GnuWin Packages

Each package can be installed by right-clicking on the entry in the column Setup, choosing Save as... and waiting till the download window appears. Alternatively, you can click on the entry in the column Setup; if your favorite download site has been saved in a cookie, the download window will automatically appear; otherwise, follow the instructions, choose a download site, and wait till the download window appears.

When the download window has appeared, you can proceed in two ways:

At the end of the installation setup you will be given the option to download the sources. If after the installation you wish to get the sources, then go to the package page by clicking on the entry in the column Package. There you can also install from individual zip files, which are smaller in size than the install programs; but then you will have to take care of any dependencies, as listed in the requirements section of the package page, yourself.

Package Version   Description   Setup
A2Ps 4.14   format files for printing on a Postscript printer   Setup
Arc 5.21j   create & extract files from .arc files   Setup
Arj 3.10.22   archiver for .arj files   Setup
Ascii_Chart 0.9   plot bar charts (extension to PlotUtils)   Setup
Attr 2.4.14   library and utilities for extended attributes (NT / 2000 / XP)   Setup
AutoConf 2.63   creating automatic configuration scripts   Setup
AutoMake 1.9.4   tool for automatically generating's   Setup
Awka 0.7.5   AWK to C translator and library   Setup
Barcode 0.98   barcode library and utility   Setup
Bc 1.06   arbitrary precision calculator and language   Setup
Bison 2.4.1   Yacc-compatible parser generator   Setup
Bm2Font 2.0   convert a bitmap to a TeX font    
Bmp2Png 1.54   convert between bitmap images and PNG images   Setup
BsdTar 2.4.12   manipulate archives (.tar, .gz, .z, .bz2, .zip)   Setup
Btyacc 3.0   a version of Byacc with backtracking   Setup
Byacc 1.9   Berkeley Yacc: LALR(1) parser generator   Setup
Bzip2 1.0.5   file compressor   Setup
Calc   arbitrary precision calculator   Setup
Chsuf 0.9   changes the suffix of files   Setup
CompFace 1.5.2   compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files   Setup
CoreUtils 5.3.0   GNU file, shell and text utilities   Setup
Cpio 2.6   copy files to and from archives   Setup
Cproto 4.7c   generate C function prototypes and convert function definitions   Setup
Cpuid 3.3   CPU identification utility   Setup
Crafty 22.1   chess program: new package   Setup
Crypt 2.2.5   cryptographic functions from the GNU C library    
CygUtils 1.3.2   miscellaneous utilities   Setup
DeHtml 1.5   remove html constructs from documents   Files
DeRoff 2.0   remove roff, tbl, eqn, refer and pic constructs from documents   Setup
Diction 1.11   print wordy and commonly misused phrases in sentences   Setup
DiffUtils 2.8.7   show differences between files   Setup
DmiDecode 2.10   DMI-table and BIOS decoder   Setup
DosChk 1.1   ensure that source names are distinguishable   Setup
DviDj 1.0   print dvi files on HP Color Deskjets    
Ed 1.2   line-oriented text editor   Setup
Edll 0.6   enhanced dynamic linking library allowing plugins and libraries with undefined symbols (LGPL)   Setup
Edll-Bfd 0.6   enhanced dynamic linking library allowing plugins and libraries with undefined symbols (GPL)   Setup
Enscript 1.6.3   convert text files to PostScript   Setup
Fax2Png 1.0   1-bit multipage TIFF (fax) to PNG image converter   Setup
FdLibM 5.2   C math library for machines that support IEEE 754 floating-point   Setup
File 5.03   determine file type   Setup
FileType 0.1.3   file type reporting program   Setup
FileUtils 5.3.0   GNU file utilities   Setup
FindUtils 4.2.20   find and operate on files   Setup
Flex 2.5.4a   fast lexical analyzer generator   Setup
FreeType 2.3.5   font engine and rasterizer   Setup
Gawk 3.1.6   pattern scanning and processing   Setup
Gcal 3.01   print calendars   Setup
GCC-doc 3.0   documentation for the GNU compiler collection    
Gd 2.0.33   graphics library for fast image creation   Setup
Gdbm 1.8.3   GNU database manager   Setup
GenGetopt 2.20   generate a C function that parses and validates command-line options   Setup
GetText 0.14.4   library and tools for native language support   Setup
Gif2Png 2.5.1   convert GIF image to PNG image   Setup
GifLib 4.1.4   library and tools for GIF images   Setup
Glibc-doc 2.2.5   documentation for the GNU C library    
Glpk 4.34   GNU linear programming kit   Setup
GnuChess 5.07   GNU chess program   Setup
Gperf 3.0.1   generate a perfect hash function from a key set   Setup
Grap 1.43   language for typesetting graphs (Troff / Groff and LaTeX)   Setup
Grep 2.5.4   print lines matching a pattern   Setup
Gri 2.12.10   language for scientific graphics applications   Setup
Groff 1.20.1   tools for text processing, e.g. for man pages   Setup
Gsar 1.21   general search and replace program   Setup
Gsl 1.8   GNU scientific library   Setup
Gzip 1.3.12   file compressor   Setup
Hello 2.4   GNU greeting program   Setup
Help2Man 1.35.1   generate man page from help text of program   Setup
Hodie 1.4   print the date in Latin   Setup
Hp2xx 3.4.4   convert HP-GL plotter language files   Setup
Id-utils 4.0   tools for indexing   Setup
Indent 2.2.10   format C source code   Setup
IrisTools 2.1.5   library and tools for .rgb images   Setup
JbigKit 1.6   library and tools for JBIG images   Setup
Jpeg 6b   library and tools for JPEG images   Setup
Jpeg2Ps 1.9   convert JPEG image to Postscript   Setup
Jwhois 3.2.3   client for the Internet who-is service   Setup
Less 406   file viewer   Setup
Lha 1.14i   archive files using LZW compression (.lzh files)   Setup
LibArchive 2.4.12   library for reading and writing streaming archives   Setup
LibArt_LGPL 2.3.17   library for high-performance 2D graphics   Setup
LibConfig 0.1.16   consistent configuration library   Setup
LibGw32C 0.4   C runtime library (additions to Msvcrt)   Setup
LibIconv 1.9.2   character set conversion   Setup
LibIntl 0.14.4   library for native language support   Setup
LibOpennet 0.9.1   URL handling library   Setup
LibJpeg 6b   library and tools for JPEG images   Setup
LibPaper 1.1.21   library for handling paper size and type   Setup
LibPng 1.2.37   library and tools for PNG images   Setup
LibRle 3.1b1   library and tools for Utah Raster Toolkit (URT) images   Setup
LibTiff 3.8.2   library and tools for TIFF images   Setup
LibTool 1.5.26   generic library support script   Setup
LibURT 3.1b1   library and tools for Utah Raster Toolkit (URT) images   Setup
LibUTF8 0.8   Unicode/UTF-8 locale plugin   Setup
LibUnGif 4.1.4   library and tools for uncompressed GIF images   Setup
LibWmf   library and tools for Windows Metafile images   Setup
LibXmi 1.2   2D rasterization library   Setup
LibXml 2.6.28   parser library for XML   Files
M4 1.4.14   macro processor   Setup
Make 3.81   GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs   Setup
Mawk 1.3.3   pattern scanning and text processing language   Setup
MiniSed 1.12   stream editor (small version of sed): new package   Setup
MiscFiles 1.4.2   collection of various files   Setup
MkTemp 1.6   return temporary-file name   Setup
MsCompress 0.3   Microsoft "compress.exe/expand.exe" compatible (de)compressor   Setup
Nawk 2007.10.23    pattern scanning and text processing language   Setup
Nenscript 1.13.3   format an ASCII file and convert to PostScript   Setup
NetPbm 10.27   tools for converting and manipulating images   Setup
NtfsProgs 1.9.0   utilities for the NTFS file system   Setup
OpenSSL 0.9.8h   open implementation of Secure Socket Layer protocol   Setup
Palm     convert Palm Pilot images    
Patch 2.5.9   apply a diff file to an original   Setup
PbmAdd 1.1   additions to the PbmPlus (NetPbm) package   Setup
PcRe 7.0   Perl compatible regular expression library   Setup
PdCurses 2.6   terminal library   Setup
PDFlib-Lite 6.0.2   library for writing PDF files   Setup
PieChart 0.13   plot piecharts (extension to PlotUtils)   Setup
PlotUtils 2.4.1   plotting utilities and library   Setup
PngCrush 1.5.10   optimize PNG images   Setup
PngMeta 1.11   extract metadata from PNG images   Setup
PngUtils 1.2.5   utilities for PNG images (bmp2png, gif2png, pngcrush, pngmeta, tiff2png)   Setup
PolyglotMan 3.2   convert man pages   Setup
Popt 1.8   library for parsing command line options   Setup
Psmark 2.1   print a vertical text on a postscript file   Setup
PsUtils 1.17   Postscript utilities   Setup
Readline 5.0   edit command lines   Setup
Regex 2.7   GNU regular expression library   Setup
Regex-Spencer 3.8.g3   Henry Spencer's regular expression library   Setup
Rman 3.2   convert man pages   Setup
Rpl 1.4.1   replace strings in multiple files   Setup
Rx 1.5   regular expression library   Setup
Scribe2LaTeX 1.0   convert Scribe input files to TeX / LaTeX input files    
Sed 4.2.1   stream editor   Setup
SgiTools 2.1.5   library and tools for SGI (.rgb) images   Setup
Sgrep 1.94a   search a file for a structured pattern   Setup
SharUtils 4.2.1   utilities for shell archives   Setup
Sh-Utils 5.3.0   GNU shell utility programs   Setup
Src-Highlite 2.1.2   make HTML from source code   Setup
Sswf 1.7.1   library and utilities for creating Flash (sswf) movies    
Stat 5.2.1   display system-information about files   Setup
SunRpc 4.0   rpcgen: an RPC protocol compiler   Setup
T1Lib 5.1.0   library for generating character bitmaps from Postscript Type-1 fonts   Setup
T1Utils 1.34   utilities for Postscript Type-1 fonts   Setup
Tar 1.13   create archives   Setup
TexInfo 4.13a   software documentation system   Setup
TextUtils 5.3.0   GNU text utilities   Setup
Tiff 3.8.2   library and tools for TIFF images   Setup
Tiff-win32 3.6.1   Tiff library for developing with Win32 API   Setup
Tiff2Png 0.91   convert TIFF to PNG   Setup
Tr2LaTeX 2.2   convert Troff documents to LaTeX    
Tre 0.7.5   Posix compliant regular expression library   Setup
Tree   list contents of directories in a tree-like format   Setup
Ttf2Pt1 3.4.4   convert TrueType font to Postscript Type-1 font   Setup
Units 1.87   unit conversion and calculation   Setup
UnRar 3.4.3   unpack RAR archives   Setup
UnRtf 0.19.3   convert document in RTF format to other formats   Setup
Unzip 5.52   list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive   Setup
URT 3.1b1   library and tools for Utah Raster Toolkit (URT) images   Setup
Util-Linux-NG 2.14.1   miscellaneous utilities   Setup
Uu(En)(De)code 4.2.1   uuencode, uudecode   Setup
Wget 1.11.4   retrieve files from the WWW   Setup
Which 2.20   show the full path of (shell) commands   Setup
Wv 1.0.2   convert MS-Word documents to LaTeX, Html, Rtf, Text, Abiword   Setup
x86Info 1.21   display x86 CPU diagnostics   Setup
Xpm 3.5.1   library for X PixMap images   Setup
Xpm2Wico   convert X PixMap to MS-Windows icon   Setup
Zip 3.0   package and compress zip-archive files   Setup
Zimg 4.24.0   generate 2D image from data of arbitrary format   Setup
Zlib 1.2.3   compression / decompression library   Setup