A Small Summer Party

Rob Brydon, Ann Oberman, Steve Coogan and Hugo Blick undertake a Star Wars-style prequel to their excellent series Marion And Geoff.

It's the fateful day of Marion and Keith's barbecue and her colleague Geoff is presenting her with a BMW for meeting her sales targets.

As the camera pans around the house there are excruciating touches such as the plethora of 'Mummy looking cross' pictures drawn by Keith's 'two little smashers'. The house fills with in-laws and neighbours, but it soon becomes apparent that poor old Keith is being cuckolded under his very roof while he tends to the chipolatas.

He stands impotent in his novelty apron, a man spinning out of control while the whole thing is caught on home video.

The writing and acting are outstanding, and Brydon cuts a truly pathetic figure as he tries to impose some control over the chaos. The best TV so far this year.

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