Woman threatened with Aids virus

A woman who was bound and gagged in her bedroom by two masked intruders told today how they threatened to inject her with the Aids virus.

Lesley Foreman, 58, said she thought she was going to be murdered when the men broke into her isolated cottage in Emery Down, near Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

Police are investigating a possible link with two other attacks this year, including one on New Year's Eve involving a 91-year-old man.

Mrs Foreman's terrifying ordeal started shortly after her husband Chris left for work at 7.40am on Friday morning.

Shaking and on the brink of tears, Mrs Foreman told a police press conference: 'I was still in bed and I was just lying there thinking that I would get up.

'Two men burst into my bedroom with balaclavas. One grabbed me and tied me up. They said they knew who I was and all about me and wanted my jewellery. If I didn't give it to them they were going to inject me with the Aids virus. So I just said 'It is there, take it, take it'.'

'They tied me up, bound me and gagged me. It was terrible. I was so frightened, I thought they were going to murder me.

'I begged them not to gag me, as I could have choked to death as I have got asthma. They paid no attention and they just shoved toilet paper in my mouth.'

Mrs Foreman was punched in the face twice, although she said she did not see a syringe in the hands of her attackers. She also did not know how long the intruders were there but once bound and gagged they began to systematically ransack the cottage.

They escaped with what police described as a 'substantial' amount of jewellery and cash - including krugerrands and gold sovereigns belonging to Mrs Foreman's late mother and father.

They also took Rolex watches belonging to her husband.

Once the robbers fled through the back door, Mrs Foreman tried to get help. At one point she fell down some stairs but eventually managed to free her hands and dial 999.

Mrs Foreman, who struggled for 30 minutes to get help, was treated for shock and minor injuries at Southampton General Hospital.

A £10,000 reward has been offered by the couple for information leading to the men's conviction.

Mr Foreman, 53, who owns a car body repair garage in Southampton, said: 'It is a despicable thing to have happened. How would you feel with your wife threatened with a syringe with Aids in it - disgust, hatred, anger?'

Detectives said the men appeared to know who they were targeting and it was not being considered a random attack. They want to speak to anyone who saw a red saloon or a white Transit van in Emery Down on the morning of the attack.

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