I feel betrayed by my daughter-in-law

When my soldier son married and was posted abroad we offered his wife's dog a home. Unfortunately he kept trying to eat our cats. So we found him a good home where he was treated like royalty.

When we told her she went absolutely mad, saying she had only asked us to look after him while they were abroad.

She asked my husband for the telephone number so she could phone the new owners to make sure he was happy. She came back, talked her way into the home and snatched her dog back. We don't know where she left him.

This happened a year ago and we have not spoken to them since as I don't feel able to forgive her for betraying us so badly.

Our son is now father to our new grandson and we so much want to share our son's pleasure. I have no idea how to resolve the situation. Forgiveness is out of the question.

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