Star 'hanged himself to punish his wife'

by SHARON CHURCHER, Mail on Sunday

Rock star Jon Lee hanged himself to take revenge on his beautiful Brazilian wife after she refused to emigrate to the Welsh town where he grew up.

The extraordinary disclosure to The Mail on Sunday by Miami police is certain to stun fans of one of the fastest-rising British bands.

Lee - the drummer with Feeder - was found on Monday hanging from the rafters in the garage of the Miami home he shared with covergirl Tatiana Englehart, 25.

The 33-year-old had been due to fly back to Britain the next day ready to appear on Top Of The Pops.

His publicists said he had everything to live for, after having had four Top 30 singles over the past year - and what appeared to be a happy home life with Tatiana and their twoyearold son Cameron.

But the truth, according to Florida detectives, was different. They say Lee terrorised the slender brunette during angry outbursts after she told him that she wanted to bring up Cameron near her parents' home in Florida.

'It seems to have started with a simple case of homesickness,' said one police investigator. 'Lee wanted to live in Wales because it is where he was from and because Britain is where he spent much of his time because of his career.

'He said he didn't know anyone in Miami except Tatiana. Tatiana told him she wouldn't know a soul in Wales.

'The problem, therefore, became that they were separated for long periods of time while he was on tour in Europe or recording in Britain, and when he came home he began to have blow-ups, when he'd accuse Tatiana of mean things that weren't true, implying she wasn't faithful.

'We believe that he committed this act to get back at her.'

Lee hanged himself with his dog's chain shortly before his wife was due home. He had left his son sleeping, and pinned notes expressing his anger on his shirt and left another on the garage door.

The investigator said: 'For the first two hours after Tatiana found him, she just kept screaming. She refused to believe he was dead. Her biggest worry is that this will haunt her for the rest of her life, which is what he wanted.'

Lee founded Feeder with frontman Grant Nicholas in Newport in 1992, and moved to Florida to help his career. He met Tatiana in Miami, and the couple married in October 2000.

His rages began to escalate last September, according to a complaint she filed with police. She said he slapped her during a row and had gone on the rampage in their house.

Four days after Christmas, the couple had another row and Tatiana phoned police, asking them to escort her from the house. Two days later, however, she went back to him.

Detective John Parmenter, who is in charge of the case, said: 'When he got angry, he would threaten to kill himself, but she didn't take him seriously. She's devastated.'

Lee's brother, Andrew, is understood to be collecting the body for a funeral in Newport next Friday.

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