Brad Pitt's 'near breakdown'

A fortune in the bank, a beautiful wife and a booming film career are not enough to make Brad Pitt happy.

In an extraordinary interview which recalls a doleful rant by his wife Jennifer Aniston earlier this year, the 37-year- old actor says he feels oppressed by fame and has come close to a nervous breakdown.

The star of Fight Club and Seven tells the magazine Vanity Fair he is bored with movies and acting and looks forward to retiring from Hollywood in five to seven years.

Pitt says he spent 18 months in therapy after hitting a psychological barrier. 'I crashed and burned so I wanted to understand how I operate. I came from a place where you had to be crazy to go to a crazy doctor, and my background is very few words.'

In a reference to the singer who spent several weeks in hospital after a breakdown this summer, he adds: 'I've thought about pulling a Mariah Carey but I know too much now.'

Interviewed by Vanity Fair in April, Friends star Miss Aniston said the year in which she married Pitt had been the hardest year of her life and she was dogged by 'low self esteem' and a 'sense of shame'.

Her husband talks in a similar vein about the 'sickness' of his life.

He says: 'The thing with our marriage was that there was an opening in the Hollywood couple slot and unfortunately we've fallen into it, which I don't like very much.

'I don't like throwing us into this box. It doesn't leave us room to be human, to make our mistakes and have our struggles, because that will just be another story, a whole new other life for the rags.'

Like so many before him, Pitt complains he is public property and unable to conduct a normal life.

'We are treated as special. We get away with things that other people can't. And you start to believe the lie that you are special, that you're better than other people.

'You start demanding that kind of treatment. Most of the time I fight it because I know I'm going to get older and it's going to go away but at times I succumb to it.

'I'll tell you truthfully I am completely bored with myself in films. It's time for me to try either a new direction or new horizons.

'I have other interests I want to pursue that mean more to me.

'I find myself looking forward to a family.

'It's not that I'm self absorbed. Anything that's going to take the focus off myself, I welcome.'

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