Book Of The Week: In The Footsteps Of Mr Kurtz

Arriving in Zaire, Michella Wrong felt the cold thud of fear that comes from being in a place where the normal rules don't apply, where the safety net's been taken away.

Michella was on the trail of President Mobuto, a man once known as 'Papa' to his people but a man who had come to bankrupt his country and turn it into a no-go area for the rest of the world.

It's a tense, dramatic account - a series of vivid images of child-soldiers with Kalashnikovs, a presidential palace full of fake marble and gun-toting hit squads racing through the streets, show a country living in murderous chaos.

Michella finds parallels between Mobuto and Conrad anti-hero Mr Kurtz, from Heart Of Darkness, in this gripping account read by Janice Acquah.

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