charges because mental illness is a scam as I have proven. Don't forget to spread what I have written so people cannot say they didn't know about it.

    So there are several ways to end mental illness. One, we can have psychiatrists and those in the scam, confess that mental illness is a scam (how likely is that?). Two, we can have a head of psychiatry challenge me on schizophrenia (Is the master of deception willing to show its head?). Three. Law enforcement can arrest psychiatrists and question them (I have given them a way to obtain evidence and the proof on why mental illness is a scam, but look how long law enforcement has been asleep?).  Four. The victims can practice SELF-PROTECTION and they will not be able to make any money from them (This would hurt their scam business which anybody can do).  Five. Victims can launch lawsuits using the information I have given. Six. Don't have any association with psychiatrists including anyone that supports them(Support those who do not support psychiatry). These options are all acceptable but time is not on the side of those made mentally ill. As I have written, people do get kill when they are driven insane to cause schizophrenia, including strangers that are not the target for schizophrenia, so how many more deaths are we willing to take? If death doesn't deter you, how about being pedophile. According to the article "Child psychiatrist charged with molesting patients", [LocalCopy] "William Ayres, 75, was arrested at approximately 6:25 p.m. at his home by San Mateo police officers without incident, Capt. Michael Callagy said. He is charged with 14 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14, Callagy said." So we have some psychiatrists who practice this scam profession on children and molesting them and you can find more articles about psychiatrists molesting children if you search the Internet and there may be cases where the victims may not have reported the crime and nobody will read about it! Why would you trust psychiatrists with children, the field is a SCAM. According to the Diagnostic to Steal Money, [LocalCopy] "One difficulty with the diagnosis of the disorder is that persons with pedophilia rarely seek help voluntarily from mental health professionals." So you may wonder how come the psychiatrist never sought help being in the mental health profession? How come the psychiatrist couldn't help himself given that it is his field of expertise? It is because psychiatry is a scam and it is his behavior so there is no way to alter how the psychiatrist behave that is why there are other psychiatrists like that which I have written behaving the same way molesting children or having sex with them. So the best solution is to put psychiatrists in prison just like any other criminals whose behavior caused them to commit crime. Given what I have written, how can you trust psychiatrists with children because their behavior is already criminal because mental illness is a scam and they refuse to admit it. If any head of psychiatry want to challenge me on schizophrenia, I''m available! I prefer someone being the head of psychiatry because I do not want any excuse having to deal with an average psychiatrist as not being qualified; I would prefer someone where other psychiatrists considered to be the top of his profession so that nobody can have any excuses when he LOSES. If mental illness was a REAL illness, wouldn't you think I would receive some sort of legal letter because I have no medical degree and I am WRITING about a medical issue.  So I say this again, I have no medical degree and I am writing about a medical issue, so where are the lawyers? How difficult is it to come up with a conclusion? Why won't psychiatry challenge me? I decided to compliment psychiatry as honest as I can.  I even complimented psychiatry on how wicked it is and how it is a master of deception, what else can I do to get psychiatry to challenge me? Imagine making people mentally ill and getting paid to "treat" them as well, a compliment because not anyone can get away with such an act. You may think I am not being serious but psychiatrists are educated people with many options in life but they choose to drive people insane that could result in people dying. Yes, I consider psychiatrists to be educated people, more so than the general population, another compliment! What other group of people could write such believable research papers on mental illness as if it was real, another compliment. Don't underestimate the acting ability of psychiatrists, being able to look serious and telling their patients that mental illness is real, another compliment. In spite of all the evidence, psychiatry is still fooling the public that it is a legitimate profession, another compliment! To put yourself in charge of people's mental health evaluation in so many industry even law enforcement, when your responsible for causing mental illness, another compliment! To label other people deviant when your behavior would fit that description; you made the world look like a bunch of fools psychiatrists, another compliment! I have a solution for mental illness that psychiatry cause people to have and it works,  but psychiatry is making me spend my own money when psychiatry is "supposed" to appear caring about the mentally ill, another compliment! If psychiatry doesn't think my solution works then challenge me, another compliment for continuing the deception psychiatrists! Why won't psychiatry challenge me with so many compliments that I have given it? I would not mine if somebody decided to spread what I have written to all the psychiatrists in the world and let them respond to what has been written. Psychiatrists whose contribution to society is making people mentally ill that is what they do for a living. I have provided proof that cannot be disputed for the world to read, so where is law enforcement? What is the police commissioner doing these days? If you count how many people are affected by mental illness, don't you think it deserves to be a priority. It is written that "An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older about one in four adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year." [LocalCopy] So what crime is there in the USA that affect 26 percent of its population that is getting your attention? In the past you may NOT have the proper information but now you have that information and the law is still "acting" clueless. This is WHY I want as many people to be able to read and verify (You do not need to be a psychiatrist, doctor, etc, to test what I write because it is SO SIMPLE) what I write as possible because there is NO reason why the law is doing nothing about it. If I went through the normal channel of filing a complaint, it would have been dropped. This is how much psychiatry has terrorized anybody that would go against it. Why should the public have to suffer mental illness. SELF-PROTECTION can cure a host of problems from paranoia, depression, hallucination, etc....that psychiatry CANNOT cure.  Depression, do you have a reason to be depressed? Is there a physical reason why you are depressed? If you have a reason to be depressed than it is not mental illness, it is normal behavior. If you have no reason to be depressed than why are you depressed?  Practice SELF-PROTECTION if you have no reason to be depressed but feel depressed and feel better.

    There are dirty mayors, police commissioners, politicians, etc that we read about in the newspaper, so we just have to wait until somebody who isn't dirty to be in charge or we can decide to act on our own. Do you ever wonder how a SIMPLE solution to mental illness existed for so long YET nobody seem to "know" about it for such a long time? A scam like mental illness requires people and I am sure there are ALOT of people involved because mental illness seems to be "growing" in numbers requiring people to cause the illness. I would generally stay away from people who are PRO-psychiatry if I do not want to be made mentally ill. Do you think Nami really cares about the mentally ill? Here is what Nami says "Due in large part to generous individual, corporate, and foundation donations, NAMI is able to build on its success and continue to focus on three cornerstones of activity that offer hope, reform, and health to our American community: Awareness, Education, and Advocacy." So here is a CURE for mental illness because mental illness is a scam, so why didn't Nami know about it? Will people in Nami be out of a JOB? If Nami disagrees, then Nami can get a head of psychiatry to challenge me. What about the FBI Health Care Fraud Division: "The FBI's mission in this area is to oversee the FBI's health care fraud initiatives by providing national guidance and assistance to support health care fraud investigations targeting individuals and organizations who are defrauding the public and private health care systems." Does the FBI know how much the psychiatry profession has been DEFRAUDING the USA because mental illness is a SCAM and I found a SOLUTION that proves it. Please, tell the FBI what I am writing about; if the FBI disagrees, the FBI can get a head of psychiatry to challenge me. Is it so strange to question the people who are in charge and what reasons they have for allowing such a scam to continue for so long? Is there nobody in charge today that has the "balls" to bring what I have written to a reality? As I have said before, the psychiatry profession is like a domino, all it takes is somebody with "balls" to bring it down. I am not in charge but I have "balls" and information, so who is in charge today that has "balls"?  I am willing to risk even my life to expose this mental illness scam, all it takes for somebody in charge is to arrest these people. You don't have the "balls" to even do THAT?

    Psychiatry and its contribution to society is a negative. Let suppose it takes X dollars to make someone mentally ill. So we have spent X dollars to make someone mentally ill which contributes nothing to society. Then society needs to contribute X dollars to pay for the medications. We also have drug companies that spend X dollars to test the medications, produce the medications, advertise the medications, have people sell the medications. Because of psychiatry, there is a desire to over-drug their patients which costs society X dollars.  Lawyer takes on psychiatric industry for over-prescribing foster children  [LocalCopy] and  Pharmaceutical Giant Paid $500,000 to Psychiatrist Who Used Chicago's Poor as Guinea Pigs [LocalCopy] and Pfizer Inc.  must pay a $2.3 billion to settle allegations of unlawful prescription drug promotions and kickbacks as part of the largest nationwide Medicaid fraud settlement in history [LocalCopy] and The drug-dealing psychiatrist had been prescribing large amounts of addictive drugs such as Oxycontin, Vicodin and Xanax to seemingly young and healthy patients for $100 per prescription [LocalCopy] are articles that show the true nature of psychiatry which is to push people into taking pills. There are cases that due to over-medication prescribed will lead the patient to die. The Miami-Dade Medical Examiners Office attributed the death to a life-threatening side effect of over-medication [LocalCopy] The 12-year-old was  "prescribed 20 milligrams of Zyprexa, 800 milligrams of Seroquel the highest adult dose for both anti-psychotics." and The state medical board Friday suspended the license of a Tacoma psychiatrist after his alleged misuse of 13 medications over two months possibly caused the death of a 17-year-old girl [LocalCopy] are articles that show psychiatric medications are dangerous and do not CURE anyone but can cause death. Not only are psychiatrists involved in over-drugging their patients to make more money, they also falsify research data to make more money and think about those psychiatrists who have NOT been caught in their criminal acts. Jailed Psychiatrist Pleads Guilty and is Sentenced on Charges of Falsified Records of Clinical Trials Involving Children. [LocalCopy]  But we know that pills don't cure people of their mental illness. Some psychiatrists explore other avenue of treatment. Psychiatrist admits having sex with patient and calling it therapy.  [LocalCopy] and The Victorian Court of Appeal dismissed Leeks' case to the delight of the victim, who in 1979 and 1980 endured his undressing her, touching and licking her breasts and digitally penetrating her. [LocalCopy] So the profession again has been shown to be crooked and psychiatrists can use anything as "therapy" as long as the patient believe in it because mental illness is a scam. We also have researchers in the field who are paid X dollars to make up "research" to find causes of mental illness. Then because people are made mentally ill, society has to deal with them if they become homeless, criminals, jobless, suicidal, etc, which cost society X dollars. Some of the people who are driven mentally ill may have to be housed in mental institutions which cost society X dollars. Some of the people who are driven mentally ill may receive financial assistance from the government which costs X dollars. Then we have psychiatrists who contribute nothing to society because the illness that is treated is bogus. So the psychiatrists spend the X dollars they make while contributing nothing. Because not anyone can be a psychiatrist, they must go to school and some of them would get X dollars in financial aids or scholarship to be trained in the bogus profession of psychiatry and their whole educational cost whether fully funded by the government or partially resulted in producing nothing for the society. Because of their position as mental health experts, they may be able to interact with patients that a normal person would not be able to which resulted in them being able to commit crimes such as molesting children who are their patients [LocalCopy] and 39-year-old psychiatrist and former Ascension Episcopal High School counselor has been arrested in Hattiesburg for allegedly enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity. [LocalCopy] and An 80-year-old former psychiatrist who raped two of his patients, including a heavily pregnant woman, will serve at least eight years in jail. [LocalCopy] and  At least 10% of psychiatrists admit to sexually abusing their patients: In America, that's at least 4,500 rapes and, internationally, more than 15,000 rapes which cost society X dollars. As mental health experts, shouldn't their behavior be more "civilized"?  A Las Vegas psychiatrist convicted on charges stemming from masturbation in a Strip casino elevator. [LocalCopy] and A London-based psychiatrist accused of masturbating in front of three women has been found guilty of exposing himself. [LocalCopy] Because their behavior is not civilized, society has to "clean" their mess up which costs X dollars. Does this psychiatrist's philosophy strike you as a "mental health expert"? Bickelhaupt wrote an email to a nurse stating that getting drunk and high was his only interest and he wanted to share the process with friends socially, at no cost to them. [LocalCopy] A computer technician would be able to repair his broken PC, a dermatologist would be able to handle his dermatological issues, etc. So being "mental health experts" why aren't they able to handle their own psychological issues? It is because the psychiatry profession is a scam.  "What's the most suicidal occupation? I won't venture an opinion for the world of work overall, but among health-care types it may well be shrinks. In a study of 18,730 physician deaths from 1967 to 1972 (men and women), psychiatrists accounted for 7 percent of the total but 12 percent of the 593 suicides (source: Rich et al., cited above). [LocalCopy] So why is there even a 12% suicide rate for psychiatrists at all? Shouldn't it be closer to 0% suicide rate for psychiatrists because they specialize in "mental health"? It is because the profession is a scam that is why they cannot save themselves. Besides suicide, psychiatrists also commit murder.  Sydney psychiatrist, twice found guilty of an execution-style killing [LocalCopy] because the psychiatrist had "resentment and anger" and Koura psychiatrist shoots woman and her family, then himself. [LocalCopy] and The family of a woman killed by her psychiatrist husband in 1987 is disgusted he was later able to be reregistered to practise. [LocalCopy] So being a "mental health expert", why didn't the psychiatrist deal better with his mental issues but instead murder someone? The psychiatry profession is a scam as I keep saying. There are books, journals, magazines, devoted to psychiatry wasting people's time since the profession is bogus which costs society X dollars. There are people who are anti-psychiatry HAVING to waste their time trying to make people aware what a crooked profession psychiatry is which costs society X dollars. There are courses relating to psychiatry, even when the students have no interest in becoming a psychiatrist, that they would register for, wasting their time which costs society X dollars. There are organizations like NAMI that are put in place to "help" mentally ill people which would cost society X dollars. There are also people who because of being made mentally ill cannot work, so society LOST X dollars that could have resulted if they worked which would be legitimate LABOR, producing real products. As times goes by, because of mental illness, society that is most taken by the SCAM becomes poorer due to labor that resulted in producing nothing for the society except mentally ill people. The LABOR that should be used to produce legitimate products is instead used to continue the mental illness scam. So society lost legitimate LABOR from those made mentally ill and received illegitimate LABOR from those involved in the mental illness scam directly or indirectly(When a person is being driven insane, the outcome could be suicide or murder resulting in society having to deal with the death and that is LABOR that should not have to occur or an individual that contributes financially to an organization like NAMI which instead, could be contributed to some other organization dealing with a real illness instead; etc) which adds to a large sum of LOST X dollars. There are different part of society that is absorbing the SCAM, and one part of society that is absorbing the cost that should be obvious would be in medical care as the cost continue to rise. If we slash away mental illness care, the cost of medical care would be much lower. When government needs funding in bad times, it can cut cost or raise taxes, so legitimate services would be cut or taxes would be increased or both, more than usual, due again to LABOR that produce nothing for society. Psychiatry is like a parasite that feeds on society but society is still large enough to absorb its feeding but why SHOULD society allow psychiatry to feed off of it. Some countries are operating in financial deficit so it does not make sense not to try and eliminate what is causing the deficit and one such cause of the deficit is the mental illness scam which adds up to quite a large sum of X dollars. For countries that are operating in non-deficit, they can be much wealthier eliminating the mental illness scam. Each case of mental illness represents a NEGATIVE to society. If you represent society, and psychiatry is feeding off of you while CONTRIBUTING nothing, don't you just want to destroy psychiatry? Even though a person may not be directly affected by the mental illness scam, he is still being SCAMMED. I am spending my time and resources to bring attention to the mental illness scam. It is tough trying to bring down an organized scam of this magnitude, even Chinese people are being used against me. But I am doing this for those made mentally ill. Money talks and the SCAM is making a lot of people in it money. It would not be surprising that those in the mental illness SCAM are aware and actively trying to ruin me but that is a price that a person has to paid. I have offered is so many ways for the psychiatry profession to come clean but the profession is crooked. Despite my open challenge to the psychiatry industry to help end the mental illness scam, the psychiatry profession is still afraid to challenge me. Psychiatry is WORST than a common thief because it is creating a negative effect in many area of society; just by following the path of when a person is made mentally ill and the LABOR involved, one can trace the negative effect. Even when the players involved in the mental illness scam contribute back in the form of taxes, it DOES NOT make up what they have STOLEN from society because the LABOR involved should have never occur which makes their LABOR a negative to society. When you see a psychiatrist, ask him or her how much BLOOD MONEY have you made this year? Point him or her to this website. Then the psychiatrist's REAL blood money is the income he made minus the taxes he paid on the income and for such an income, society suffered greatly. So what we have is a depleting society thanks to psychiatry.  So if you are made mentally ill and SELF-PROTECTION works for you, you are STILL entitled to apply for benefit from the government because the government refuse to end mental illness and psychiatry say there is NO cure to mental illness. So, play the hand that psychiatry has dealt to you. Apply for 
all the benefit that you can because you were MADE mentally ill until the government decides to STOP recognizing mental illness. You are the VICTIM of being made mentally ill so why should you have to suffer more.  The depletion 
of society will still be blamed on psychiatry not YOU! You also can seek legal remedy now or wait until the mental illness scam ends and seek legal remedy. The mental illness scam cannot continue indefinitely.. The depletion of society will still be blamed on psychiatry not YOU!

    Here is one of my favorite saying again: It is said that those in power can trash the truth but the truth will still be there. I HAVE been telling everyone to inform any law enforcement agency about what I am saying AND I have YET to receive anything that is against what I am saying. So I repeat myself again, look what I am saying, how come nobody can do anything LEGALLY to me? It is because I am right; mental illness is a "created" illness, making it a scam. I get asked if I belong to Scientology and the answer is, I have not committed myself to a religion. So I repeat myself again, if what I am saying isn't TRUE, why don't anybody do anything LEGALLY to me? It's all TRUE.

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