Cast check in for Crossroads

The cast of hotel soap Crossroads has checked in for filming - 12 years after the series was last aired on TV.

Actors for the show posed in the new hotel built to replace the old motel set, famed for its shaky scenery and creaking sets.

This time round, the soap has been injected with a touch of high-octane sex appeal. Although old favourites such as Jane Rossington, who plays Jill Chance, will appear in the series, slow-witted Benny will be replaced by hunky handyman Bradley Clarke. He will be joined by former Price Is Right hostess Cindy Marshall-Day, who will play beauty salon manager Tracey Booth.

The £10million remake is being filmed in Redmile, Leicester. It will form the centrepiece of ITV?s daytime schedule next spring.

Among others joining the motel are former Hollyoaks stars James McKenzie Robinson and Toby Sawyer, who have been cast as waiters, and Liverpool One actress Rebecca Hazlewood who plays streetwise waitress Beana Vaz.

The new motel owners Kate and Patrick Russell will be played by Jane Gurnett - nurse Rachel Longworth in Casualty - and Neil McCaul, whose recent credits include Eastenders and Hearts and Bones.

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