Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

This is the original horror-shocker, and honestly, it beats all subsequent remakes.

Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter play the inhabitants of a typical small American town who gradually become aware that all is not well. People are behaving strangely. They look the way they always did, but there's something otherworldly about them.

The full horror comes with the discovery that an alien force, with seed pods that can breed replicants of the citizenry, is taking over the town until the stars are the only ones left uncontaminated (and even that's not certain).

The film gains a moral force, quite apart from its considerable suspense, by being an allegory of the way McCarthyism was forcing Americans to conform and lose their independent voice and actions in the Fifties.

It's a model of how to suggest far more than a scanty budget would permit.

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