Big Brother pair get together

Big Brother lovebirds Helen Adams and Paul Clarke have declared they are officially an item, it was reported today.

The couple, whose 'will they, won't they?' antics in the TV house kept viewers spellbound, admitted they have been secretly dating since a week after the TV show ended.

However they said they have only seen each other four or five times since Big Brother finished on July 27.

Speaking to Heat magazine, which was reported in The Mirror today, the couple opened their hearts about their much publicised relationship.

Zany Welsh hairdresser Helen, 23, said: "I've never looked into a bloke's eyes before and saw all the lights flashing past."

Car designer, Paul, 25, added: "I love Helen to pieces - I love her as a person - and my feelings are getting stronger all the time. I can honestly say I've never felt like this about a girl before."

But the couple remained coy about whether they had consummated their relationship after their teasing in front of the cameras.

Helen came second to air steward Brian Dowling in the final vote.

Paul told Heat magazine: "I think Helen had been out a week and we decided. It was what we both wanted. We were on the phone. We'd gone a week without seeing each other and we decided to get it together."

He added: "Just because we're in the public eye, there's no way we are going to tell people about our sexual activities.

"The whole country may want to know but they're never going to. We're boyfriend and girlfriend and that's all people need to know."

Paul, from Reading, Berkshire, said he loved Helen to pieces and that their relationship was a "little bit special".

Helen, from Cwmbran, South Wales, said: "Paul's got nice cheekbones, nice clothes, and all my other boyfriends have been bad. He's a nice, honest, genuine guy who's got a lot of respect for me. He's lush."

Paul said they had seen each other only four or five times since Big Brother ended.

He added: "Last weekend Helen came over to visit me and my parents in Reading. It was great as it meant we managed to spend some quality time together."

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