Pete and Jenny

Name: Pete Gifford

Played by: John Thomson


Occupation: Financial auditor

Characteristics: Overweight, good-natured, lager-loving lad in a man's body.

Loves:Football (the armchair variety), quizzes (he's pub quiz champion and even turned Jenny's ante-natal classes into a contest).

Hates: Golf - David is always trying to teach him.

Love life: Married to Jenny but had an affair with a work colleague in series two. Jenny found out and threw him out. During the last series dated Karen and David's Spanish au-pair Ramona and a young English teacher.

Finest hour A valiant 007-style attempt to take pictures of Rachel with the baby he thinks is Adam's with a disposable camera in a supermarket. It turns out to belong to a Chinese friend of hers. Also performed a saucy tango at David's party after attending lessons with Ramona.

Shameful episode: Cheated on his wife with nymphomaniac Amy, a colleague who once dated Adam.

Where we left him: In bed with estranged wife Jenny after a drunken night out.

Most likely to say: "It's the charity shield. We can't change it on account of your period!"

John on Pete: "He's my favourite character of everyone I've ever played. There's not a bad bone in his body."

Name: Jenny Gifford

Played by: Fay Ripley

Age: 33

Occupation: Was temping but the new series will see her as a successful receptionist for a large chain of hotels.

Characteristics: Straight-talking, no-nonsense northerner. A master in one-liners with a tendency to open her mouth and ram her foot firmly in it - mistook Rachel's comment about some milk "It's finished!" to be about her impending marriage and told her they'd all been thinking it was the wrong move.

Loves: Star Wars - she went to David's party as Princess Lea with Danish pastries strapped to the sides of her head.

Hates: Infidelity, slovenly men.

Lovelife: Married to Pete with whom she has a son 'little Adam'. Last series saw her in relationship with dot com millionaire Robert, which finished when he couldn't fit in with her friends.

Finest hour: Divulged then acted out her Victorian chamber maid sexual fantasy complete with basque and whip.

Shameful episode: Fell for Pete's best friend Adam in series two and threw herself at him.

Where we left her: In bed with Pete again after dumping her rich but boring man.

Most likely to say: "Ooops, I shouldn't have said anything."

Fay on Jenny: "I like Jenny for the same reason the public do. She says the things that everyone else is thinking. It's refreshing to be able to do that".

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