Adam and Rachel

Name: Adam Williams

Played by: James Nesbitt

Age: 32

Occupation: Systems Analyst

Characteristics: Fun-loving, wise-cracking Irish charmer. A womaniser by nature but a romantic at heart he once winched himself and a group of Mexican musicians up the side of Rachel's office on their anniversary to serenade her.

Loves: Lager, Frank Sinatra.

Hates: Cats - he's allergic, Rachel's exes (one, a karate champ, chased him naked down the street), commitment (suggested he and Rachel duplicate their wardrobes as an alternative to moving in together).

Love life: A serial monogamist until he met Rachel when they crashed cars in a supermarket car-park. She wrote her number on his windscreen but it washed off. He spent the following weekend in the car-park looking for her. After a series of domestic crises they married at the end of the last series.

Finest hour: Won Rachel back at the end of the pilot episode by serenading her naked in the street with a rose clenched between his buttocks..

Shameful episode: Hooking up with an old flame on his stag weekend a betrayal which will haunt him in the new series.

Where we left him: Recovering from testicular cancer.

Most likely to say: "How about a beer then?"

James on Adam: "Adam has always been the one most committed to love..ever since the pilot, when he made a decision about Rachel, it's always been there that she's the one for him."

Name: Rachel Bradley

Played by: Helen Baxendale

Age: 31

Occupation: Advertising Account Manager

Characteristics: Highly strung middle-class professional whose idea of a good hen night was a trip to a health farm. Self confident and ambitious she values her close girlfriends. She's an unpredictable and frisky lover - in series one she had sex with Adam in a shop window.

Loves: Her red mini. Being romanced.

Hates:Commitment-phobic men.

Love life: Turbulent. Her secret first marriage was only uncovered when new beau Adam found the marriage certificate in their flat. Finally married Adam at the end of the last series.

Finest hour: Flipped out in spectacular style on her hen-night. Stood for hours in the middle of a health club swimming pool after Jenny admitted to having snogged Adam. Then drove all her hens to Dublin to find him on his stag night.

Shameful episode: While living with Adam, had a one night stand with her ex-husband, discovered she was pregnant and, unsure of the father's identity, ran off to London for an abortion without telling Adam.

Where we left her: Struggling with the realisation she can't conceive following the failure of IVF treatment.

Most likely to say:"Bloody hell Adam!"

Helen on Rachel:"She's resilient. I like the fact that she keeps going despite everything that happens to her".

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