Crowe rings up to apologise

Russell Crowe has apologised after hurling abuse at a television executive who edited a poem from his Bafta acceptance speech.

The Gladiator star rang Malcolm Gerrie and suggested buying him a pint to make up.

The peace offering came after the 37-year-old Australian actor exploded with rage when he realised his speech had been cut as he accepted the best actor Bafta for his performance as a schizophrenic maths genius in A Beautiful Mind.

Furious that a four-line poem he read - Sanctity by Patrick Kavanagh - was deleted from the TV broadcast, he stormed up to Mr Gerrie, chief executive of production company Initial, after the ceremony.

He pinned him against a wall and jabbed him in the chest.

'I don't give a **** who you are. Who on earth had the ******* audacity to take out the Best Actor's poem?' he screamed.

Crowe, who at first had refused to apologise, had a change of heart and rang Mr Gerrie at the weekend to say he was sorry.

Mr Gerrie was having a shower on Saturday morning after a jog when he answered his mobile phone.

A deep voice said: 'Hello Malcolm, it's Russell here.'

'I couldn't believe it was him,' Mr Gerrie tells the Sun newspaper today. 'I grabbed my phone and heard this distant voice saying, "I'm ringing to say I'm so sorry about what happenedî.'

He said Crowe said: 'My language was excessive because I was livid but I behaved inappropriately. I was over-reacting because I felt passionately about it at the time.

'I understand your family have been doorstepped by Australian television and I would like to know if there is anything I can do or say to make it up to them.'

A spokesman from Initial said: 'Malcolm got a call from Russell Crowe on Saturday making the apology.

'He said he felt he had been overbearing and used language that had been very strong.'

Crowe didn't over-indulge in humble pie, however. The spokesman added that the actor said Mr Gerrie had had his job to do - but he also had his.

The spokesman said Mr Gerrie first received a call on his mobile phone as he was out jogging, but Crowe, who was ringing from Australia, called him back again later.

According to the spokesman, Mr Gerrie and Crowe have even agreed to have a drink together when the actor is in England. Crowe is also said to have spoken to Mr Gerrie's 12-year-old son, Oliver, a huge Gladiator fan, for 20 minutes.

Mr Gerrie told the Sun: 'I told him I didn't get any satisfaction out of the whole situation and if he wanted to make it up to any of my family he could speak to my son, who has been getting a bit of stick at school.'

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