Man, seduced at 15, faces CSA bill

A plumber who is being chased for thousands of pounds in maintenance bills for a child he fathered when he was 15 today insisted he would not pay up.

John Walker says he intends to fight the Child Support Agency over cash he is due to pay for his nine-year-old son, whom he has never met.

Mr Walker, 25, was seduced by a woman, then 25, as a schoolboy in Eastwood, near Nottingham.

The CSA first began chasing Mr Walker, now of Acocks Green, Birmingham, three years ago after a DNA test proved he was the boy's father.

He estimates the total maintenance bill will top £55,000 by the time the boy finishes full-time education.

Mr Walker told PA News: "This has turned my life upside down. I will not pay and I don't see why I should have to.

"If it was the other way round and I had been 25, I would have been prosecuted for rape. I feel I am a victim and a criminal, but I have done nothing wrong."

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