Raped in a playground at 11, abused by seven men a night aged 12: Victim of Rotherham Asian sex gang scandal tells her truly horrifying story

'You're the prettiest girl but I get turned on by someone slimmer': Woman shames 'shallow' Tinder date in open letter after being told she was TOO FAT to fancy

Michelle Thomas, 30, from Crystal Palace, London, went on a Tinder date and the next day she received a message from him criticising her figure. The man said she was pretty and interesting but too big.

Chimp porn, strangers and ourselves: Tracey Cox reveals the surprising and strange things that REALLY turn women on

A1ENH6 Romantic couple in bedroom

What really turns women on? Being seduced by a sexy stranger? Being tied up and spanked? Sex with another woman? Top scientists and TRACEY COX say the answer is all of the above - and more....

Here comes Granny! Adorable new video reveals what little Prince George REALLY calls the Queen 

Prince William and Prince George were overheard referring to the Queen as 'Granny' in footage captured as father and son left St. Mary Magdalene church in Sandringham after the royal christening.


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What REALLY went on behind closed doors at Cliveden: It was the scene of the Profumo affair and now the house's new chatelaine tells the definitive history of its scandalous 350 year past

Cliveden house's new chatelaine Natalie Livingstone tells history of its 350 year past

In 1961, Cliveden, inset, played host to the most heinous of all scandals that nearly brought British parliament to a standstill: the infamous Profumo affair between Christine Keeler, an arrestingly seductive 19 year-old showgirl, left, and John Profumo, secretary of state for war, right. Here, historian and author Natalie Livingstone, whose husband now owns the Grade 1 listed property, shares an extract of her new book, The Mistresses of Cliveden: Three Centuries of Scandal, Power and Intrigue, with FEMAIL - and provides a compelling insight into what really went on behind closed doors...

Papa John's pizza founder has his hands insured for £10MILLION... putting him in the same league as Heidi Klum's legs and Madonna's breasts

In a bold move by Papa John's to protect one of its most important assets, founder John Schnatter is thought to be the first pizza maker in the UK to have his hands insured by Lloyd's of London.

Look away now, Prince Harry! Cressida Bonas tries (and fails) to hide as she leaves Mayfair restaurant with mystery man 

WORLD EXCLUSIVE\nALL ROUND PHOTO EXCLUSIVE\nThese Photos are Available  for Usage only to the following ........\nDaily Mail, daily Star, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Express\nNEWSPAPERS PRINT  £3000 FOR SET \nINTERNET USAGE £1500 FOR SET\nWHO'S THAT GUY!\nCressida Bonas with NEW boyfriend !!!\nlast night i was at the one show waiting for Michael Douglass , he left the BBC Studios at 7.35 and i guessed he would go for dinner, previously i got pics of him at La Caprice many years ago so i drove there , got there at 7.58pm  and as i parked the car, at 8pm cressida arrived at La Caprice Restaurant  in Mayfair with the Mystery man , Walking down the street,gazing at each other ,HOLDING HANDS!\n they stayed in Restaurant for 2 and a Half Hours , as pics show Cressida tried her best to hide in car, but That made for the much better pic of the Mystery Man Cuddling Cressida showing the Closeness Between them!\nby looking at previous events online it looks like they met at the Art Antiques Lon

The 26-year-old, who went make-up-free, attempted to conceal her identity as she ducked in the taxi after dinner at Le Caprice in Mayfair, London.

'People still call me names': Teenager left horribly burned by a house fire as a baby reveals pain of cruel bullies branding her 'Freddy Krueger' because of her scars

Chantelle Ryan, 19, from Burnley, Lancashire, is looking forward to starting a hair and beauty course and having her first child this autumn, after years of feeling ashamed of her appearance.

An apple a day keeps the FAT away: The 30 foods you should be eating if you want to lose weight

Experts say that foods such as almonds, peanut butter, red wine, and asparagus, all have properties which can eliminate hunger and speed up your body's fat burning power.

Kim means business! Mrs Murray wears £245 tuxedo work jacket to watch Andy's Wimbledon quarter final clash

The 27-year-old artist wore the £245 Le Marais Tuxedo Jacket in Midnight Blue by fashion brand The Fold who are based in Clerkenwell.

Designer dresses, diamonds and five-star dinners: How girls as young as ELEVEN are spending thousands to be the ultimate prom queens

Tara Finley, 18, Karan Gill, 11, Isabella Cowan, 16 and Charli Shearer, 17 (pictured left to right) are just some of the girls spending thousands on outfits for their end of school proms.

Casual in khaki! Zara Phillips opts for understated elegance as she attends Wimbledon with husband Mike Tindall  

Zara Phillips added a rock edge to her Wimbledon look with black Ray-Ban sunglasses and spiked stiletto heels this afternoon. She is attending the event with her husband Mike Tindall.

Not to be sniffed at! The world's first whisky moustache wax that promises to enhance the flavour of your drink goes on sale

The Boldest Wax collection, which come in three scents - Piperine Pepper, Citrus Essence and Ginger Root - are meant to intensify the flavour of your drink with every sip.

'Wearing headphones disrespects the game and the crowd': Wimbledon icon Martina Navratilova slams tennis stars for listening to music as they walk on Centre Court

When Serena and Victoria Azarenka wore earphones as they walked on Centre Court for their match yesterday, they didn't count on getting a tongue-lashing from nine-time champion Martina.

Mother reveals fiancé called off wedding while she was pregnant after falling for brunette he met on his STAG DO... but she took him back and married him anyway

Lauraine Dineen, 31, from Oxfordshire, was dumped by text after her fiancé met a pretty brunette on his lads' weekend away. The pregnant bride-to-be took James, 33, back and they now have two children.

'That refreshing feeling of rain falling on my head': Wimbledon ROOF on Centre Court has its own comedy Twitter account... with 16,000 fans and tweets from Roger Federer

There's more to the Centre Court roof than meets the eye. A Twitter wit set up the @WimbledonRoof account three years ago and regularly posts about life above the world's most famous tennis stage

'Kiss the awkward goodbye!' Disabled men and women lock lips with their real-life partners in intimate video... to prove 'we're all the same'

Real-life couples are shown enjoying tender moments in a new film which aims to shatter some of the stigma surrounding disability. It is part of a campaign by UK charity Scope.

'The first cells were probably...? Lonely': The best things children have written in school tests when they had NO idea what the answer was

These pictures reveal some of the cheeky, imaginative and downright comical wrong answers given by clueless students when presented with a question that leaves them stumped.



The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star stood out at the premier of Dope in a bold sleeveless crimson jumpsuit which she paired with flashy black lace-up stiletto booties. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Kylie Jenner looked summery in fiery red Kylie Jenner looked summery in fiery red

'Massive Mike, Legally Bulge, Flubber': Beauty brand Benefit upsets customers by joining fat-shaming hashtag on Twitter... including size 22 model Tess Holliday

Benefit upsets customers by joining fat-shaming twitter hashtag #MakeAMovieAFatty

Benefit UK has been accused of poking fun at the plus-size community after turning derogatory terms into film titles. The high-street company has since deleted its tweets and issued several apologies after criticism from plus-size bloggers, as well as size 22 model Tess Holliday (left) - who has previously modelled for the brand.

He's 'misunderstood', your friends don't like him and he bad mouths his ex: The warning signs that mean YOUR relationship is doomed (and the ones most women ignore)

puff breakup femail.JPG

Are there some early indications that could help women to spot the heart-breaker at the outset? Relationship expert Annie Kaszina thinks so. Here, she shares the relationship red flags.

'I have no morning sickness or post-natal depression and my last labour was just 15 minutes': 'Fitmum', 35, is expecting baby number SIX... and says her 'fit pregnancies' are the best experience of her life

Sharny Kieser is certain that her most recent pregnancy was trouble-free thanks to her lifestyle overhaul. In her first four pregnancies she suffered morning sickness and post-natal depression.

Incredible wooden eco-house that swivels towards the sun in winter and away in summer could be yours for £642,000 (and it's earthquake proof too)

Bored of looking at the same view out your bedroom window? This dome home in New Paltz, New York, which spins 180 degrees so you never have the same outlook twice.

Accessorise All Areas: For a look perfect for the office or the weekend... Why stripes never go out of style 

Team your stripes with a stylish pendant, cute sandals or a stylish, colour-blocked bag for a look that is perfect for the office or a date.

Exotic and daring or embarrassing and unflattering? Two VERY opinionated mothers discuss how British women fare in the summer fashion stakes

As the heat rises, Brits are joyfully diving into their summer wardrobes. Two FEMAIL writers argue whether women should embrace the exotic and throw caution to the non-existent wind.

IT girl Alexa Chung showcases her trim figure and impeccable style as she unveils her latest denim range for AG Jeans

ALEXA CHUNG FOR AG via STYLEBOP.com Campaign Image (3).jpg

The 31-year-old Brit, who now resides in New York, has unveiled the latest drop from her collaboration with premium denim brand, AG Jeans.

Neon mankinis, beachwear made from CDs and bikinis fashioned from SWEETS: Are these the most epic holiday fails ever?

Epic Fail-Bathing Suits, a page created by Jodi Warnick, shares snaps of some of the biggest swimwear fails of all times.

Would you pay £600 for dessert? New dish served to millionaires with private jets is made with coconut and CAT DROPPINGS

A company that caters for millionaire passengers from London's Stansted Airport claims the cost of its fancy 'Kopi Luwak Coffee Coconut Gold Dessert' is down to the exotic ingredients.

Woman wears fancy dress every day for a YEAR to raise £30,000 for cancer charity... and even goes to a funeral as an angel

Eve Hazelton, 29, a photography director from Teignmouth, Devon, came up with the unusual idea last year after her best friend's mother died from breast cancer.

Should YOUR man wax away his hairy chest? It's so fashionable human rug BRIAN VINER decided to try it. His verdict? Aaaaaaargh!

This week, I had my decidedly hirsute torso stripped of every last hair, returning me to the smooth, pinkish and, in truth, rather blubbery form that I remember from about 40 years ago.

Hats off for Henley! The regatta with the world's strictest dress code returns... but did everyone make it past the style police? 

Henley Royal Regatta is now in full swing, with thousands of revellers descending on the Thames at Henley to see the rowing action. The dress code is one of the toughest in the world.

The women who NEVER let even their husbands see them without make-up: The secret to a happy marriage - or sad proof of female insecurity?

The women who NEVER let their husbands see them without make-up

Extraordinary though it may sound, Samantha Micklethwaite has never let her husband see her without make up. The 31-year-old wakes at 4am and while her husband, Wayne, lies sleeping, she removes the make-up she's been wearing overnight, only to painstakingly apply more. 'I worry he won't find me as attractive with a bare face,' she admits. Samantha's morning routine sounds arduous, not to mention costly, yet she is not alone. A recent survey found that one-third of women get up before their partner to apply make-up in secret, while 3 per cent would never let a man see them au naturel at all. But can a woman's marriage ever be happy - or healthy - if she won't let her husband see her in the way nature intended?

The beauty swaps that can SAVE you £400: How to switch branded premium products for own-brand options that work just as well

This summer, Superdrug is challenging us to swap branded premium products for its own-brand options - with a money-back guarantee if you're not happy.

The rise of vontouring: Cosmetic doctor unveils treatment that uses thermal energy to plump, tighten and reduce the size of a woman's nether region 

07 Jan 2014 --- OUTPATIENT SURGERY --- Image by © AMELIE-BENOIST / BSIP/BSIP/Corbis

Designed for women who are dissatisfied with the shape, size or sensation levels of their labia, the non-invasive method promises to remodel your nether region.

Is the 'no arch brow' the cheap and painless way to knock ten years off your face? Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Natalie Portman champion Korean beauty trend

Whilst seriously arched brows have long been the most fashionable style thanks to their ability to open the eyes up, experts believe that they actually draw attention to your fine lines.

Can hanging upside down REALLY improve your skin? A FEMAIL writer dangles by her ankles to find out after Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes swear by the benefits

Inversion tables are said to reduce back and neck pain, improve circulation, induce a general sense of well-being and boost the complexion. Naomi Greenaway, from London, puts one to the test.