Our libidos do not match

My husband and I have been married for six years this year and we have two young daughters. I never have really been into making love with my husband.

Even though I am sure we love each other it has always been more like just having sex than lovemaking.

When we do make the effort it is usually enjoyable and he is very considerate. He is a wonderful husband and father.

But I feel if I let him he would be at it every night, all night. Although he does not put any pressure on me I feel we can't just cuddle because I sense his need.

It is ruining what is otherwise a very happy life. We spend more time together now as he is home for two weeks and away for two weeks with his job.

Up to a year ago he worked 24/7 in farming. Please help me as all I can see ahead is a time of conflict and mismatch of libido.

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