Infidelity: A Love Story

This is the true story of three generations of marriage and betrayal. Author Ann Pearlman experienced at first hand the destructive effect of her father's infidelity. And she heard from her grandmother about the heartbreak she suffered at her own husband's devotion to another woman.

Ann determined that her own marriage - whenever it happened - would be faithful and forever. And, despite potential problems, she seemed to set to fulfil her dream when she fell in love with a black American sports star and artist, Tyrone.

For 25 years, they enjoyed an ideal marriage, raising three children and pursuing successful careers, she as a marital therapist, he as an art professor.

Ann even wrote a sex manual, How to Have an Affair With Your Spouse, and promoted it on television shows such as Oprah.

Well, there's nothing like tempting fate and, sure enough, Ann eventually discovers that Ty is having an affair. From grandfather to father to husband, the wheel of infidelity comes full circle.

Reminiscent of Lorna Sage's Bad Blood, this is a fascinating and page-turning book about husbands, wives and families.

Infidelity: A Love Story by Ann Pearlman is published by Sceptre at £6.99.

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