Celebrity beauty secrets

by LIZ STOUT, femail.co.uk

We all know that without their make-up celebrities look as average as the rest of us. But which products are the products they swear by to give them real star quality?

Most rely on a few tried and trusted products and instead of costing the earth and more often than not you can easily pick them up at your local chemist or department store.

Kate Winslet loves her Body Shop Colourings lipstick in Cranberry (£5), while pop icon Madonna, prefers the more moody tones of Clinique's Long Last lipstick in Black Violet (£10.50).

Actress, Julianne Moore's skincare regime includes Olay's Complete Care Moisturising Fluid, which costs a very reasonable £5.99/100ml.

Hard Candy Blush Duet in Starlight (£24.50), is a favourite of Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, as is BeneFit's Mocha Frosting lip colour (£13.50).

If you've ever wondered what lurks inside the make-up bag of your other favourite movie stars, take a look at femail.co.uk's insider's gallery.

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