So Solid Crew star facing jail term

Rap singer Ashley Walters was today facing a lengthy prison sentence for possessing a banned gun.

The 19-year-old member of the notorious garage act So Solid Crew was arrested with the weapon following a confrontation with a traffic warden.

An earlier hearing at London's Southwark Crown Court heard he and his girlfriend were in their parked Peugeot car next to an "expired meter" when they were told to pay or go.

The argument that followed in Hanover Square, near the capital's busy Oxford Street, so worried the warden he called the police.

When an armed response team stopped the pop star's vehicle shortly afterwards the gun was found wrapped in a sock in his girlfriend's handbag.

Walters - stage name Asher D - from Peckham, south London, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing the prohibited weapon on July 30 last year, an offence which carries a maximum 10 years jail.

The court heard the loaded firearm, a Brocock, which looks like a Magnum handgun, had been altered from its original airgun specification to fire "potentially lethal" ammunition.

Adjourning sentence for reports, Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC told the father of two, who has acted in Grange Hill and The Bill, that a substantial sentence was inevitable.

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