Pop 'reject' set for contract

The latest Pop Idol reject may still see her dreams come true after she announced today she will be meeting producer Pete Waterman to discuss a recording contract.

Rosie Ribbons' bid for stardom came to an end last night when viewers followed the advice of judges who criticised her version of The Winner Takes It All, chosen to fit the episode's ABBA theme.

But she revealed she was meeting music producer Waterman this week - who made his name helping to creating 1980s hits for Jason Donovan and Kylie in the 1980s - to discuss a possible recording contract.

She said: "Earlier in the competition Pete said he'd have me in the studio anytime. I would love a recording contract. I really want to sing and a career in music.

"We're going to have a chat, that's the best way. I'm not going to rush into anything, I'm going to take my time and gather my thoughts and really focus about where I want to go and what I want to do."

Last night Waterman, also a Pop Idol judge, told her: "That song doesn't suit your voice. I'm sorry for you tonight, I feel for you. I'm not picking on you."

Fellow judge Simon Cowell was even harsher: "Everything about your performance was wrong. It didn't work, it was your worst performance so far."

Rosie, from Swansea, today acknowledged she had been below par: "Pete was a bit angry. He could see I didn't do myself any favours last night, I would admit that."

But the former supermarket worker said she didn't know who would finally win the competition.

"It's getting harder and harder. Everyone knows they can all sing, it's going to be down to things like the outfit they wear, if they sing the wrong song and how well they perform."

The remaining five contestants are Gareth Gates, 17, from Bradford; Zoe Birkett, 16, from Darlington; Hayley Evetts, 25, from Birmingham; William Young, 22, from London; and Darius Danesh, 20, from Glasgow.

The winner will receive a management deal with 19 Management, the team behind the Spice Girls and S Club 7, and a recording contract with RCA Records.

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