Bush calls on Europe to support US war on terror

U.S. President George W. Bush said today there could be no lasting security in "a world at the mercy of terrorists" and called on European allies to join the United States in the war against terror.

"For the United States, September 11 cut a deep dividing line in our history, a change of eras as sharp and clear as Pearl Harbour or the first day of the Berlin blockade," Bush told the German parliament in a speech in the Reichstag building in Berlin.

Against the backdrop of a big anti-U.S. protests in Berlin, Bush called on NATO and all U.S. allies to look beyond Europe "to gathering dangers and important responsibilities".

"If we ignore this threat, we invite certain blackmail," he said. "There can be no lasting security in a world at the mercy of terrorists in my nation or any other nation. We need each other in the fight against terrorism."

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