Capital Floyd

In the latest in his series of reports from capital cities, Keith Floyd (pictured) rolls into Prague in the back of a vintage car, wearing an extravagant fur hat and a well-lunched expression.

Soon, to the mild curiosity of onlookers, he is cooking up goulash and dumplings in Wenceslas Square. The best of the action, however, takes place outside town.

First Floyd visits a fish farm where carp are reared in a way that dates back to medieval times. Then - be warned, vegetarians or any viewers of a squeamish disposition - there's a traditional village celebration which begins with the slaughter of a pig and ends with a feast involving every part of the late porker (except the grunt).

Floyd's heart leaps at the sight of the dead pig hanging on a tripod bleeding gently, and soon the enthusiastic chef is up to his elbows in blood, cheerfully helping to prepare the 'slaughter soup'.

Don't try this at home.

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