Pc killed family after wife said she was leaving him - inquest

A police officer bludgeoned his wife and two of his children to death in a frenzied hammer attack after his wife told him that she was leaving him and taking their children away, an inquest was told today.

Pc Karl Bluestone, 36, carried out the horrific attack on his wife Jill, 31, and two of their children Henry, three, and Chandler, 18 months, at their home in Gravesend, Kent on August 28 this year.

The inquest in Gravesend heard that Pc Bluestone became increasingly irate in the days leading up to the attack, believing that Jill was having an affair with a colleague from work.

Two other children Jessica, six, and Jack, seven, survived the attack.

The court heard a chilling description of what happened to their mother in a statement recounting Jessica's words.

She ran from the family home after her father had banged her head against the wooden floor while hitting her mother with the hammer.

She told a neighbour: "Daddy banged my head on the wooden floor, I cannot get mummy out of my mind.

"She had blood coming out of her neck. I don't want daddy to kill mummy."

Henry, three, was found lying in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs and Chandler, 18 months was found dead in his cot.

Jill was found in the kitchen with the hammer laced with blood lying beside her.

Pc Bluestone, after carrying out the brutal

attacks, went into the garage and hung himself with a piece of rope he had brought earlier that day.

Coroner Roger Hatch recorded verdicts of unlawful killing for Jill, Henry and Chandler with the cause of death recorded as head injuries.

The verdict for Pc Bluestone was one of suicide with the cause of death as suspension.

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