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TLB Preface: The Liberty Beacon project is proud and very fortunate to have an individual of such integrity and moral standards as Christina England participating in this project. Her dedication to her research and level of professionalism is easily among the best to be found today.

The information Christina has made available to supporters of this project is vital in educating them on the dangers of vaccines as well as the corruption and complicity we must all struggle against in the battle to keep ourselves and those we care for safe in this convoluted world we live in today.

What we present below is an outstanding interview conducted with Christina by the Alliance for Natural Health Europe. TLB highly recommends you visit their website for more great/pertinent articles and information.


ANH-Intl Feature: An Interview by the

Alliance for Natural Health Europe

Interview Conducted by: Adam Smith

Vaccination is once again in the news, courtesy of new and ongoing revelations over links between the MMR vaccine and autism. In truth, it would be more accurate to say that vaccination is once again in the alternative news, given the shameful absence of mainstream media interest in the story. While mainstream ‘journalists’ appear content to regurgitate government and pharma press releases on vaccination, collect their pay cheques and look the other way, it’s left to those working outside the ailing traditional media to tell the full story. Enter British journalist, Christina England.  Since being falsely accused of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) after linking developmental problems in her foster children to vaccine side effects, she’s worked for many years researching false allegations of child abuse in different parts of the world, including the possible role of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in childhood disorders, such as autism. She’s also delved deep into the netherworld of shaken baby syndrome – or SBS – and dared to suggest that some cases may be down to misidentified vaccine-induced encephalitis. Accordingly, she’s been called a child murderer and accused of wanting to free all child killers from prison – all for telling the stories that lie behind official silence and propaganda.

ANH-Intl’s Adam Smith caught up with Christina in this exclusive interview.

ANH: What inspired your passionate interest in vaccination issues, Christina?

Christina: In the 1990s, I adopted two disabled children, who I wanted to help and give a family to. Everybody deserves to be part of a family where they are loved and cared for, but a lot of disabled children are left on the scrapheap, due to their overwhelming physical challenges. My parents had fostered and I’d always been around foster children when I was growing up. Both boys had been diagnosed with global developmental delay and were classified as ‘unadoptable’ due to their age and disabilities – which is unacceptable as far as I’m concerned! One of the boys was particularly difficult to care for because of various issues. I was told it was because of ‘attachment issues’, and that if I gave him plenty of love and attention things would change. I later found out that he had ADHD and autism, so things weren’t going to change.

According to notes written in his foster-care, diary he’d reacted to his MMR vaccine at 13 months: he was very lethargic and grizzly the day he had the vaccine, and later developed very severe diarrhoea. I didn’t know much about vaccines at this point, although I was suspicious of the whooping-cough vaccine as I knew children personally who’d been damaged by it. When I persevered with trying to have his educational and health issues met, I was falsely accused of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) [of which she was later medically cleared – Ed.] and was blamed for all the illnesses and disabilities that both children had before I’d even met them – including the mobility problems! [Click here for a fascinating series of articles on MSBP].

ANH: That must have been an incredibly challenging period of your life. How did you get through it?

Christina: I got through because of the skills and dedication of one of most talented professionals that I’d ever met! During the investigations, I was introduced to psychologist and specialist in autism Dr Lisa Blakemore-Brown.  If it hadn’t been for her exonerating me, my life might have been very different indeed. I certainly wouldn’t have my children today! I’ve never met anyone with as much insight as Lisa; she’s a fantastic professional who can get completely onto the same level as an autistic child.

Lisa taught me a lot about vaccination. She was the first professional to link vaccines, autism and MSBP in 1995, for which she was attacked in much the same way as Dr [Andrew] Wakefield. The British Psychological Society (BPS) held a closed Fitness To Practice hearing on the back of a few complaints, at which I was one of only two witnesses. They accused Lisa of paranoia and, although she won all her hearings, mud sticks – no-one would touch her afterwards. As a result, she lost her house and everything she owned, she almost went bankrupt and her daughter had two brain haemorrhages [which she attributes as being] due to the stress. But she’s still practising in the field of autism. I can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but I’m working on a book at the moment with Lucija Tomljenovich PhD that will expose the full story about Lisa. And Dr Wakefield! Plenty of the same characters are involved in both stories.

ANH: You run two websites yourself and you write for various others – can you tell us more about those, please?

Christina:  One of my own websites is called Profitable Harm, which is about the pros and cons of vaccinations, along with adverse reactions to vaccinations and certain prescription drugs. My other site is called Parents And Carers Against Medical Injustice, the aim of which is to collect together all the available information on false accusations of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) and MSBP. More and more parents are being falsely accused under these labels and they currently have to search all over the Internet for information.

My writing can be found on, The Liberty Beacon, [Anna Rodgers’ site]Miss Eco Glam,, the Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (VRAN), Living Wisdom magazine, The Informed Parent and others. 

ANH: Why are you particularly concerned about shaken baby syndrome and its links to vaccination?

Christina: When I first came to this, I didn’t want to cover false accusations because I was so hurt by my own experience, which I’m writing about in my new book in order to heal and move on. But cases of SBS kept approaching me after they couldn’t get help elsewhere, and thought that maybe a journalist could help them. I currently know of five parents who are in prison and two who are presently on trial: one set of parents are being tried for murder in South Africa, and the other is a young lady accused of seriously damaging her little boy. I’d particularly like to mention a man named Bryant Arroyo, who’s been locked up for the past 20 years in the US for murdering his little boy. He’s a lovely person whose child clearly had an autoimmune disease, but he’s been found guilty and given life without parole. In every one of these seven cases, the parents speak of how ill their children became following vaccination. The symptoms are quite consistent: reflux every time, usually a high-pitched scream and the child often falls unconscious.  When the child is examined at hospital, however, they always find one or more of the triad symptoms of SBS [subdural haematoma (bleeding in the brain), retinal haemorrhage and cerebral oedema].

I’ve since learned that the triad can be caused by many different things, one of which is an adverse reaction to vaccination. Tissue scurvy, for example, or Kawasaki disease, has a presentation of bruising, bite-like marks and marks that look like cigarette burns – but it’s caused by breakdown of the tissue. It’s similar to, but not the same as, seafarer’s scurvy as there’s an abundance of vitamin C in the blood, but the vitamin C can’t get into the cells and tissues so they start to break down. This accounts for the bruising and, in some cases, broken bones as well. The liver becomes very swollen and diseased while the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, which helps the vitamin C get into cells from the blood.

Dr Michael Innis has written some fantastic papers on this. He’s also providing evidence in two cases in England and Scotland, one of which is a lad who’s been sent to prison for life for shaking his little girl to death, but the blood tests prove it was tissue scurvy. She had liver disease and a lowered insulin level. And not only that, but her problems occurred very soon after she had received the MMR vaccine. Unfortunately, most doctors can’t see beyond this triad and immediately accuse the parents of child abuse. And if the parents mention vaccination, they’ll definitely get accused – but I’ve never come across a case of SBS that hasn’t been vaccinated. If anyone reading this knows of one, please get in touch!

ANH: Why do you think that governments and health authorities worldwide push vaccines so relentlessly, despite mounting evidence of harm and lack of efficacy?

Christina: Financial gain and control, basically. From the point of view of the pharmaceutical companies, they’re perfectly happy for kids to need drugs and medication for the rest of their lives. Making people healthy isn’t part of their business model! As for control, I’ve just published an article – although it’s more of a research paper really! – on the links between vaccinations and infertility.

I also believe that autism is being deliberately caused. Some of the biggest global IT companies are now purposely recruiting autistic adults, which makes sense due to their abilities in things like maths, repetitive tasks and attention to fine details – plus they do what they’re told. One company has even recruited an entirely autistic workforce. 

ANH: You wrote some explosive articles last year on the meningitis vaccination programme in Chad.  Tell us more.

Christina: That story came about by accident. I got an email out of the blue from a guy in the capital of Chad, N’Djamena, saying that 50 children had been paralysed by an experimental meningitis vaccine and would I write a story on it? I said, “Only if you can prove it.” He sent me a copy of a print-only, French-language Chadian newspaper that covered the story, which happened in a village called Gouro. Five hundred children had been herded into a school and force-vaccinated with a meningitis A vaccine – even though there had never been a single case of meningitis in Gouro. It turned out that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was behind the vaccination programme, working with Serum Institute of India on a vaccine, called MenAfriVac, that could operate outside the refrigeration ‘cold chain’. There are obvious advantages for this kind of vaccine in a hot, desert area like Chad. Other major players included PATH, the CDC, the WHO, UNICEF and GAVI.

The children were very sick indeed. They had seizures that were so violent that five nurses had to hold them down. A total of 106 became ill, but only 50 were taken to hospital in N’Djamena – where they were visited by Chad’s Prime Minister – while the others were left in their village. Their paralysis and seizures were officially put down to mass hysteria[see this week’s News Alerts for another example of mass hysteria being blamed for vaccination harm], and eventually they were dumped back in their village and their parents given $1,000 hush money. The Chadian Prime Minister and Minister of Health were later quietly replaced, apparently because the story had leaked out. 

ANH: Where do you see the vaccine debate and policy going in the next few years?

Christina: The establishment is so desperate for things to stay as they are, they’ll do anything in their power to destroy anyone who speaks out about it. That’s why I didn’t register with the National Union of Journalists. But more and more parents are going to become aware, ask questions and refuse to take the vaccines in favour of natural healthcare, and I don’t know where that will leave the vaccine manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry. 

End note

We are aware of the extreme controversy surrounding some of the issues with which Christina is involved.  That’s because much of the information she reveals is dramatically at odds with the picture painted by mainstream medicine, healthcare authorities, the mass media and the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry – all of which control the majority of information.

ANH-Europe Homepage
ANH-Europe Vaccine Choice campaign page

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Joan & Derek Bye

Preface by Show Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

We have all watched movies with a plot strikingly similar to this scenario, but for most of us, things like this just don’t happen in real life. Except for two grieving parents, it did, and the story reads and sounds just like something straight out of a Alfred Hitchcock horror novel.

Unsolicited or forced medical experimentation and lack of accountability seem to be on the rise across the industrialized world. Cover ups, hidden research data and massive harm are scenarios TLB reports on more every day … and the true evil of the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma becomes more blatantly apparent as time marches forward.

The real life horror story you are about to learn of takes place over decades and, if you are human, will burden your heart. Please read as Christina lays the foundations for the recorded show below, Then listen as Joan and Derek Bye tell you in their own words what a trip to hell … is really like!


Drugs Trial Kills an Innocent Child: Two Welsh Hospitals Cover-Up Her Death by Butchering Her Body

By TLB Staff Writer and Show Co-Host: Christina England

Helenor ByeHelenor Bye was just twelve years old when she was experimented on and killed in a drug trial carried out in Wales in 1977. In a bid to cover up the truth, the hospital butchered her little body and stole her organs, telling her parents that she was still alive. Today, three decades on, her parents are still fighting for justice for their beloved daughter, who, just weeks before she died, had presented a bouquet of flowers to the Queen.

A Brief Synopsis of This Tragic Story

In July 1977, a few days after playing in a public paddling pool, Helenor Bye became ill and was taken to Bridgend Hospital by her parents, Derek and Joan Bye, with a suspected bladder infection. Dr. Trevor Hyfyn Jones, the paediatrician treating Helenor, arranged for her to have an IVP, (an intravenous pyelogram), telling her parents it was normal procedure, to find out if there were any underlying problem with Helenor’s kidneys. What her parents did not know was this procedure was very dangerous and could lead to serious side effects.

Within hours, Helenor became seriously ill and her parents were advised by the general practitioners (GP) to take Helenor back to Bridgend Hospital. At the hospital, Helenor’s condition quickly deteriorated, and despite the couple’s desperate pleas, Helenor did not receive any treatment.

Mr. Bye alerted the doctors to the possibility of inflammation of the brain and asked for an EEG to be done as soon as possible. The hospital’s response was cold and harsh and he was rudely informed that this would take weeks to arrange.

A Deadly Diagnosis

Helenor remained in the hospital for a total of five days, at which point her parents were told to take their daughter home. When Mr. and Mrs. Bye asked what was wrong with their daughter, no one was able to give them a satisfactory answer. Instead, they were ordered to carry on giving their daughter the drug Epilim (sodium valproate) to control their daughter’s epileptic condition?!!

When Mr. and Mrs Bye tried to argue with the doctors and insist that their daughter was not epileptic, the hospital told them that if they did not continue with her prescribed treatment, Helenor would be removed from their care and placed in the care of the state.

Faced with the prospect of losing their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bye requested a second medical opinion, but this request was denied under the threat of intimidation. The Bye family left the hospital after Dr. Jones reluctantly agreed to monitor Helenor’s progress on a monthly basis. Dr. Jones only agreed to this, however, if the Bye family agreed to maintain a dosage of 800 mg of Epilim per day, telling them that it would be dangerous to withdraw the drug or to stop it instantly.

It was not revealed until 24 years later that during her five-day stay in hospital, Helenor had been prescribed Valium and Mogadon and taken to Glanrhyd Hospital for a full EEG examination which was grossly abnormal.

Forced to Watch Their Daughter Die an Agonizing Death

Mr. and Mrs. Bye said that from this point, they watched their beloved daughter Helenor progressively deteriorate as she began to suffer the horrendous side effects of Epilim. Within weeks, Helenor began to suffer from sleeplessness and coordination problems. Despite this and the fact that Helenor had lost a lot of weight due to continuous vomiting, the pediatrician advised her parents that these side effects were nothing to worry about and that her body was adjusting to the medication.

The truth was that Helenor was slowly being poisoned to death and her symptoms were an early sign that she was extremely ill, something that should have been obvious to Dr. Jones, had he read the product insert for sodium valproate (Epilim).

Instead of recognizing the documented adverse reactions to Epilim, however, Dr. Jones decided to blame Helenor’s severe weight loss on the slimming disease, anorexia nervosa (eating disorder in the US), and psychiatric problems.

On Friday, April 21, 1978, Helenor, emaciated and weighing a mere three-and-a-half stone, was taken back into Bridgend Hospital, with Epilim poisoning. Dr. Jones, obviously realizing his error, immediately withdrew the drug, sending the severely underweight, ill, little girl into a state of status epilepticus (a dangerous condition in which epileptic fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them).

Over the next three days, Helenor slipped in and out of a coma and was eventually transferred to a hospital in Cardiff where she was taken to intensive care.

Dr. Corrie Weaver informed Mr. and Mrs. Bye that Helenor was dangerously ill and that they were doing their utmost to save Helenor’s life. She informed them that, in order to save her life, they needed to take biopsies from Helenor’s liver, kidneys and brain and asked Mr. and Mrs. Bye to sign the authorization documents.

It was later discovered that Helenor had already died on her way to the hospital and these forms were actually authorizing the removal of her vital organs from her body, thus removing all the evidence of foul play on the part of either hospital.

Tonight, Mr. Derek Bye and his wife, Joan, tell their harrowing story to Roger Landry and I on a The Liberty Beacon Special … Please listen below.


Please understand this show was recorded between England and northern Montana (USA), and although the sound is not always studio quality … you will never be at a loss to understand the conversation.

Click on the TLB Radio Logo to hear recorded show.

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TLB would like to once again thanks Christina England for her vital role in this project!

Pediatrician giving a three month baby girl  intramuscular injection in arm. Child looking anxiously at a doctor

Contributed to TLB by: Health Impact News and Vaccine Impact

Health Impact News Editor Brian Shilhavy Comments:

Since Health Impact News started the website in late 2014, we have reported on numerous stories where children are taken away from loving families simply because evidence was found of broken bones or other skeletal trauma. More and more research is coming out showing that other medical conditions can cause this trauma besides “shaken baby syndrome,” and it is not necessarily a sign of child abuse.

Some of these children have specific genetic markers that make them more prone to these types of injuries, such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Osteogenesis Imperfecta. These types of genetic disorders are said to be “inherited,” but their rise in incidence leads an honest person to seek other causes besides genetics, as the whole field of epigenetics has shown us in recent years that genetic changes can occur due to external and environmental factors as well.

Since the rise of these genetic disorders also coincides with the increase of vaccines being added to the infant vaccine schedule, I asked Christina England to research this issue and give me a report. Her findings are reported below.

The U.S. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays out many millions of dollars to individuals and families who have suffered vaccine injuries and deaths. Yet research as to why certain children are more susceptible to vaccine adverse reactions is never carried out. Instead, state lawmakers all across the U.S. are attempting to remove vaccine exemptions in a one-size-fits-all approach to public vaccination policy.

With pharmaceutical companies enjoying legal immunity from producing dangerous vaccines, where is the motivation to research and develop safer vaccines? What will it take to slow down the rapidly increasing pace of developing new vaccines, and spend some time and research on making existing vaccines better? How many more children must be sacrificed for the “greater good”?

Perhaps it is time for Congress to re-consider the appropriateness of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which gives pharmaceutical companies a liability-free market for vaccines, and no incentive to make those vaccines safer. The U.S. ranks near the bottom of most childhood health categories among wealthy nations, and leads those nations in the number of vaccines in the childhood vaccine schedule.

Could Vaccinations Be Responsible for Altering Our Genes?

By: Christina England

In recent years, doctors have seen a rise in the number of children suffering from genetic conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This has caused many to question whether or not the rising number of vaccinations could be to blame.

While to the majority of us this sounds more like science fiction than reality, others have embraced this possibility as both of these conditions are connected with gene mutation which has been linked to vaccinations.

Another worrying factor is the fact that a growing number of parents have reported that their child was fit and healthy prior to receiving their vaccinations and that they have only developed these conditions after being vaccinated.

Examining the Facts

Classic Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is a heritable connective tissue disorder characterized by skin hyperextensibility (skin that can be stretched much more than normal skin), fragile and soft skin, delayed wound healing with formation of atrophic scars, easy bruising, and generalized joint hypermobility (sometimes referred to as being double-jointed).

According to the website Genetics Home Reference – Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions, certain mutations in the ADAMTS2, COL1A1, COL1A2, COL3A1, COL5A1, COL5A2, PLOD1, and TNXB genes are responsible for causing Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Some of these genes (COL1A1, COL1A2, COL3A1, COL5A1, and COL5A2) provide instructions for making proteins that are used to assemble different types of collagen. Collagens are molecules that give structure and strength to connective tissues throughout the body. Other genes (ADAMTS2, PLOD1, and TNXB) provide instructions for making proteins that process or interact with collagen.

Mutations that cause the different forms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome disrupt the structure, production, or processing of collagen, preventing these molecules from being assembled properly. These defects weaken connective tissues in the skin, bones, and other parts of the body, resulting in the characteristic features of this condition.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a genetic disorder causing the bones to break very easily because genetic defects prevents the body from producing strong, healthy bones. Gene mutation is also responsible for the genetic condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is sometimes referred to as brittle bones syndrome.

On the website Genetics Home Reference – Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions, they state:

Mutations in the COL1A1, COL1A2, CRTAP, and P3H1 genes cause Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Mutations in the COL1A1 and COL1A2 genes are responsible for more than 90 percent of all cases of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. These genes provide instructions for making proteins that are used to assemble type I collagen. This type of collagen is the most abundant protein in bone, skin, and other connective tissues that provide structure and strength to the body.

Are Vaccines Causing Our Genes to Mutate?

Although both of these conditions are said to be inherited, an unusually high number of parents are reporting that their child only developed these conditions after they had been vaccinated. If this is true, could it be because their children already had the genetic markers for these conditions and the vaccinations simply prompted their bodies to develop the full-blown disorder?

Mr. Lloyd W. Phillips believes that this is exactly what is happening. In a study titled Four Year Study and Analysis of Adverse Reactions to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine, published by Americans Disabled by Vaccines, he explained that when children with the genetic marker for EDS were vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Gardasil, many of them developed full-blown EDS.

Phillips wrote:

Hypermobility as a Risk Factor

Hypermobility, a symptom of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Type 3, was observed in the majority of our study group. It should be further noted that follow-up questioning of some of the families who originally reported that their daughter did not have obvious signs of Hypermobility, now stated that siblings of the vaccine-affected child did show signs of Ehlers-Danlos in the form of Hypermobility.

He continued:

Physical Activity as a Risk Factor for an Adverse Vaccine Reaction

We observed that children who appeared to be VERY healthy prior to receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine and were the most physically active following the vaccination (heavily used leg muscles and participated in sports, cheerleading, dancing, biking, skating, or other physical activity), suffered the most sever debilitating symptoms, including gait disturbances and an inability to walk, was possibly due to the increased distribution of the vaccine throughout their body due to increased circulation resulting from exercise and a more efficient cardiovascular system. These girls also complained more of chest pain, centered around the heart. Doctors and Hospitals almost universally refused to investigate or follow up on these patient complaints, but instead administered pregnancy and drug tests, before dismissing these patients with a typical diagnosis of “Conversion Disorder.”

In the simplified version of his paper, Phillips explained this further in the following statement:

A Frenchman by the name of Ramon noticed that if you gave an aluminum containing vaccine to a horse that had an infection, it made the immune system produce a an unpredictably high amount of antibodies. Unfortunately for ancestors of many Irish, Swedes, Scotts, English, French, Danes, and other Northern and Western European ancestry, people with certain genetic mutations can harbor many more pathogens, and they rarely appear to get sick … UNTIL THEY GET A VACCINATION. The vaccine starts fighting every virus, bacteria, and bug they’ve ever had in their life, including dormant germs that they thought were killed a long time ago.

Mr. Phillips continued by explaining that vaccinations were designed for perfectly healthy individuals, with perfectly intact immune systems, with no genetic mutations.

However, as many of us are aware, in reality, this is virtually impossible because there are literally millions of genetic mutations and if a child has been vaccinated from day one with the hepatitis B vaccine, the chances are they no longer have an intact immune system. See Vaccines and Immune Suppression for more details.

If vaccinations are prompting the bodies of children with the genetic markers for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to develop the condition, could the same be said for Osteogenesis Imperfecta?

I ask this because during research I discovered a paper titled Pediatrics in Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma, written by Robert Kendall Endres, MD, in 2009. According to Dr. Endres, cases of the genetic condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta have risen at an alarming rate since the early part of the 20th century.

In the first half of the 20th Century, 20-60 cases had been reported. After the JAMA article in 1962, there were 10,000 cases, in 1976 about 669,000, and in 1978, some 836,000 cases were reported. It has been estimated that there were three million cases worldwide in 1992 and, in 2000, some 4 million had been reported. (See pages 77/78.)

This huge increase in the number of cases being reported appears to coincide with the increase in the numbers of vaccinations being given to young children. Of course, this may be purely coincidental, but when this data is linked to the work of Dr. David Ayoub and Dr. Edward Yazab on False Accusations of SBS, it does make you wonder. (See: Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?)

Further Evidence Comes to Light Explaining Gene Mutation

In a paper written by Dr. Harold E. Buttram, MD; Susan Kreider, RN; and Alan R. Yurko titled Vaccines and Genetic Mutation, the authors explained that they have discovered evidence to suggest that genetic changes are being found in patients who have recently had adverse reactions to vaccines, and they are suggesting a causal link.

Their paper discussed the work of John Martin, PhD, MD; Howard B Urnovitz, PhD; and Dr. MG Montinari. They made it clear that while they were not an authority in the field of genetics or immunology, they believed that non-experts could take a more objective view of the material they were studying and continued by writing the following:

What we do hope to establish from the work of these researchers is that it is both possible and plausible that subtle, widespread genetic changes may be taking place as a result of current childhood vaccine programs, possibly already affecting large portions of our children.

Dr. Buttram and his team continued:

The work of Urnovitz places a serious light on the implications of vaccines in bringing about genetic alterations. Our parents provide our genetic blueprints at birth, but this raw genetic material now appears to be malleable to environmental influences, including toxic chemicals and vaccines. Based on the foregoing information it is both possible and plausible that genetic translocations are taking place as a result of vaccines. Surely this is a credible cause for concern.

In their conclusion, Dr. Buttram and his team called the genetic changes caused by vaccines the “black hole of scientific knowledge” and wrote:

Even if it is taking place, do we have the technology to identify it, and if not, do we have the time to await the slow processes of science to prove such a relationship?

Studies from Africa, England, Sweden, and New Zealand have consistently shown a greater incidence of allergic problems such as asthma and eczema, along with increasing patterns of sickness, among fully vaccinated children as compared to those with limited or no vaccines. It seems inconceivable to us that health could be one thing and genetics another, or that these patterns of deteriorating health would not be accompanied by corresponding genetic changes.

Could their work, along with the other papers that we have discussed, begin to explain why so many seemingly healthy children are developing potentially life-threatening genetic disorders rarely seen before the increased vaccination schedule?

Conclusion – Genetic Research Desperately Needed for Safer Vaccines

Although we cannot conclusively prove that vaccinations are causing children to develop these genetic disorders, it does seem to be extremely likely, especially when we consider that all these studies point to the fact that vaccinations are causing our genes to mutate and change.

Surely all of our children should be screened for more of these conditions at birth, before they receive their first vaccinations. This may prevent vulnerable children who have genetic markers for these conditions from developing these potentially life-threatening genetic disorders after they have been vaccinated.

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TLB recommends you visit Health Impact News & Vaccine Impact for more pertinent articles and information.

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Image from “The Syndrome” film.

Contributed to TLB by: Health Impact News and Vaccine Impact

Health Impact News Editor Brian Shilhavy Comments:

One of the true travesties of justice in modern society is the medical profession’s refusal to acknowledge vaccine injuries. While U.S. law forces the government to pay out damages to vaccine injuries and deaths in a special federal vaccine court that was setup to protect the manufacturers of vaccines from any legal liabilities, medical professionals continue to deny the existence of vaccine injuries, and therefore research to learn how to help vaccine damaged children is never funded nor conducted.

The fact that the child autism rate has skyrocketed from a rate of 1 out of every 10,000 children to 1 out of every 50 in the past few years, and is still climbing, is a national tragedy as the science linking vaccines to autism is covered up or ignored.

But how much more of a travesty of justice is it when a child is harmed by vaccines resulting in brittle bones, and then the parents are put in prison for a false diagnosis of “Shaken Baby Syndrome,” while the real criminals go free and continue harming other children with their faulty medical products? These medical criminals can never be sued for damages in a court of law in the U.S., and therefore have no motivation at all to produce safe products. The U.S. government is the largest purchaser of childhood vaccines buying $4 billion worth of vaccines, giving the pharmaceutical companies a guaranteed market for their products.

And now, today in 2015, lawmakers in states like California are pushing to make these liability-free vaccines mandatory by removing parental exemptions. But if a child is found with broken bones due to a vaccine-induced brittle bone condition, the parent is the one who risks going to jail, not the manufacturer of the vaccine, nor the medical professional who administered it.


Watch Out, You Could be Jailed for Vaccinating Your Child

By: Christina England
Health Impact News

As more and more men and women face lengthy prison sentences after being accused of inducing shaken baby syndrome (SBS), questions are being asked as to whether or not this syndrome actually exists. While some professionals appear to be in no doubt that the syndrome does exist, others are beginning to question the syndrome’s authenticity.

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

When a medical professional suspects that a baby has been violently shaken, they will examine them for the “triad” of injuries associated with SBS. These are subdural haematomas (bleeds inside the brain), retinal haemorrhages (bleeds behind the eyes) and cerebral edema (swelling or inflammation inside the brain).

Whilst a large percentage of the medical establishment continues to embrace the SBS diagnosis, others have become critical and maintain that the violent shaking of a young child is not the only cause of the triad of injuries.

Mounting evidence suggests that these injuries can also occur after short falls, illnesses such as encephalitis and meningitis, birth trauma, vitamin deficiencies and genetic illnesses such as brittle bone syndrome. These causes are identified on the British Medical Journal’s online guide, Best Practice: Abusive Head Trauma in Infants, and on the website Parents and Carers Against Medical Injustice.

How Did This Tragedy Begin?

Dr. Norman Guthkelch, a retired neurosurgeon, wrote the first description of Shaken Baby Syndrome in 1971.

In his paper Infantile Subdural Haematoma and Its Relationship to Whiplash Injuries, he discussed 23 cases of strongly suspected parental assault on children under the age of three and concluded that:

It has been shown that there is a discrepancy between the frequency of subdural hematoma occurring in battered children and of the same condition complicating head injuries of other origin, the incidence in the former being unexpectedly high, though in most of those in whom there was no actual skull fracture there was not even clear evidence of the application of direct violence to the head. This suggests that when the head is not the main target of attack the likely mechanism of production of the hematoma is one in which repeated sheering strains of one sort or another are applied to the cranial contents.

It follows that since all cases of infantile subdural hematoma are best assumed to be traumatic unless proved otherwise it would be unwise to disregard the possibility that one of these has been caused by serious violence, repetition of which may prove fatal, simply on the basis that there are no gross fractures or other radiological bone changes in the limbs, nor any fractures of the skull.

One year later, in 1972, pediatric radiologist John Caffey wrote a second paper titled On the Theory and Practice of Shaking Infants, in which he stated:

During the last 25 years substantial evidence, both manifest and circumstantial, has gradually accumulated which suggests that the whiplash-shaking and jerking of abused infants are common causes of the skeletal as well as the cerebrovascular lesions; the latter is the most serious acute complication and by far the most common cause of early death.

Today we invite your attention to the evidence which supports our concept that the whiplash-shaking and jerking of infants are frequently pathogenic and often result in grave permanent damage to infantile brains and eyes. We shall also point out that potentially pathogenic whip-lash-shaking is practiced commonly in a wide variety of ways, under a wide variety of circumstances, by a wide variety of persons, for a wide variety of reasons.

By merely suggesting that these injuries could be the result of child abuse, the Shaken Baby Syndrome was born and Caffey is now believed to be the first person to identify the syndrome. However, not all medical professionals agree with his theories and many have since stated that it is physically impossible to cause the triad of injuries by merely shaking a child.

Over the years, biomechanics experts worldwide have questioned the validity of the SBS theory. They believe that the mere shaking of a baby cannot cause such injuries. In an attempt to demonstrate this, biomechanic specialist and expert witness Dr. John Lloyd attempted to evaluate various infant shaking techniques in a bid to prove that shaking an infant alone cannot cause the triad of injuries associated with SBS. Obviously, he was unable to use a real baby to test out his theories; however, he was able to use his son, Kieran, to demonstrate one aspect of his experiment.

Dr. Lloyd wrote:

Shaking events were investigated using both the NCSBS doll and CRABI mannequin. These tasks included: Resuscitative shaking in the flexion-extension plane, Resuscitative shaking in about yaw axis, Harmful shaking, and (iv) Gravity assisted shaking.

Pediatric Activities of Daily Living (PADL) were explored primarily using the CRABI biofidelic mannequin. These activities included: pushing infant in various strollers over smooth and uneven surfaces; walking and running on treadmill while holding the infant in a baby carrier; swinging infant in powered cradle; burping – both back slap and up/down shaking techniques; rough play – throw up in the air and catch; bouncing infant on knee; hitching infant up on the hip; consoling behavior; and swinging back and forth. Additionally, the author’s son, Kieran Lloyd, shared his enthusiasm for bouncing in his Fisher Price jumparoo.

After extensive testing, Dr. Lloyd proved without doubt that shaking a baby repetitively cannot cause SBS. He concluded:

In summary, this biomechanical study presents several important results.

Firstly, that infant shaking produces head motions that are far below the levels required to cause injury in children.

Secondly, head motion during vigorous shaking is very similar to head motion while a 7-month-old infant plays in his jumparoo and there are no recorded cases of head injury attributed to such playful activity.

Thirdly, playing in the jumparoo causes repetitive head motion of a frequency similar to that experienced during shaking. Thus repetitive head motion does not increase risk of brain injury.

Finally, that the NCSBS demonstration doll is an unsuitable infant representative.

For further research, I urge parents to watch a recording of a lecture given by Dr. John Lloyd in 2013.

A Flood of Papers Linking SBS to Vaccine Injuries

Whilst the BMJ covered many possible causes of the injuries associated with SBS, they failed to mention vaccinations, which have also been linked to the diagnosis. Over the years, there have been several papers linking vaccinations to both the inflammation and the swelling of the brain.

Dr. Viera Scheibner mentioned vaccine-induced encephalomyelitis, characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging, in 1998, when she wrote a paper published in Nexus titled Shaken Baby Syndrome: The Vaccination Link. She was concerned that parents were being falsely accused after their children had suffered a vaccine injury. She wrote:

Some time ago I started getting requests from lawyers or the accused parents themselves for expert reports. A close study of the history of these cases revealed something distinctly sinister: in every single case, the symptoms appeared shortly after the baby’s vaccinations.

While investigating the personal medical history of these babies based on the caregivers’ diaries and medical records, I quickly established that these babies were given one or more of the series of so-called routine shots – hepatitis B, DPT (diphtheria,pertussis, tetanus), polio and HiB (Haemophilus influenza type B)shortly before they developed symptoms of illness resulting in serious brain damage or death.

Dr. Scheibner’s paper is full of facts and references and she gives many examples of actual cases. Whilst she acknowledged the fact that child abuse does take place, she added thatone must take great care in interpreting similar pathological findings of injuries caused by other insults which have nothing to do with mechanical injuries and mistreatments of infants.”

Towards the end of her paper, she wrote:

The inability to listen and observe the truth has created a breed of medical practitioners who inflict illness rather than healing, who become accusers rather than helpers, and who are ultimately just covering up-whether consciously or unknowingly, but with frighteningly increasing frequency-for the disasters created by their useless and deadly concoctions and sanctimonious ministrations.

Many believe that Dr. Scheibner is absolutely correct and have since questioned whether or not it is this blanket refusal to believe that vaccinations can cause severe adverse reactions, which has caused the “SBS crisis” that we have today.

Yet More Evidence Linking Shaken Baby Syndrome to Vaccinations

Dr. Harold Buttram and F. Edward Yazbak wrote on the subject of false accusations of SBS and vaccine-induced encephalitis in their paper titled Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis: The Story of Baby Alan.

Dr. Buttram opened his paper by stating:

In the following report Dr. Yazbak and myself have reviewed the case of an infant death which we believe to have been mistakenly diagnosed as shaken baby syndrome, the true cause of death in our opinions having been a vaccine-induced encephalitis.

Having carefully followed the case and its developments for nearly a year, the report represents untold numbers of hours of study and investigation into the many technical parameters of the case. From this study we have come to realize that this case is representative of an emerging pattern of increasingly frequent vaccine reactions on the modern scene, which are being overlooked or misdiagnosed by our present health-care system.

Once again, Buttram’s paper suggests that vaccine reactions are being overlooked and misdiagnosed by health care professionals.

Dr. Michael D Innis is yet another professional linking adverse reactions to vaccination and false accusations of SBS for many years. In a paper titled The Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth he wrote:

The “new scientific truth” that doctors must get familiar with is that the so-called “Shaken Baby Syndrome” is a flagrant untruth fabricated and advocated by doctors unable to comprehend the fact that an autoimmune reaction destroys the β cells of the Pancreas causing Insulin deficiency and hence failure of Vitamin C to enter cells i.e. Tissue Scurvy, as without intracellular Vitamin C cellular function is impeded and tissues break down. Hyperglycemia, proving Insulin deficiency, is a constant biochemical feature of Tissue Scurvy misdiagnosed as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Outlining a number of his cases in which vaccines had preceded the child’s illness, he concluded:

All the evidence points to the fact that children alleged to have suffered from the condition called Shaken Baby Syndrome have evidence of Liver dysfunction initiated by an autoimmune response to vaccines causing a deficiency of Insulin manifested as Hyperglycaemia. The deficiency of Insulin also results in failure of the transfer of Vitamin C from the Plasma into the cells thereby causing Tissue Scurvy. Intracellular Vitamin C is necessary for efficient cellular function and without it a breakdown of tissues and haemorrhage are inevitable as in Tissue Scurvy.

It is taking a long time for doctors in the English speaking world to understand this simple fact and they continue to send innocent carers to prison.

As more and more parents are sent to jail after such injuries have occurred, parents should ask themselves, why?

Rickets, Vaccinations and SBS

Thousands of parents worldwide are being falsely accused of child abuse after doctors discover what they believe to be healing fractures on x-rays. However, far from being abuse, there is growing evidence to support the claim that many of these children are in fact suffering from infantile rickets.

Rickets is a condition caused by a severe lack of vitamin D in the diet, which can lead to a softening and weakening of the bones, making it difficult for the body to absorb calcium.

One doctor who is unafraid to speak out on the subject is Dr. David Ayoub, a practicing radiologist from Springfield, Illinois. He believes that it is not only a poor diet and the lack of sunshine that is responsible for the growing number of children suffering from rickets, but also the growing number of vaccinations containing the adjuvant aluminium.

Dr. Ayoub, an expert on the subject, has been involved in hundreds of cases of misdiagnosed rickets worldwide and has testified on the behalf of many innocent parents.

During an interview with Dr. Mercola in February 2014, Dr. Ayoub spoke about his vast experience and described how he has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of parents being falsely accused.

He told Dr. Mercola that:

For at least 25 years, we have seen rickets on x-rays of infants with fractures, and from the very beginning, and this is the research out of the Boston Children’s Hospital, there has been a misdiagnosis or a diagnostic substitution.

The changes of healing rickets in infants – they looked at dead children’s skeletal surveys and looked under the microscope to correlate what they saw in x-rays, under the slide, under the microscope – and they diagnosed unique fractures, they didn’t diagnose healing rickets, and from that time on the stamp, on these changes on x-rays had been labelled as child abuse, specific changes in child abuse. It’s a horrific thing to think about.

He continued:

The cases that we are seeing are 100 percent healing phase rickets. Rickets in infancy is much, much different from the rickets in the classical age group, which is between one and two years of age. If this is real child abuse, well, then I have never seen a case over one year of age. They are typically about five weeks when they start fracturing from a diaper change, changing a shirt or putting an arm in a car seat or a sibling playing with a kid, being a little rough, that sort of thing, when you find healing fractures and so forth.

In the article that accompanied Dr. Ayob’s interview, Dr. Mercola wrote:

The last interview I did for you was really the link to my current work in infantile rickets,” he says. “I was looking closely at aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and their association with diseases in early infancy. One of the classic diseases that aluminum is linked to is rickets. It’s also plausible that aluminum is anticoagulant. In other words, it can induce bleeding conditions.

If this is true, and there is no reason to doubt the work of Dr. Ayoub, then why does the medical profession rarely examine the possibility of vaccine-induced rickets in SBS trials?

For further information on this subject, see:

Epidemic of Infantile Rickets May Have Put Thousands of Innocent Parents in Jail for Child Abuse

Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?

The Science Does Not Support the Findings of Shaken Baby Syndrome

In 2004, Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati wrote a paper titled Shaken Baby or Medical Malpractice? outlining a number of cases in which he had been involved. He made his feelings abundantly clear: the science did not support the findings. He believed that in each case, it was either the vaccines or the medication that were responsible for the child’s illness, and not the parents or caregivers, as was suggested. He opened his paper by stating:

Babies Alan, Robert, Lucas, and toddler Alexa were born at different places and times in the United States of America by different parents. However, they have many things in common: vaccines and medications caused their deaths; without conducting thorough medical and legal investigations, their treating physicians, medical examiners, police, and states accused their parents or caretakers of killing them; based upon an erroneous theory, their innocent parents or caretakers were imprisoned for killing them by violent shaking and blunt trauma.

The falsely accused and their families requested that I evaluate the medical evidence in order to find the factual causes that led to the fatal injuries. I investigated these cases by reviewing prenatal and postnatal medical records; autopsy reports; vaccines and medications given to the children; trial documents and testimonies of expert witnesses; and the medical literature pertinent to these cases. In each case, I used differential diagnosis to evaluate the contributions of agents relevant to the case and the possible synergistic actions among agents in causing injuries and death.

My findings clearly show that the shaken baby “syndrome” (SBS) theory is not supported by science. The SBS theory has been applied since the early 1970’s in cases of babies and toddlers who suffer from subdural and/or retinal bleeding when they do not exhibit signs of external injuries. My investigation of the four alleged SBS cases noted above revealed that the treating physicians and medical examiners were negligent, as they did not carry out proper medical investigations in order to find the factual causes of the bleeding in tissues. The stories of the four children described below provide the medical evidence that supports my conclusions.

Dr. Al-Bayati’s powerful introduction preceded an equally powerful paper in which he outlined each of the cases in full.

He concluded that:

After evaluating the medical evidence presented in these cases, one can conclude that the theory behind shaken baby “syndrome” is false. The federal government has the responsibility to take immediate action by launching an investigation in to the SBS diagnosis and theory, and I am hereby requesting that they do so. The validity of this erroneous theory must urgently be questioned and re-evaluated in order to prevent other wrongful convictions.

His paper makes extremely convincing reading. However, despite his recommendations, very little has been done to re-examine the validity of the SBS theory, resulting in more and more parents being falsely accused.

Conclusion: Parents go to Jail for the Medical Profession’s Crimes

Despite all of this evidence, parents continue to be blamed for shaking their babies. Isn’t it about time that the medical profession, the judicial system and child protective services began to explore all possible avenues of enquiry before accusing the parents of such atrocious crimes?

See Also:

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Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?

Families Ripped Apart By False Accusations of Child Abuse – Vaccine Injuries Often to Blame

A Few of the Many Families who have had their children medically kidnapped due to SBS or broken bones:


by Attorney Jonathan Emord
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Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm


Canadian physician Dr. Andrew Moulden provided clear scientific evidence to prove that every dose of vaccine given to a child or an adult produces harm. The truth that he uncovered was rejected by the conventional medical system and the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, his warning and his message to America remains as a solid legacy of the man who stood up against big pharma and their program to vaccinate every person on the Earth.

Dr. Moulden died unexpectedly in November of 2013 at age 49.

Because of the strong opposition from big pharma concerning Dr. Moulden’s research, we became concerned that the name of this brilliant researcher and his life’s work had nearly been deleted from the internet. His reputation was being disparaged, and his message of warning and hope was being distorted and buried without a tombstone.

This book summarizes his teaching and is a must-read for everyone who wants to learn the “other-side” of the vaccine debate that the mainstream media routinely censors.


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Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?


One of the biggest myths being propagated in the compliant mainstream media today is that doctors are either pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, and that the anti-vaccine doctors are all “quacks.”

However, nothing could be further from the truth in the vaccine debate. Doctors are not unified at all on their positions regarding “the science” of vaccines, nor are they unified in the position of removing informed consent to a medical procedure like vaccines.

The two most extreme positions are those doctors who are 100% against vaccines and do not administer them at all, and those doctors that believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.

Very few doctors fall into either of these two extremist positions, and yet it is the extreme pro-vaccine position that is presented by the U.S. Government and mainstream media as being the dominant position of the medical field.

In between these two extreme views, however, is where the vast majority of doctors practicing today would probably categorize their position. Many doctors who consider themselves “pro-vaccine,” for example, do not believe that every single vaccine is appropriate for every single individual.

Many doctors recommend a “delayed” vaccine schedule for some patients, and not always the recommended one-size-fits-all CDC childhood schedule. Other doctors choose to recommend vaccines based on the actual science and merit of each vaccine, recommending some, while determining that others are not worth the risk for children, such as the suspect seasonal flu shot.

These doctors who do not hold extreme positions would be opposed to government-mandated vaccinations and the removal of all parental exemptions.

In this eBook, I am going to summarize the many doctors today who do not take the most extremist pro-vaccine position, which is probably not held by very many doctors at all, in spite of what the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government, and the mainstream media would like the public to believe.


Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?

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TLB recommends you visit Health Impact News & Vaccine Impact for more pertinent articles and information.

See featured article here

SBS article

By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

It is a known fact that babies and young children can suffer a head injury after an accidental fall; however, many parents are unaware that even if a child appears to have suffered no ill effects from their injury, this is not always the case.

Over the years, a growing number of parents accused of shaken baby syndrome have reported that their child had suffered a minor fall before they had become ill.

In March 2014, Joshua Burns was sentenced to one year in prison and three years’ probation for shaking his 11 week-old daughter, Naomi, who suffered bruising to the head and ear when she fell off his lap. The couple acknowledged the fact that Joshua grabbed Naomi’s face to stop her from falling and hitting her head on a coffee table but stated that the incident was “an accident” and not child abuse.

Naomi appeared to have suffered no ill effects from after she fell and went to bed as usual that evening. However, over the next couple of days, her conditioned deteriorated, resulting in several trips to the E.R.

On their website, Mr. And Mrs. Burns wrote:

“Over the next two days multiple trips were made back and forth to the ER and doctor’s office and many calls were made to the family’s on-call pediatrician service. Naomi’s symptoms continued to worsen and eventually became so dire that her parents had to call 911. Naomi was transported via ambulance to the University of Michigan, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Naomi was hospitalized for two weeks during which time numerous tests were performed to diagnose her illness. A serious gastrointestinal virus was suspected to be the cause of her symptoms.

Ten days into her hospitalization, Naomi’s medical nightmare took an earth shattering turn when a doctor informed Josh and Brenda that she suspected Naomi had been physically abused. The doctor contacted Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and local law enforcement. A petition was filed with the court and Naomi was taken from her parents by CPS and placed in foster care with strangers.”

They continued:

“Naomi remained in foster care for over 7 months. Brenda was granted three one-hour visits per week with Naomi at the Livingston County Department of Human Services office. Josh was not allowed to see Naomi at all. A civil abuse and neglect case was opened by the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office with the ultimate goal of terminating both Josh and Brenda’s parental rights. The prosecutor’s office also had Josh arrested and charged with 2nd degree felony child abuse.”

According to the Livingston Daily, Dr. Bethany Mohr, the director of the child-protection team at the University of Michigan Medical Center’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, who testified for the prosecution, believed that Naomi’s injuries were the result of child abuse. She testified that Naomi had suffered from retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes, which she believed is an indicator of child abuse, as well as the bruising.

So convinced was Dr. Mohr, she reported that she found it highly unusual that a child would sustain an injury from being protected from a fall and she felt that “bruising in any region for an infant less than 4-months is highly predictive of child abuse.”

Whilst I agree that any bruising on a young baby may be a symptom of child abuse and should always be investigated fully, I also feel that doctors examining babies should be open to the possibility that there are many innocent causes of bruising, and therefore, they should examine all possible causes before jumping to conclusions about the parents.

Determined to prove her point, however, Dr. Mohr asked experts to have Joshua demonstrate with a doll what had happened to Naomi when she fell off his lap. Hoping that it would demonstrate his innocence, Joshua agreed.

Although childbirth educators often use dolls that are weighted and proportioned similar to real babies, the child abuse doctor brought in a doll which only weighed a pound or two. As Joshua tried to demonstrate how fast he moved to keep Naomi from hitting the coffee table, the doll went flying. Shocked, Joshua explained that was not what happened and stated:

“Well, it didn’t happen like that.”

Unconvinced, Dr. Mohr used this demonstration as evidence of abuse and concluded in her report that “catching Naomi like that would be abuse.”

Was this Couple Innocent of Any Wrong Doing or Were They Victims of the System?

However, Dr. Mohr’s assumptions may have been incorrect, as evidence has shown that young children can suffer serious or even fatal injuries after a relatively short fall has occurred.

In 2001, John Plunkett, M.D., wrote a paper titled Fatal Pediatric Head Injuries Caused by Short-Distance Falls. The paper examined a total of 18 cases in which children have died after suffering a short fall injury. In each and every case, the child had appeared fine after the injury and had carried on as usual.

Dr. Plunkett wrote:

“Many physicians believe that a simple fall cannot cause serious injury or death, that a lucid interval does not exist in an ultimately fatal pediatric head injury, and that retinal hemorrhage is highly suggestive if not diagnostic for inflicted trauma. However, several have questioned these conclusions or urged caution when interpreting head injury in a child. This controversy exists because most infant injuries occur in the home, and if there is history of a fall, it is usually not witnessed or is seen only by the caretaker. Objective data are needed to resolve this dispute. It would be helpful if there were a database of fatal falls that were witnessed or wherein medical and law enforcement investigation unequivocally concluded that the death was an accident.”

One of the cases highlighted is of particular interest because the family was proven to have been falsely accused of SBS as a result of the child’s injury.

Dr. Plunkett wrote:

“Case 5

A 23-month-old was playing on a plastic gym set in the garage at her home with her older brother. She had climbed the attached ladder to the top rail above the platform and was straddling the rail, with her feet 0.70 meters (28 inches) above the floor. She lost her balance and fell headfirst onto a 1-cm (3⁄8-inch) thick piece of plush carpet remnant covering the concrete floor. She struck the carpet first with her outstretched hands, then with the right front side of her forehead, followed by her right shoulder. Her grandmother had been watching the children play and videotaped the fall. She cried after the fall but was alert and talking. Her grandmother walked/carried her into the kitchen, where her mother gave her a baby analgesic with some water, which she drank. However, approximately 5 minutes later she vomited and became stuporous. EMS personnel airlifted her to a tertiary-care university hospital. A CT scan indicated a large right sided subdural hematoma with effacement of the right lateral ventricle and minimal subfalcine herniation. (The soft tissue windows for the scan could not be located and were unavailable for review.) The hematoma was immediately evacuated. She remained comatose postoperatively, developed cerebral edema with herniation, and was removed from life support 36 hours after the fall. Bilateral retinal hemorrhage, not further described, was documented in a funduscopic examination performed 24 hours after admission. A postmortem examination confirmed the right frontal scalp impact injury. There was a small residual right subdural hematoma, a right parietal lobe contusion (secondary to the surgical intervention), and cerebral edema with cerebellar tonsillar herniation.”

According to reports, hospital staff had been convinced that the child had been the victim of abuse; however, it was the video evidence of the fall that was eventually able to convince the prosecutors that the family was innocent.

Ed Meyer wrote about the case in the Beacon Journal in 2011:

“Forensic pathologist John J. Plunkett of Minnesota, an outspoken critic of shaken-baby syndrome, wrote a 2001 report showing that those findings can be wrong.

Toddlers can and do die from the effects of what is known in forensic science as ”short-fall” head injuries — similar to Calise’s description of how Aaliyah was hurt — according to the report.

Plunkett’s case study involved a 23-month-old girl, the same age as Aaliyah, who was playing on a plastic gym set in the garage at her home.

The child lost her balance on the top rail and fell, head first, onto a three-quarter-inch-thick plush carpet remnant spread out on the garage’s concrete floor.

She was removed from life support 36 hours later.

Plunkett said hospital personnel, “who were convinced without any question that this was shaken baby,” reported the death to law enforcement.

Officers were preparing to arrest the child’s father, Plunkett said, when the 23-month-old’s grandmother intervened, saying she had videotaped the girl playing on the gym set.

“So the cops went over to the home and found the video camera, which she had dropped when the little girl hit the floor, and they played the videotape and went: ‘Oh, my goodness!’” Plunkett said.

The grandmother’s tape showed that the child hit her head on the floor in an accidental fall from a height of 28 inches.

“Prior to publication of my [study] in 2001,” Plunkett said,”the pediatric community said, uniformly, that short-distance falls can’t cause injuries or death. They didn’t say it’s rare. They said it doesn’t occur. Period. And most forensic pathologists, not all, but most, said the same thing.”

Sadly, the original article in the Beacon Journal is unavailable but a copy of the article can be found here.

Dr. Plunkett Does Not Stand Alone

In a paper titled Dynamic Biomechanical Findings on SBS-LMF Chris Van Ee, PhD, made his feelings on the SBS theory abundantly clear, commenting that the mere shaking of a 0-2 year old alone, even in a fit of rage, is unlikely to cause intracerebral trauma.

He stated:

“Human shaking (id) may cause lethal brain stem and cervical spine injuries in a 0-to-2-year-old child, as the forces necessary for these injuries are well below the level needed for fatal brain injuries and are consistent with the forces that can be produced in shaking. Put another way, these neck injuries would be expected in any hypothetical-superhuman strength case of SBS where superhuman dynamics resulted in head accelerations leading to intracerebral trauma (if SBS were valid, which it is not).”

On the subject of short fall injuries, Dr. Van Ee wrote:

“If a 0- to 2-year-old child accidentally falls from a height of six feet and impacts head-first on a hard surface such as carpeted cement, the sudden impact has the potential to generate sufficient head acceleration to cause fatal intracerebral injuries. Whether any given fall is fatal depends on a host of variables and the fall mechanics which are different in each accident, but the potential head dynamics that result from a 6-foot high fall could far exceed the tolerance associated with fatal head injury.”

He continued:

“Intentionally impacting a 0- to 2-year-old child’s head against a hard surface could easily cause fatal brain injuries that would mimic those of a fall, and today’s science cannot distinguish accidental from non-accidental impacts of falls of similar magnitude, barring extraordinary signs, e.g. grip marks or eye-witness accounts.”

Sadly, the majority of experts speaking on behalf of child protective services, no matter how well-intentioned they may be, fail to read the science and instead continue to repeat the well rehearsed mantra that they were taught at college.


SBS article 1

Sadly, accidents do occur and babies do fall, however, this does not automatically mean that their parents have been neglectful in any way.

It is about time that the medical profession, the judicial system and child protective services began to read the science and explore all possible avenues of inquiry before accusing the parents of such atrocious crimes.


For more information on SBS and false allegations, TLB recommends you visit Christina’s website: Parents and Carers Against Medical Injustice

What does an informed parent look like? We’ll show you.

Below is a letter written by Bob O’Kane, a concerned parent, to his pediatrician about vaccines and the danger they pose to his child. This letter is one great example of how to approach your doctor, especially if you have looked into the matter further and are uncomfortable with their stance on the topic.

The name of the doctor has been intentionally omitted.

Doctor XXX,

My wife and I would like to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. We thank you for taking the time with us the other day to discuss our beautiful little daughter Rylan.

I was wondering if I could take a moment to discuss something with you real quick regarding the notes I read this evening in her file. Please note, this is a very calm letter and not meant to start a debate in any way. We value your profession and position.

That being said, It’s in my opinion that the some of the comments are a bit misleading and was wondering if you could add this email to your notes. Please note we understand you are extremely busy and probably had to summarize the appointment the best you could.

You mentioned in your report:


A few things to note here. First and most most importantly, we refused to sign the document because there was no legal statute or requirement for us to sign such a document. This was the main basis for the non signature. We simply do not have to. Nor is there any legal basis for AAP to require such signature. I also specifically mentioned that there has been cases surfacing around the country whereas a parents signature on such a document was used against the parents.

For the record I never, ever once said “we fear losing our child.” This statement, with respect, is erroneous and can lead to a misinterpretation. I has also mentioned we are in fact of a religious exemption which was granted to our family on the 20th of May, 2014.

We also specifically stated that our concerns were not only with the ingredients listed on the vaccines and the disclaimers on the vaccine inserts, but the overall fear we had was that our child could break out in the hive/rashes she did shortly after receiving her Hepatitis B shot. If it was only after those hives/rashes appeared that we had blood testing done which determined our lovely daughter had elevated liver functions. This was the majority of our rationale behind not giving her shots as I implied.

The other reasons were the materials we read at the cdc and fda website.

First, the disclaimers on vaccine inserts or lack of disclaimers was a concern. The disclaimers clearly state the possible side effects. Yet, not one Doctor in the past had those ready for us. Nor did they provide them when the vaccine was opened. We had to do the research ourselves. And honestly, I’m glad we did. Especially with the amount of information surfacing lately that research was or could have been manipulated.

In addition, the head of the CDC in an April/May radio show admitted the so called measles outbreak in New York consisted of 23 cases of which 20 people who got the measles had previously been vaccinated and thus nobody could be assured the vaccines actually work. (this is public information on the CDC website, and put a dent in the so called “herd immunity” theory.).. The other three cases involved foreigners. Our last Doctor even told us people are dying. Dr. XXXX, do you know how many people have died in the past 10 years? The number is in fact less than all the fingers I have on my hands. Again, this is public record available through the CDC and not some Google search result.

The last concern was the ingredients and the amount of Aluminum and by-products that are in the vaccines which so happened to have been the center of several House Oversight Committee hearings on Capital Hill. I also stated that the cdc and fda have conflicting views when it came to amount of Aluminum which should be injected into an individual based on their body weight.

I quote (and I encourage you to check my sources:) )

According to the FDA:

Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration (this means injected into the body] if kidney function is impaired . . . Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates (babies), who received parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day, accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity [for a tiny newborn, this toxic dose would be 10 to 20 micrograms, and for an adult it would be about 350 micrograms). Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration. (Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Document NDA 19-626/S-019, Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for Dextrose Injections.)

And also:

Aluminum content in parenteral drug products could result in a toxic accumulation of aluminum in individuals receiving TPN therapy. Research indicates that neonates [newborns] and patient populations with impaired kidney function may be at high risk of exposure to unsafe amounts of aluminum. Studies show that aluminum may accumulate in the bone, urine, and plasma of infants receiving TPN. Many drug products used in parenteral therapy (injections) may contain levels of aluminum sufficiently high to cause clinical manifestations (symptoms) . . . parenteral aluminum bypasses the protective mechanism of the GI tract and aluminum circulates and is deposited in human tissues. Aluminum toxicity is difficult to identify in infants because few reliable techniques are available to evaluate bone metabolism in . . . infants . . . Although aluminum toxicity is not commonly detected clinically, it can be serious in selected patient populations, such as neonates (newborns), and may be more common than is recognized. (Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Document 02N-0496, Aluminum in Large and Small Volume Parenterals Used in Total Parenteral Nutrition. Available online at:”

Doctor XXXX, the FDA maximum requirements for aluminum received in an IV is 25 mcg per day. The suggested aluminum per kg of weight to give to a person is up to 5mcg. (so a 5 pounds baby should get no more than 11mcg of aluminum.) Anything that has more than 25 mcg of aluminum is a very valid concern for us when it comes to Rylan.

Research indicates that “patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 (micro)g/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration. (”

But did you know most Vaccines, for some reason, are not required to have a label containing this information and that practitioners also are not required to follow the maximum dosage of 25 mcg? This is something that actually was very troubling to us.

So doing some math — the following are examples of weight with their corresponding maximum levels of aluminum, per the FDA:

  • 8 pound, healthy baby: 18.16 mcg of aluminum
  • 15 pound, healthy baby: 34.05 mcg of aluminum
  • 30 pound, healthy toddler: 68.1 mcg of aluminum
  • 50 pound, healthy child: 113 mcg of aluminum
  • 150 pound adult: 340.5 mcg of aluminum
  • 350 pound adult: 794.5 mcg of aluminum

So how much aluminum is in the vaccines that are routinely given to children?

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) – 225 mcg per shot
  • Hepatitis B – 250 mcg
  • DTaP – depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 170 to 625 mcg
  • Pneumococcus – 125 mcg
  • Hepatitis A – 250 mcg
  • HPV – 225 mcg
  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) – 330 mcg
  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – 850 mcg

The HEP-B shot alone is almost 14 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM THAT IS FDA-APPROVED. The MMR? The dTap? All have similar amounts.

So in summary Doctor XXXX, when we did our due diligence, this info scared the hell out of us. Especially considering what happened to Rylan shortly after the Hep B was administered to her.

Continuing, I mentioned what made us leave our last Doctor was that she wanted to give our daughter 8 vaccinations at once. And in doing the math, that would have added up to more than 1,000 mcg of aluminum. Even when one, who is not familiar with toxicity levels and the science behind them, looks at the chart above can notice that amount isn’t even safe for a 350 pound adult let alone a child who weighs less than 25lbs.

According to the FDA and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), what happens if a child receives more than the maximum required dose of aluminum?

  • Aluminum builds up in the bones and brain and can be toxic to the body and its organs.
  • Aluminum “can” cause neurological harm.
  • Aluminum overdose can be fatal in patients with weak kidney’s or kidney disorders or in premature babies.
  • (Aluminum Toxicity in Infants and Children, Committee on Nutrition, American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics Volume 97, Number 3 March, 1996, pp. 413-416)

In summary, our reasons, even though we have an issued exemption in the State of Florida, were valid enough to hold off on vaccinations and the ingredients that are used in them as adjuvants. Especially when one considers what happened shortly after her first HEP-B shot.

In closing, I thank you for taking the short time to read my email. We firmly admire your practice and the personnel you have and look forward in continuing Rylan’s care with you. She deserves the best, and we think we found it.

Respectfully Yours’,

Robert O’Kane

ps- yes we are considering the shots as she gets older. But in the meantime can you order for us a screen to determine if Rylan’s immune compromised? This will help us a great deal considering thousands of cases that went through the vaccine court in the past decade showed many injuries and deaths resulted in the failure to pre-detect if children had a compromised immune system prior to any shots.

Photo Credit


TLB Note: This is but one example of the great vaccine related information that can be found on Vactruth. This forum contains a virtual cornucopia of information pertaining to the dangers and repercussions of the vaccination process. The list of outstanding authors this forum engages is both long and impressive and includes Christina England, Jeffry John Aufderheide, Gary Null PhD, Harold E. Buttram MD. and many more.

TLB is a newspaper, writing and reporting on many diverse topics, but specializing in none, so we highly recommend you visit Vactruth and their archives for some serious and highly informative information on this specific topic.

See featured article here


Baby Bently 1

Listen to recorded show below article

By TLB Staff Writer Christina England

In May 2015, I came across an article written by Dr. William H. Gaunt. He reported that many parents believe they only have two choices when it comes to vaccination: either they vaccinate or they do not. However, this is not the case, because, in his opinion, parents have as many as four choices when it comes to vaccinating their child.

These are:

1. Pro-vaccine position: Get every vaccine on the recommended schedule at the recommended ages.

2. Anti-vaccine position: Obtain a religious or philosophical exemption or do home school and get zero vaccines.

3. Delayed-vaccine position: Get all the vaccines your state requires for school but use an alternative vaccine schedule that delays and spreads out some of the vaccines.

4. Selective-vaccine position: Get an exemption or do home school then choose a few of the vaccines that you believe are appropriate for your child and avoid the others.

However, what happens, if after weighing up all the options carefully, a parent decides to play it safe and delay their child’s vaccinations until they are a little older? How do parents decide which age is safe for their child to receive a vaccination?

In Japan during the 70s, it was found that infant mortality and adverse reactions to the DPT vaccination were extremely high. Officials decided to delay the DPT vaccination for a period of six years to see if this improved the situation. They were stunned to find that both the adverse reactions to the vaccination and infant deaths were dramatically reduced during this period.

Raymond Obomsawin, M.D., wrote:

“Delay of DPT immunization until 2 years of age in Japan has resulted in a dramatic decline in adverse side effects. In the period of 1970-1974, when DPT vaccination was begun at 3 to 5 months of age, the Japanese national compensation system paid out claims for 57 permanent severe damage vaccine cases, and 37 deaths. During the ensuing six year period 1975-1980, when DPT injections were delayed to 24 months of age, severe reactions from the vaccine were reduced to a total of eight with three deaths. This represents an 85 to 90 percent reduction in severe cases of damage and death.”

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: is there a vaccine connection?

Is Two Years the Safe Age to Vaccinate?

At a loss and with little guidance on vaccine safety, acting on instinct, Alisa Neathery decided to delay her son Bently’s vaccinations until he was six months old. This was because she believed delayed vaccination would help to prevent her son from dying from sudden infant death syndrome. What she could not have anticipated, however, was the fact that on the day that she took her son to the local clinic to have him vaccinated for the first time, her usual doctor would not be there and instead a P.A. (Physician’s Assistant) was taking the clinic. Instead of recommending that Bently begin his vaccination schedule with just a few vaccines, he decided to emotionally blackmail Alisa into having her son vaccinated with as many vaccines as possible.

Alisa said:

“Prior to the shots being given, when the doctor was discussing the pros of getting vaccinated with me, he explained how he was from a village in Africa. That we were lucky in America to have the opportunity to receive vaccines because where he was from, the mothers had to have like 11 kids each, since most would die off from disease because they were not as fortunate to receive vaccines like we are here in America. He really pushed them on me hard. He spent a lot of time convincing me to give Bently the vaccines, but when it was done, we never saw the doctor again.”

According to Alisa, the physician’s assistant, who at this time will remain nameless, appeared unsure as to how many vaccinations Bently should receive. Instead of asking for advice, as one would expect, he told Alisa that he did not want to vaccinate her son with too many and decided to vaccinate Bently with 13 vaccinations.

The vaccines that Bently received included two doses of the DTaP (diptheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine, two polio vaccines (one oral and one injected), three rotavirus vaccines, one Hib (haemophilus influenza type B) vaccine, one Pneumococcal vaccine, one Hep B vaccine and three others that remain a mystery.

Considering the aluminum content in these vaccinations alone, according to extensive research this PA vaccinated Bently with a massive overdose.

To verify this, I recommend that you read an excellent article published in 2008 in Mothering magazine, written by Dr. Richard Sears.

Dr. Sears had been exceptionally worried for some time about the effects of aluminum on children’s health. In an article warning mothers about the dangers of vaccinations containing aluminum as the adjuvant, titled Is Aluminum The New Thimerosal? Dr. Sears explained that aluminum is added to vaccinations to help them work more efficiently.

He stated that although aluminum would not normally be a problem, because it is a naturally occurring element found everywhere in our environment, including our food, water, air and soil, he had become worried about the effects that injected aluminum was having on children’s health. He began to wonder if anyone had ever actually tested the safe level of injected aluminum.

During his research, he came across a number of extremely worrying documents. However, few were as worrying as the one written by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN). Describing the document in depth,

Sears wrote:

“The source of the daily limit of 4 to 5 mcg of aluminum per kilogram of body weight quoted by the ASPEN statement seems to be a study that compared the neurologic development of about 100 premature babies who were fed a standard IV solution that contained aluminum, with the development of 100 premature babies who were fed the same solution with almost all aluminum filtered out. The study was prompted by a number of established facts: that injected aluminum can build up to toxic levels in the bloodstream, bones, and brain; that preemies have decreased kidney function and thus a higher risk of toxicity; that an autopsy performed on one preemie whose sudden death was otherwise unexplained revealed high aluminum concentrations in the brain; and that aluminum toxicity can cause progressive dementia.”

He continued by giving some extremely alarming facts, of which few parents are aware:

“However, none of these documents or studies mentions vaccines; they look only at IV solutions and injectable medications. Nor does the FDA require labels on vaccines warning about the dangers of aluminum toxicity, although such labels are required for all other injectable medications. All of these studies and label warnings seem to apply mainly to premature babies and kidney patients. What about larger, full-term babies with healthy kidneys?”

He explained:

“However, these documents don’t tell us what the maximum safe dose would be for a healthy baby or child, and I can’t find such information anywhere. This is probably why the ASPEN group suggests, and the FDA requires, that all injectable solutions be limited to 25 mcg; we at least know that that level is safe.”

If this is so, then why do the recommended childhood vaccinations include far above the recommend amounts? According to Dr. Sears, the levels of aluminum included in childhood vaccinations are as follows:

DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis): 170–625 mcg, depending on manufacturer

Hepatitis A: 250 mcg
Hepatitis B: 250 mcg
Hib (for meningitis; PedVaxHib brand only): 225 mcg
HPV: 225 mcg
Pediarix (DTaP–hepatitis B–polio combination): 850 mcg
Pentacel (DTaP–Hib–polio combination): 330 mcg
Pneumococcus: 125 mcg (emphasis added)

You do not have to be medically qualified to understand that these levels far exceed the safe levels recommended by ASPEN, especially when you consider that a newborn baby is vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine, containing 250 mcg of aluminum, at birth!

In fact, according to Dr. Sears, the FDA stated that:

“Although aluminum toxicity is not commonly detected clinically, it can be serious in selected patient populations, such as neonates (newborns), and may be more common than is recognized.” (emphasis added)

Five days after receiving this huge onslaught of vaccinations, little Bently died an agonizing death in his mother’s arms.

Alisa said:

“As soon as they stabbed him with the needle, he let out a giant scream. After that, he was not the same. This injection actually happened to turn into a hard red knot on his leg where they stabbed him with DTaP. Even until he was laid to rest one month later, he still has the same hard red knot. I was never asked about why it was there.”

She continued by stating:

“He wouldn’t let me touch his leg. He screamed and cried constantly. I knew babies were fussy after vaccines, but this was excessive. His little vein in his head would bulge out when he cried. I didn’t know what to do. I had nothing telling me this was in any way unusual.

Within a few days he stopped making eye contact with us and he began to twitch and jerk. One side of his body began to slump slightly. If he was not being held, he would scream and cry constantly.

On April 10, 2012, my son appeared to be exceptionally well and he and my daughter played and watched TV while I cleaned the house. Around noon, my daughter laid down for a nap. Around 2 o’clock, my son began getting very sleepy. So he and I sat in our big chair and he fell asleep on my chest.

Two hours later, my husband came home from work and thought my son wasn’t moving. He woke me up saying the baby wasn’t breathing. All hell broke loose from that point on. Bently was pronounced dead at 5:35 pm. Five days after receiving his first and only round of vaccinations.”

If this were not bad enough, the hospital then decided to blame Alisa for Bently’s death and called child protective services (CPS), who immediately removed her two year-old daughter from the home and gave her to the grandmother to care for her while they carried out their investigations.

Fortunately, her daughter was returned a few months later.

So, who was to blame for little Bently’s death?

I urge you to listen to Alisa as she tells her heartbreaking story to Roger Landry and Christina England on a TLB special and decide for yourself.

Alisa believes that this inexperienced doctor did not act in the best interest of her child and she now wishes to sue this doctor for medical malpractice and negligence. If, after listening to her story you agree, and you would like to help Alisa and her family to get justice, please go to Baby Bently’s Support Campaign.


TLB: Please listen as Bently’s mother (Alisa) describes the heart breaking events leading up to Bently’s passing, and the subsequent nightmare following this tragic event. TLB also discusses other pertinent information pertaining to causality and responsibility.

Click on the TLB Radio Logo to hear the recorded show

TLB radio

CMSRI Show 2

By: Roger Landry, TLB Founder and Show Host

An ever increasing level of distrust permeates our healthcare system today. More are questioning daily exactly what has brought America to this sad and rapidly declining state of health. When we can no longer trust the advice, information or research coming from our caregivers, health agencies or pharmaceutical manufacturers, how can we expect anything else?

I would strongly recommend listening to the recorded show below.

Let’s put the truth and knowledge based on fact with no ulterior motives, in the hands of those who need it most and allow them to make decisions that benefit them, their children and future generations to come!

Truth has the power to defeat lies every time if delivered by organizations or individuals of solid character. What you are being presented with here, and TLB is proud to support, is just such an organization …




Today we offer you part #2 of a three part series highlighting the absolute necessity for truly independent research into vaccine efficacy and safety via trusted organizations and foundations such as CMSRI.

With the help of my esteemed Co-Host Leslie Carol Botha, we present to you the thoughts and experience of an ex Merck drug sales-rep to answer the questions … What are the industries motivations, how much value do they place on human life and health, and how far will they go to accomplish their profit goals.

Please listen to this (recorded) show by clicking on the TLB radio network logo, and be sure to watch the applicable video below the show, Brandy’s perspective is time-worthy and outstanding!

TLB radio


Brandy Vaughan is a former pharmaceutical sales rep and founder of the non-profit Council for Vaccine Safety, and most importantly, mother to awesome 4 year old boy.

Brandy Vaughan, ex-Merck employee, speaking about SB 277 in California.

Video transcript:

I want to tell you a little bit about how I got involved. I worked for Merck as sales rep from 2001 to 2004. When I was there, I repped Vioxx. If anyone remembers that drug, I went through that. What I learned from that experience was just because things are on the market, does not mean they’re safe.

The U.S. gives more vaccines than any other country in the world. Our childhood schedule for under the age of one has twice as many vaccines as other developed countries.

What else do we have? The highest infant mortality rate of any developed nation.

Finland has the lowest. They only give 11 by age six.

Mississippi has the highest rate of vaccination in the U.S.–highest infant mortality rate.

These numbers do not lie. But you will not hear that on the media, and that is not what Senator Pan will tell you.

What we have with vaccines is the highest profit margin pharmaceutical drug on the market. Drug companies make more money off vaccines than they do any other pharmaceutical drug, in terms of profit margin. There is a lack of rigorous safety studies. And they don’t have the incentive to do them because they have no liability.

Vaccines are the only products in the U.S. that do not have liability. You can not sue for injuries or death. But that is only in the U.S. Around the world, there are law suits because of serious injuries and deaths because from vaccines. In Spain over Gardasil. In Japan over Gardasil. The flu shot was taken off the market for under five in Australia after deaths and injury. Prevnar was banned in China. Pfizer’s vaccination program was kicked out of the country. France just pulled Rotavirus off their schedule after infant deaths and injuries.

Why are we behind the rest of the world?

Here in the U.S., while this is going on in the world, we’re trying to increase the schedule, and we’re trying to make it mandatory. This is not about public health. This is about profit.

I have a few questions for Senator Pan that he would never answer on the media or in front of the lawmakers.








Parting Shot by TLB’s Christina England

We as parents owe it to ourselves and our children to learn the truth about the vaccinations being recommended by our governments and health care providers. We must ask ourselves whether it right that the majority of research and studies supporting vaccination safety today is funded by the vaccine manufacturers. Are parents being sold short when it comes to vaccination safety?

If you believe that researchers studying the areas surrounding vaccinations should not receive funding directly from the pharmaceutical industry, then please support Claire Dwoskin (founder of CMSRI) in her quest to provide parents with the independently funded research that they deserve.

To support Claire Dwoskin and the CMSRI, please donate whatever you can today. Join The Liberty Beacon in demanding the truth about vaccination. Your donation will help greatly in efforts to stop unnecessary vaccine injury and death through valid and truly independent research

See more of Christina’s article (excerpt above) and hear show #1 in this 3 part series with Claire Dwoskin, Dr. David Lewis and Christina England here:

TLB Special: Parents Should Demand the Truth About Vaccination Studies – An All Star Panel Discussion About CMSRI

Please visit Clair Dwoskin at her website:


The final show in this 3 part series will be available soon …


HPV Vaccine 1

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

It seems more so every day that our struggle to keep our loved ones, especially our children, safe from medical harm is a losing battle. It also would appear that those who are tasked specifically with our protection, are a main player in this struggle … and NOT to our advantage. Medicines and Vaccines with a proven history of dangerous and even deadly side affects are approved and in some cases mandated for use, regardless of their proven dark history.

The HPV vaccines must surely appear high on this list. With a known history of results ranging from paralysis to death, and a growing mountain of research blatantly indicating their lack of effectiveness … why are these dangerous and ineffective vaccines still in use, and in the process of expanded use to young boys and even infants?

When profit drives a corrupt corporation to put us in harms way via mechanisms of known harm, we can chalk this up to greed. But when Government agencies mandated with the public’s safety show blatant complicity, well you must conclude the deck is seriously stacked against us.

Isn’t the CDC’s motto “24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting People”? With the plethora of peer reviewed proof of the dangers associated with vaccines, and in this specific case, the HPV vaccine, can you possibly find a bigger misrepresentation of the truth (lie)?

It is well past time to join our voices in unified protest and once and for all, put a stop to this needless suffering and death! These are our loved ones and our children … this does not have to be!

As usual I follow my rant with the level headed reporting of one of TLB’s most prolific and gifted writers who will bring the facts to you as only she can.

Please read on …


HPV Vaccines Proven to Be Dangerous and Ineffective, So Why Are They Still Being Recommended For Our Children?

By: TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

In 2008, Judicial Watch examined the FDA’s HPV vaccine records and issued a report outlining their concerns. Their report titled the Judicial Watch Special Report: Examining the FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records, detailed the approval process, side effects, safety concerns and the marketing practices of a what they called a large-scale public health experiment.

Judicial Watch stated:

“Analysis of the records shows:

• Gardasil is a prophylactic, preventative vaccine and will not treat pre-existing HPV infection. It is not a cancer vaccine or cure.

• Gardasil is marketed as a vaccine that prevents cancer, but it “ . . . has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.”

• Gardasil is not 100% effective against all HPVs. It is designed to protect against only four strains of HPV, even though there are over thirty strains including at least fifteen that can cause cancer.

• While Gardasil is the most expensive vaccine ever to be recommended by the FDA, its long-term effectiveness is unknown and could be as brief as only two to three years.

• During testing, an aluminum-containing placebo was used. Aluminum can cause permanent cell damage and is a reactive placebo, unlike most standard saline placebos. This means that tests of Gardasil may not have given an accurate picture of safety levels.

• Although some states are considering making it mandatory for young girls to get the Gardasil vaccine, it has only been tested with one other vaccine commonly given to children. There are ten commonly administered adolescent vaccines.

• Gardasil is still in the testing stages, and will not be fully evaluated for safety until September 2009. VAERS reports show that as many as eighteen people have died after receiving Gardasil.”

Their report, which was extremely worrying, highlighted several cases from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) website, including young women who developed warts, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, miscarriages and fatal blood clots after receiving the vaccine.

Judicial Watch stated:

“The fact that blood clotting is responsible for almost a fourth of all deaths involving Gardasil is extremely concerning, especially since most birth control drugs increase one’s risk of developing blood clots. Many girls and young women who receive Gardasil will already be taking birth control by the time they are vaccinated, and therefore the possibility that Gardasil may add to risk of blood clots is a serious issue that deserves attention.”

Their report indicated that there was no evidence to confirm whether or not the HPV vaccine could protect women against cervical cancer in the long-term and stated:

“There is proof that Gardasil will prevent about half of the high-grade precursors of cancer, but half will still occur. Hundreds of thousands of women who are vaccinated with Gardasil and get yearly Pap testing will still get high-grade dysplasia (cell abnormalities). Gardasil has been shown to prevent precancerous lesions, but it has been impossible to ascertain whether it will actually prevent cancer because the testing period has been so short. While young women occasionally get cervical cancer, it is far more common in women in their late forties. The average age of a cervical cancer patient is forty-eight years. Keeping this in mind, it could easily be decades before anyone truly knows if the Gardasil vaccine prevents cervical cancer.”

They continued:

“Even without Gardasil, cervical cancer deaths have decreased drastically in the past several decades. The American Cancer Society estimates that deaths from cervical cancer declined 74% between 1955 and 1992, and that the rate continues to decrease by about 4% each year. Also, most cases occur in women in their forties. With these statistics in mind, one might ask whether Gardasil vaccination is absolutely necessary, especially for children. At this point in time, we do not know if it will prevent cancer, or whether it will have unforeseen consequences. The American public must ask themselves if Gardasil is really worth the risk. Fast-tracking drugs and vaccines before their safety has been fully evaluated is unethical and dangerous, and until more tests have been completed on Gardasil no vaccination mandates should be established.”

And they concluded that:

“Gardasil has not been tested thoroughly enough to know whether it will be safe or effective in the long term.

• Even if it shown that the Gardasil vaccine is effective, it is still unknown how long the vaccine lasts or if there will be a need for booster shots.

• Regardless of its potential to help prevent HPV and cancer, Gardasil should never be administered without a prescreening for HPV since it has the potential to make existing cases worsen.

• It is important that people remember that this vaccine will not eliminate the need for regular Pap screening. No vaccine is 100% effective, and Gardasil is designed to protect against only four strands of HPV.

• While Gardasil may be an important medical advance, it is unwise to compromise the health and safety of the American public, especially children, by mandating or marketing it before sufficient tests are concluded.”

Despite their report being issued six years ago, HPV vaccines have continued to be marketed around the world, with devastating consequences.

Using Placebos Containing Aluminum Could Result in False Positives

As highlighted in the above report, HPV vaccines were tested against subjects vaccinated with a placebo containing aluminum, meaning that both of the vaccines contained aluminum, this giving a false positive if both groups suffered the same adverse reactions.

It has been well-documented that aluminum used in vaccinations can lead to a wide range of side effects and many people are now questioning the reasons behind the manufacturer’s decision.

Canadian scientists Professor Christopher Shaw and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic have studied the effects that aluminum can have on the human body for many years. In 2013, they published a paper titled Aluminum in the Central Nervous System: Toxicity in Humans and Animals, Vaccine Adjuvants, and Autoimmunity.

Their paper revealed that during a 17-year period, the rates of autism increased significantly in countries that had the most vaccinations containing the adjuvant aluminum.

The two scientists compared the number of vaccines recommend by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the period from 1991 – 2008 and noted the changes in the autism rates during these years. They stated:

“The data sets, graphed against each other, show a pronounced and statistically highly significant correlation between the number vaccines with aluminum and the changes in autism rates. Further data showed that a significant correlation exists between the amounts of aluminum given to preschool children and the current rates of autism in seven Western countries. Those countries with the highest level of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines had the highest autism rates.”

They continued:

“There are other links between aluminum exposure/toxicity and ASD. These include the following: A pilot study showed higher than normal aluminum levels in the hair, blood and/or urine of autistic children; children are regularly exposed to higher levels of aluminum in vaccines per body weight than adults; practically, nothing is known about the pharmacokinetics and toxicodynamics of aluminum in vaccines in children; and aluminum in vaccines has been linked to serious neurological impairments, chronic fatigue and autoimmunity.”

This is extremely worrying, especially when you consider that all of the following vaccinations contain aluminum, as listed by the CDC:

BCG (Tuberculosis)
DTaP (acellular Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
DtaP-IPV (acellular Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Polio)
DtaP-HepB—IPV (acellular Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B and Polio)
DtaP-IPV/Hib (acellular Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio and haemophilus influenzae type b )
Hepatitis B
DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus)
Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b)
Hib/Hepatitis B
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B
Japanese Encephalitis
PCV (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine)
IPV (polio vaccination)
HPV (human papillomavirus)
Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria)
Tdap (acellular tetanus, diphtheria)

If the manufacturers of the above vaccinations also used placebos containing aluminum, this could mean that none of these vaccinations have ever been tested accurately.

Leslie Botha Outlines Adverse Reactions Caused by HPV Vaccines

In 2013, women’s health educator Leslie C. Botha noted that the following adverse reactions had been reported to the VAERS website following HPV vaccination:

Deaths: 140
Disabled: 952
Did not recover: 6,032
Abnormal pap smear: 531
Cervical dysplasia: 214
Cervical cancer: 64
Life-threatening: 562
ER visit: 10,557
Hospitalized: 3,065
Extended hospital stay: 234
Serious: 4,091
Adverse events: 30,352

She wrote:

“It is estimated that only 1 to 10% of the HPV vaccine-injured are reporting. So start adding zeros on to the reports of 140 deaths. And then ask yourself – are the HPV vaccines deadly? For 140 families they are. And that’s just what is being reported.”

Considering that these figures are now over a year old, we can only begin to estimate how many innocent lives have been lost since then and destroyed by this vaccine.

Japan Becomes Concerned

A report written by Tomomi Kinoshita, Ryu-ta Abe, Akiyo Hineno, Kazuhiro Tsunekawa, Shunya Nakane and Shu-ichi Ikeda titled Peripheral Sympathetic Nerve Dysfunction in Adolescent Japanese Girls Following Immunization with the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine, published in 2014, examined the cases of 44 girls who were said to be suffering adverse reactions after receiving the HPV vaccine.

They stated that 31 of the girls were vaccinated with the Cervarix vaccine and 13 were vaccinated with Gardasil.

The authors stated that four of the girls examined were proven to be suffering from non-related conditions, leaving 40 girls aged between 11 and 17 in the study.

The researchers stated:

“Clinical manifestations of the 40 girls included headaches (n=28, 70%), general fatigue (n=21, 53%), coldness of the legs (n=21, 53%), limb pain (n=20, 50%), limb weakness (n=19, 48%), difficulty in getting up (n=19, 48%), orthostatic fainting (n=17, 43%), a decreased ability to learn (n=17, 43%), arthralgia (n=17, 43%), limb tremors (n=16, 40%), gait disturbances (n=16, 40%), disturbed menstruation (n=14, 35%) and dizziness (n=12, 30%). Headaches and general fatigue were more prominent in the morning, frequently leading to difficulty in getting up, while persistent fatigue required a long period of sleep. The most common combination of symptoms was limb coldness, pain, tremors and a gait disturbance. Less frequent but noteworthy complaints included the following: polyarthralgia, primarily involving the wrist, knee and ankle joints, that lasted for several days and subsided spontaneously, although it occasionally recurred; menstrual abnormalities, including amenorrhea for a few months after immunization; a decreased ability to learn associated with reduced memory and concentration at school and/or while doing homework, thus resulting in a poor school record.”

The team concluded that the symptoms that they had observed in the study could be explained by abnormal peripheral sympathetic responses and stated that the most common previous diagnosis in the studied girls was psychosomatic disease.

A large number of the side effects that these scientists identified have been echoed by professionals worldwide for many years, in particular menstrual abnormalities and amenorrhea.

Showing their commitment to protecting women, Japan held an international symposium in February 2014 and invited leading professionals from around the world to discuss their findings. The following professionals presented evidence outlining their findings regarding HPV vaccines, during the symposium, two public press conferences and a government-sponsored public hearing:

  • Sin Hang Lee, MD – Former Associate Professor at Yale University and currently pathologist of Milford Hospital
  • Jerome Authier, MD – Universite Paris XII, Systeme Hospital Henri Mondor de Paris
  • Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD – University of British Columbia
  • Mirna Hajjar, MD – Neurologist, Bangor, ME

See SaneVax for more information on this topic and much more regarding HPV vaccinations and their dangers,

Professionals Link HPV Vaccines To Premature Menopause

In 2012, the British Medical Journal published a paper by Dr. Deidrie Little titled Premature Ovarian Failure 3  Years After Menarche in a 16 Year-Old Girl Following Human Papillomavirus Vaccination, in which Dr. Little detailed the case of a sixteen year-old girl suffering from premature menopause after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The summary of the paper stated:

“Premature ovarian failure in a well adolescent is a rare event. Its occurrence raises important questions about causation, which may signal other systemic concerns. This patient presented with amenorrhoea after identifying a change from her regular cycle to irregular and scant periods following vaccinations against human papillomavirus. She declined the oral contraceptives initially prescribed for amenorrhoea. The diagnostic tasks were to determine the reason for her secondary amenorrhoea and then to investigate for possible causes of the premature ovarian failure identified.

Although the cause is unknown in 90% of cases, the remaining chief identifiable causes of this condition were excluded. Premature ovarian failure was then notified as a possible adverse event following this vaccination. The young woman was counselled regarding preservation of bone density, reproductive implications and relevant follow-up. This event could hold potential implications for population health and prompts further inquiry.”

As the BMJ charges a fee to read their articles, interested readers can find a report about the case on the Weekly Briefing of the Population Research Institute’s website. The report stated that Dr. Little said that before the sixteen year-old received the vaccine Gardasil during the fall of 2008, her menstrual cycle was perfectly normal. However, by January 2009, her cycle had become irregular, and over the course of the next two years, her menses (bleeds) had become increasingly irregular. By 2011, she had ceased menstruating altogether.

The Weekly Briefing stated:

“In the Australian case, after testing the levels of numerous hormones, and the function of various internal organs, the girl was diagnosed by Dr. Little as having “premature ovarian failure”, which is defined as “the presence of menopausal gonadotrophin levels in association with over 3 months of amenorrhoea or oligomenorrhoea before age 40 years.”

Further testing confirmed that all of her eggs—every last one—were dead. She was and is totally and irrevocably infertile.”

The Weekly Briefing article has since been removed, but a complete copy of the article can be found on several websites, including Population Research Institute.

In 2013, scientists, Serena Colafrancesco, Carlo Perricone, Lucija Tomljenovic, and Yehuda Shoenfeld wrote a paper titled Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and Primary Ovarian Failure: Another Facet of the Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants.

The scientists studied the medical history of three young women who presented with ovarian failure after receiving the HPV vaccination. They stated that:

“All three patients developed secondary amenorrhea following HPV vaccinations, which did not resolve upon treatment with hormone replacement therapies. In all three cases sexual development was normal and genetic screen revealed no pertinent abnormalities (i.e., Turner’s syndrome, Fragile X test were all negative). Serological evaluations showed low levels of estradiol and increased FSH and LH and in two cases, specific auto-antibodies were detected (antiovarian and anti thyroid), suggesting that the HPV vaccine triggered an autoimmune response. Pelvic ultra- sound did not reveal any abnormalities in any of the three cases. All three patients experienced a range of common non-specific post-vaccine symptoms including nausea, headache, sleep disturbances, arthralgia and a range of cognitive and psychiatric disturbances. According to these clinical features, a diagnosis of primary ovarian failure (POF) was determined which also fulfilled the required criteria for the ASIA syndrome.”

It is interesting to note that the post-vaccination symptoms mentioned in this study are exactly the same adverse reactions that Judicial Watch highlighted in their review in 2008.


Professionals have been voicing their concerns regarding the safety of the HPV vaccinations for the past six years. Despite their growing unease, these vaccinations are still being recommended worldwide today. Growing increasingly concerned about the safety of HPV vaccinations, this year Japan took the leading role in the protection of young women and withdrew government recommendation for the administration of the vaccine.

Isn’t it about time other governments joined Japan and investigated these vaccines further, instead of allowing more and more injuries to occur every day? After all, they owe our children that much, surely?

If it were not for organizations like the CMSRI who fund and support many of the above scientists, helping them to carry out such important work, then the public would remain unaware of the truth surrounding the dangers of vaccinations.



TLB asks that you to please visit the CMSRI website for more outstanding/pertinent information. Be a part of something great … (Click on image to visit site)



Brain 1

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Today we are constantly being bombarded with toxic chemicals, bio-toxins, airborne pollutants, environmental toxins, toxic vaccines and more, all with very little sound science presented to us as to the long term effects they are having on our physiology. Yet as we look around us these days we see a society whose health is failing at an ever increasing rate. It would seem even to the most casual of observers that the very governmental agencies mandated with our protection are failing these tasks in a very significant fashion, leaving this vital mission to the likes of organizations such as CMSRI or The Liberty Beacon project. So once again Christina England steps up to inform and educate us as only she can.

Please read on …


What Happens to the Aluminum In Your Body After Vaccination?

By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England


As we learn more about vaccinations, we are beginning to question their safety and whether or not vaccines should include certain ingredients.

Aluminum has become one of the most negatively talked about products used today. In recent months, scientists have linked its use to cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and chemical burns. So, what is being done to protect the public from its many dangers?

It is a well known fact that aluminum-based adjuvants are included in preparations of many of our childhood vaccinations. The FDA stated:

“Aluminum salts are incorporated into some vaccine formulations as an adjuvant. An adjuvant is a substance added to some vaccines to enhance the immune response of vaccinated individuals. The aluminum salts in some U.S. licensed vaccines are aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, alum (potassium aluminum sulfate), or mixed aluminum salts. For example: aluminum salts are used in DTaP vaccines, the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, and hepatitis B vaccines.

Aluminum adjuvant containing vaccines have a demonstrated safety profile of over six decades of use and have only uncommonly been associated with severe local reactions. Of note, the most common source of exposure to aluminum is from eating food or drinking water.“

However, have you ever wondered what happens to the aluminum post-vaccination?

Important Study Delves Into the Unknown

In September 2014, a ground-breaking study written by a group of scientists funded by the Medical Research Council and the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) was published by, Scientific Reports.

Their study investigated whether or not aluminum adjuvants are taken up by a type of cell known to infiltrate the injection site post-vaccination.

Exciting Study Detects Ground-Breaking Evidence

Two years ago scientists M. Mold, H. Eriksson , P. Siesjo, A. Darabi, E. Shardlow & C. Exley came together in a joint effort to find out whether or not aluminum adjuvants are taken up by immune cells within the body.

The team led by Dr. Christopher Exley stated that:

“Aluminum-based adjutants (ABA) are the predominant adjuvants used in human vaccinations. While a consensus is yet to be reached on the aetiology of the biological activities of ABA several studies have identified shape, crystallinity and size as critical factors affecting their adjuvanticity. In spite of recent advances, the fate of ABA following their administration remains unclear.”

To enable the scientists to clearly examine what happens to the adjuvant aluminum once it enters the body, the scientists used a fluorescent molecular probe, called lumogallion, to enable them to find out whether or not the cells take up the aluminum adjuvants.

Lumogalliona is used by scientists to make any aluminum inside the cells glow a fluorescent shade of orange. Lumogallion binds the aluminum and the complex produces a characteristic florescence.

In the past, it was believed but not confirmed, that when a person was vaccinated with a vaccine containing an adjuvant, the adjuvant would attach itself to the antigen or virus and make its way to the lymph nodes, where it would trigger an immune response.

The scientists stated that:

“When formulated in vaccine preparations, ABA (aluminum based aduvants) both potentiate the efficacy of weak antigens and shape the resultant immune response. Use of antigen only often results in weak immunopotentiation and little or no antibody production.”

They continued:

“Whilst the efficacy of ABA is undisputed, a consensus is yet to be reached upon their biological activities in vivo. ABA including aluminum hydroxide preparations are used in vaccinating against diphtheria, hepatitis A and B and against human papilloma virus (HPV) to prevent cervical cancers.”

Note: definition of ‘in vivo; – within the living.

Their Discovery Explained

Using two different formulations of aluminum oxyhydroxide AlO (OH), one that is clinically approved for vaccinations and the other, an experimental formulation of the adjuvant, Dr. Exley and his team investigated whether or not the aluminum adjuvant used in vaccinations could enter monocytic THP-1 cell lines.

This is extremely important research because, as evidenced above, aluminum based aduvants are used in the manufacturing process of many of our children’s vaccinations. Up to now, there has been little research, if any, to find out what happens to the aluminum after vaccination. This raises some important questions:

Does the aluminum from vaccinations enter cells after vaccination?

If it does, then which cells does it enter?

What happens to aluminum once inside the body?

The researchers stated:

“The unequivocal identification of intracellular ABA may prove essential for the understanding of the adjuvanticity of ABAs administered in human vaccinations.”

This Study is Only the Beginning!

This is only the beginning, because if scientists are able to find aluminum in the THP – 1 cell lines, it may also be possible, using this technique, to discover where else in the body the aluminum used in vaccinations can be found, including the brain.

This is a massive breakthrough and may change the way that vaccines are manufactured in the future. If nothing else, it tells us that aluminum adjuvant contained within the vaccine will not necessarily remain at the injection site but could be carried throughout the body and this could include the brain.

This is something the researchers hope to investigate further in the future, along with the implications the aluminum may have on the immune system and the monocytic cells when they contain aluminum.

Does it mean that the immune cells do not work as well?


It is shocking to realize that whilst many of the vaccinations used today contain the adjuvant aluminum, the manufactures making the vaccines have no idea where the aluminum goes after the vaccination has been administered and therefore have no idea how dangerous it is.

If studies have never taken place to find out what happens to aluminum once it has been injected into the human body, then we need to be asking what else has not been studied concerning vaccinations?

I am sure readers will agree that a huge thank-you must go to all the researchers involved in this ground-breaking research and also to the CMSRI who have contributed to the funding of this research and helped to make their important research possible.


TLB asks that you to please visit this site for some outstanding/pertinent information. Please donate to this worthy organization and be a part of something great!

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