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The truth about Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova

Williams is the more physically powerful, with a ferocious temper and champion mindset. But Sharapova’s sponsor-friendly image control has seen her become the richer of the two. read

Missing couple are found in crashed car THREE days after accident was reported to police

Lamara Bell, 25, and John Yuill, 28, were reported missing on Sunday after they disappeared from a weekend camping trip. Officers found them yesterday morning in a crashed blue Renault Clio. read

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary blasts Greece for 'electing a bunch of lunatics'

The 54-year-old (pictured) said too many Greeks had retired while they were still of working age in order to spend the rest of their lives 'sitting in a cafe drinking coffee'. read

MAX HASTINGS pays tribute to the Queen's favourite Land Rover Defender

Last week, the manufacturers in Solihull took last orders for one of the greatest and best-loved vehicles ever built, which will cease production in the next few months, writes MAX HASTINGS. read

Buckingham Palace 'gunman' was artist carrying photos as armed police gathered

Artist Ray Fiasco, 21, was stopped by 'about 10' officers wielding semi-automatic machine guns as he innocently wandered past Buckingham Palace. read

Mens' legs must never be exposed to daylight says COLIN DUNNE

The current heatwave means you can look down any High Street and you’ll see what nature never intended you to see — the bare legs of the adult British male, writes COLIN DUNNE. read

Winner or loser: What was in the Budget for you?

Osborne's new budget will see young workers, families of four and the self-employed all better off. While low-income families will be more than £2,000 worse off. read

George Osborne says firms must now pay and train staff properly after 'free ride'

The Budget included plans for an apprenticeship levy on large firms who ignore the skills of their workforce, in a move which one Cabinet minister described as a kick up the ‘lazy arses’ of British business. read

George Osborne intros £9 living wage while taking £9bn axe to tax credit system

George Osborne stunned the Left by introducing a £9-an-hour living wage, saying Britain 'deserves a pay rise' and took his sword to tax breaks for non-doms and high earners. read

Plan to appease first time buyers could hit 1 in 5 landlords

In an attempt to appease first-time buyers and temper the booming buy-to-let industry, wealthier landlords will no longer receive higher rate tax relief. read

Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman caught out by George Osborne's budget

Ms Harman, forced to take on the job of opposition leader until Labour replaces Ed Miliband, appeared to forget the centrepiece of the Chancellor's budget during her response today. read

George Osborne still lacks Boris Johnson's easy charm says QUENTIN LETTS

George Osborne is now in the sixth year of his Chancellorship. It is an achievement to survive so long - and he has never looked more secure than he did yesterday, writes QUENTIN LETTS. read

Let's just hope George Osborne's luck holds says PETER OBORNE

George Osborne has changed a great deal since his first Budget almost exactly five years ago (pictured). Then aged 39, he was a weedy figure with a thin, squeaky voice, writes PETER OBORNE. read

George Osborne announced that tax credits will be cut to 2 children to cut bill

The Chancellor has taken an axe to tax credits in the Budget as part of a radical package of welfare reforms, which will leave many families including the Hathaways, pictured, struggling. read

George Osborne says Britain 'deserves a pay rise' after stunning Labour with minimum wage 

The move will mean a pay rise for 2.7 million people on the current national minimum wage of £6.50 an hour, but business chiefs have warned Osborne is taking a 'big gamble' with jobs. read

George Osborne's tax rises to pull in extra £50b to drag Britain into the black

George Osborne yesterday revealed a series of policies expected to raise an extra £47.2billion over the course of this Parliament - resulting in a huge increase in taxman's takings. read

£350 boost for but George Osborne is accused of 'moving too slowly'

The Chancellor has insisted he made a 'strong start' to moving towards his pledge of moving the 40p threshold to £50,000 by 2020, while increasing the personal allowance to £11,000 next year. read

Conservative's Living Wage makes them the party of blue-collar workers says JAMES SLACK 

The most striking image of the Budget was Iain Duncan Smith, fists clenched in delight, as the Chancellor announced the introduction of a Tory Living Wage, writes JAMES SLACK. read

ALEX BRUMMER on why the George Osborne failed to mention the world economy

George Osborne is acutely aware how easily even the most carefully made economic forecasts and debt-reduction plans can be ruined by international events, writes ALEX BRUMMER. read

George Osborne caps public sector pay rises for 4 YEARS in blow to teachers and nurses

Public sector wage rises will be capped at 1 per cent a year until 2020 as part of plans to eliminate the deficit. The announcement was immediately slammed by unions. read

Road tax reform will hit luxury and greenest car drivers hardest

Middle-class motorists with 'green' but expensive cars have been able to avoid road tax while poorer families driving older models pay hundreds of pounds a year, George Osborne said. read

Spending on defence will match Nato's 2% target

Crispin Blunt, who chairs the Commons foreign affairs committee, said the pledge is 'not quite as profound as it appears' because intelligence spending could be included in the figures. read

George Osborne donned a more traditional suit for Budget 2015 speech

He was widely ridiculed earlier in the year for turning up to deliver the Budget in a pair of ankle-grazing trousers but he looked more polished politician than schoolboy yesterday. read

Iain Duncan Smith delighted as George Osborne announces National Living Wage

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith stood to the right of the Chancellor during the announcement and became frenzied when the living wage plans were unveiled read

Millions facing a hike in insurance premiums with increase of up to £100 a year

The new stealth tax will increase the tax premium payed by providers of essential insurances - such as home and motor - will rise by 50 per cent and it's an expense likely to be passed on to customers. read

Tube strike in London causes nightmare for commuters

Commuters faced a nightmare journey into work this morning with long traffic delays, massive queues at bus stops and Uber cabs ramping up the price of their fares to cash in on the chaos. read

Abortion was something Thea De Gallier never regretted and she reveals why

Writer Thea De Gallier, 25, from London, was nine weeks pregnant when she took a test. She says there was no choice to be made and that she wanted an abortion immediately. read

Mum refused to let doctors turn off disabled daughter Reanne Racktoo's life support

Reanne Racktoo, 18, from Bury, Greater Manchester, has a haul of medals from international climbing competitions. At birth, doctors said her cerebral palsy and blindness would give her no quality of life. read

Cherries can trim tummies, soothe exercise pain and even help you sleep

At just less than 100 calories per serving, studies have revealed that cherries can trim our tummies, help to prevent heart disease, make exercise easier and even improve our sleep. read

Losing weight and stomach flab is possible once you banish stress

EXCLUSIVE: Stress from late trains, missed appointments and infuriating colleagues, cause our body to release a hormone which triggers fat to gather around the stomach, says nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville. read

Man arrested after 'assaulting his wife on British Airways flight from London to Texas'

Darren Halliwell, 48, of Greater Manchester, England, reportedly 'became disruptive' during British Airways Flight 195 as it traveled from London to Houston, Texas, on Wednesday morning. read

Graeme Bryden facing hamesucken charge for which penalty was once death

Graeme Bryden 27, of Stevenston, North Ayrshire, has appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court (pictured) accused of robbery and hamesucken. The latter would formerly lead to execution. read

Hikikomori the condition causing Japanese men to lock themselves inside for YEARS

The sufferers of 'Hikikomori' – mostly young Japanese men - have such severe social withdrawal they isolate themselves in their bedroom, in some cases for years. read

Ancient Chinese script may prove Asians lived in America 3,300 years ago

Author and researcher John Ruskamp claims to have found pictograms from the ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty etched into rocks in New Mexico, California and Arizona. read

London Tube passengers had secret biological warfare tests carried out on them

Hundreds of thousands of Britons were subjected to 'mock' biological and chemical warfare tests in 750 secret operations, research by University of Kent's Professor Ulf Schmidt reveals. read

One Direction back climate change campaign despite using private jets

The group, the richest boyband in British music history with a combined wealth of £70million, have launched action/1D to 'stop dangerous climate change' despite using two planes to travel the world. read

Amelia Earhart WAS taken prisoner by Japanese say Pacific islanders

EXCLUSIVE: Marshall Islanders say the aviator and her navigator crashed into the Mili atoll, 850 miles from her intended destination, before being picked up by the Japanese. read

World's most expensive shopping streets from New York to Baku

Those with deep pockets and a keen sense of style, take note. From New York City's iconic Fifth Avenue to Avenue Montaigne in Paris, these are the world's most expensive streets to shop. read

South Carolina House votes to REMOVE Confederate flag from statehouse

The move early Thursday came after more than 13 hours of a contentious debate, just weeks after the fatal shootings of nine black church members. read

What happens if you and your man always want sex at different times?  

Research shows men and women seem programmed to want sex at different times of day. So how do you stop your marriage losing its sizzle? Three brave couples tell Helen Carroll how they cope. read

The Tories have let the bloated BBC off the hook, STEPHEN GLOVER writes

The Beeb has been forced to take on the cost of free television licences for the over-75s, which will eat up about a fifth of its annual income, writes STEPHEN GLOVER. read

AC/DC's Phil Rudd sentenced to 8 months HOME detention for threatening to kill ex-employee

Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd (pictured) has been sentenced to eight months' home detention at a Tauranga court in New Zealand for threatening to kill a former employee and drug possession charges. read

Silvio Berlusconi is given three-year sentence after being found guilty of corruption charges

The court in southern Italy sentenced Berlusconi to three years in jail and banned him from holding any public office for five years, a judge said in a ruling shown live on television. read

Sainsbury's and Tesco chop 2p off a litre of diesel, says RAC

Supermarket giants Sainsbury's and Tesco have this morning cut the pump price of diesel by 2p a litre which could spark a price war, the RAC believes. read

Fears grow for 15-year-old mother who has gone missing from home with her 12-week-old baby daughter 

Teenage mother Katie Kelly (pictured with her daughter) has not been seen since Tuesday when she vanished from her home in the Daventry area of Northampton with the little girl. read

Prince William gets a giggle at Wimbledon as the tube strike is announced

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on Centre Court today to see Andy Murray take on Canada's Vasek Pospisil in his quarter final. The couple were joined by an elegant Kim Murray. read

Novak Djokovic has said sorry to Wimbledon 2015 ball girl for his outburst

Reigning Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic has apologised to a ball girl he shouted at during his fourth round match claiming he was 'in a moment of battle' when he called for a towel. read

who's who in the VERY Royal Box at Wimbledon

From the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Paula Radcliffe and Sir Matthew Pinsent, the Royal Box was full with a star-studded crowd as Murray took to Centre Court at Wimbledon today. read

The only guide to The Ashes 2015 you need, from Mail Online and Sky Sports

The Ashes is almost upon us, but what is it all about? How can we throw ourselves into supporting the famous competition? And is it worth booking time off work to go barmy with the England army? read

Kate Middleton joined by Michael and Carol Middleton at Wimbledon

Carole and Michael Middleton attended Wimbledon today for the second time. The Middletons are big fans of the event - Kate also went today and Pippa and James went on Monday. read

Andy Murray fans' anger at empty Wimbledon 2015 seats as corporate fans stay in hospitality tents

Thousands of tennis fans who missed out on tickets to watch Andy Murray triumph in the quarter-finals have been left fuming at the sight of rows of empty seats on the Centre Court. read

New York Stock Exchange stops trading as United Airlines experience tech crash

The New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal have all fallen victim to a series of massive technical glitches within hours of each other. The NYSE only reopened at 3:10pm read

New York Stock Exchange glitches hours after expert says banks AREN'T ready for cyber attacks

Andreas Dombret from the German central bank today said cyber security is is not being taken seriously. Hours later, NYSE had to suspend trading due to a possible cyber attack. read

George Bush charged $100k to be at event for veterans wounded in the Iraq war

It transpires the extortionate fee was in fact a reduced rate, bartered down from $250,000. And a year earlier, his wife Laura received $50,000 from the charity. read

Ringo Starr reveals he won't dish on The Beatles as he celebrates turning 75 in Hollywood

Starr celebrated turning 75 in Hollywood on Tuesday. During the event he told a reporter that he will never write a tell-all book about The Beatles who he was a part of from 1962 to 1970. read

Tour guide Irene Laird who called woman a 'Welsh c***' handed suspended sentence

Irene Laird, 64, called a woman a ‘Welsh c***’ during an outburst in a public park in the Caernarfon area, in the heart of Welsh-speaking Wales. read

Oxford church youth leader Timothy Storey ‘forced schoolgirl to perform sex act’ 

Timothy Storey, of Peckham, south east London, also raped the girl, in a small street next to a pub after they got off a bus when she was just 17, Woolwich Crown Court heard. read

Theory claims US Navy photos taken in the 1970s show ET hunting for oil

The black and white images are believed to have been taken from the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine as it travelled between Iceland and Norway's Jan Mayen Island. read

Interactive tool reveals the amount of hunter-gatherer DNA in your family tree

The data comes from an ongoing study by the University of Adelaide that has found most European are a mix of three ancient populations; hunter-gatherers, Neolithic farmers and pastoralists. read

Apple iPhone 6 will launch with 90m handsets to break records

‘According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant has ordered between 85 million and 90 million units combined of two new iPhone models with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.’ read

Cardiff car thieves high on drink and drugs jailed over death of teenager

Sakhawat Ali, from Cardiff, was twice the drink drive limit and had taken cocaine and smoked cannabis before he crashed his uncle's car, killing passenger and aspiring beautician Xana Doyle. read

Getting over a bereavement 'takes more than two years': Survey found many of those questioned had considered suicide because they felt so heartbroken 

‘The average person grieves for two years, one month and four days before they start to move on with their lives. The survey also found women take six months longer than men to start to move on with lives.’ read

Women's bums vanish at 50 because of Yo-yo diets, sugar binges and cardio

At 48, Claudia Connell has been surprised to discover that her once curvaceous bottom has all but disappeared. Now on a mission to get it back, she investigates why her pert derriere has gone AWOL. read

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck pictured on divorce retreat in Bahamas

The Hollywood duo are preparing to go their separate ways after 10 years of marriage and pictured in a somber moment last week at their luxury beach resort. read

Millions of emergencies are MISSED through NHS online symptom checker

Scientists at Harvard Medical School in the US have warned one in eight emergencies are missed by the NHS Choices symptom checker website, casting doubt on the safety of the internet to spot illnesses. read

Greece crisis sees Greeks buying Apple goods and jewellery to avoid financial ruin

Wealthy Greeks have embarked on a luxury spending spree amid fears the banks will raid their bank accounts, and one jewellery store owner (pictured) is among those seeing a surge in sales. read

Hair removal guide from magic exfoliators to plucking chin hairs

From bikini line landscaping to facial fuzz faux pas, FEMAIL has compiled the ultimate guide to hair removal ahead of summer. read

Inside the UK’s poshest picnic hampers, which are selling for up to £33,000

With price tags ranging from £3,000 for an Aston Martin basket to a £550 Fortnum's hamper, these high-end baskets are sure to add style to your al fresco jaunts. read

Game Of Thrones behind-the-scenes footage reveals tricks used to create Hardhome battle

The breathtaking brawl between the Wildlings, Night's Watch and White Walkers was easily the most ambitious set piece of the series so far, and one of the most exciting to watch. read

Boko Haram 'agree to release 216 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls in exchange for Nigerian government prisoners'

The offer is limited to the 219 students who were taken from a boarding school in the northeastern town of Chibok in April 2014, sparking global outrage and a campaign to 'Bring Back Our Girls'. read

ISIS releases guide on how to establish 'Muslim gangs' in the UK

Jihadi supporters have been circulating a radical guidebook on social media, providing deadly instructions on how to create a active terror cell. read

Afghan interpreters who worked for the British Army lose compensation fight

One of the claimants, father-of-three Mohammed Rafi Hottak, pictured, who was granted asylum in 2012, was blown up by the Taliban while on patrol with British troops in Afghanistan. read

45 ISIS fighters 'die after eating poisoned Ramadan meal in Iraq'

Iraqi media reports that 45 ISIS militants (file photo) were killed after breaking their fast with a Ramadan meal laced with poison. 145 fanatics are thought to have sat down for the 'iftar' meal in Mosul, Iraq. read

China cracks down on its sex partying, Ferrari-driving 'fuerdai' rich kids

Their dogs wear gold Apple watches, they smash up super-cars like they are toys and they make the Rich Kids of Instagram look like penny-pinchers. Meet China's richest children. read

China's stock market crisis deepens as Iron is cheaper than CABBAGES

Shares tumbled in the morning before soaring in the afternoon, bringing much-needed relief from a downward spiral that has seen almost $3trillion wiped off valuations in just three weeks. read

Oxfam, Save The Children and Cancer Research forced into action over cold calling

Bosses of Britain's biggest charities, such as Cancer Research UK's Harpal Kumar, were forced into action yesterday amid a growing outcry over their use of 'boiler room' tactics to pressure the vulnerable. read

Best test answers kids have written when they had NO idea what the answer was

These pictures reveal some of the cheeky, imaginative and downright comical wrong answers given by clueless students when presented with a question that leaves them stumped. read

HIV professor Martin Cranage wins planning battle with his High Court judge neighbour

Neighbours Professor Martin Cranage and Judge Keith Cutler - who oversaw the high-profile Mark Duggan inquest - had been locked in a dispute over the former's radio aerial at his home in rural Wiltshire. read

Kent woman hid camera in mother's care home and witnessed horrors

Brenda Hibberd, 65, from Kent, (pictured) visited her mother, 95-year-old Elsie Reeves, in her care home. 'Instead of being taken to the toilet, she had been left to lie all morning in her own urine,' recalls Brenda. read

Tonbridge Angels footballer Junior Dian dies on pitch after collapsing during trial

Junior Dian, 24, collapsed during the second half as he played for Kent-based Tonbridge Angels at Whyteleafe FC in Surrey. Despite the efforts of paramedics, he died shortly afterwards. read

Catholic group urges beaches to be 'segregated by sex' in Spain

In northern Spain, a Catholic group by the name of Pedro Menéndez de Avilés has posted an image to their Facebook page urging beaches to be segregated so 'sins of the flesh' are avoided. read

Microsoft cuts 7,800 jobs in handset division and writes off $7.6bn

Microsoft is cutting 7,800 jobs, or nearly 7 percent of its workforce, and write down about $7.6 billion related to its Nokia phone business to focus on being a software firm. read

Crafty ways to make summer shoes fit better

If too tight straps, toe posts that rub or sandals that leave you with painful blisters are the bane of your summer wardrobe, take note as FEMAIL's Claire Coleman tests the best summer shoe hacks. read

Siblings have symptoms impairing their walking and doctors have no idea what's wrong

The four Herzfeld siblings, of Teaneck, New Jersey, have all inherited an unknown neurological disorder which has impeded their ability to walk easily. read

Bill Cosby closed in on as police 'question woman he raped at Playboy Mansion'

Chloe Goins, who has described being drugged and attacked by Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, is expected to be questioned by police. Her case falls inside the statute of limitations. read

eHarmony names July 15 to be the LEAST romantic day of the year

Next Wednesday has been named the least romantic date of 2015, according to a new study which analyses dating website traffic, Google searches, and social media data. read

The Queen's 90th birthday to be celebrated with hamper lunch on The Mall

The lunch is one of a number of events planned around the milestone next June, which the Queen is said to be keener to mark than the day she overtakes Victoria as the longest-serving monarch. read

David Cameron to water down the foxhunting ban without a full repeal

The Prime Minister will make it legal to kill foxes for pest control and for those foxes to be flushed out by a full pack of hounds, but has stopped short of a repeal because he does not have enough support. read

People reveal the worst excuses they've ever used to get out of a date 

Turning down a date can be tricky when you don't want to blurt out: 'I'm just not that into you'. But some users of the Whisper app went to a whole lot of trouble to come up with reasons why they said 'no'. read

Sales of premium brands of wine up by 10% in a year, Matthew Clark finds

Overall sales of wine in pubs clubs and restaurants has fallen by two per cent because we are drinking less but sales for premium brands - costing £20 or more - have risen by ten per cent. read

North Shields woman bitten by stranger 'who tried to gouge out her eyes'

Wendy Barber suffered horrific injuries when a stranger allegedly set upon her in the street in North Shields, in Tyne and Wear. Ms Barber struggled to get away as her attacker gouged at her face. read

Progesterone hormone in The Pill 'shrinks tumours in half of cases' say scientists

Almost half of women with breast cancer could have their treatment transformed by a readily available hormone found in the Pill, according to Cambridge University researchers. read

Is Jane Fae's story proof children CAN know they were born the wrong sex? 

Journalist Jane Fae says she always knew there was' something wrong', but struggled to reveal she was transgender until her fifties. Here, she reveals how children really can 'know' as young as two. read

Office for National Statistics figures show married couple numbers have increased

In 2011, married men and women were almost a minority at just 50.7 per cent of the adult population. But last year 51.2 per cent of people over the age of 16 were found to have tied the knot. read

Marci Robin finds HUGE dead RAT in New York dog run

Marci Robin was at the dog run in Park Slope on Wednesday when she watched an unidentified park employee pick up an enormous dead rat that her friend's dog sniffed out moments before. read

Jeff Bridges lists his Montecito villa for $29.5million

The Montecito home includes about 9535 square feet and is located on about 19.5 acres. It features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a swimming pool. read

WW1 luggage tag recovered from British warship HMS Tamar in Hong Kong harbour

HMS Tamar was scuttled in 1941 ahead of advancing enemy forces and has lay forgotten ever since on the seabed at Victoria Harbour for more than 70 years. read

First Australians WERE Aborigines and arrived there 55,000 years ago

Dr Michael Westaway from Griffith University in Queensland, says recent DNA and archaeological evidence shows art like the paintings above were created by Aboriginal artists. read

16 times more Britons know Harry Potter Quidditch rules compared with croquet

Britons are far more likely to know the rules of Harry Potter's Quidditch than croquet according to a new survey which has warned that the traditional summer game could die out completely by 2037. read

Ex-Chelsea player Terry Bradbury wins £5m on the National Lottery

Former midfielder Terry Bradbury, 74, and his wife, Eleanor, known as Ann, from Buxton, Derbyshire, pictured together, held the only winning ticket in Saturday night's draw. read

The ultimate family car designed around a BABY SEAT: Volvo concept includes a luxurious child chair that swivels and tilts

Called the Excellence Child Seat, the Sweden firm's concept replaces the passenger seat (pictured) with an adjustable baby seat that rises, falls, swivels and tilts at the touch of a button. read

Childhood stresses of parents' divorce and deaths can fuel weight gain later, claims study

Childhood may be a critical period for creating patterns that have a long-term impact on women's weight over time, according to a study by Michigan State University. read

Eyelash extensions are a health hazard and cause your natural lashes to fall out

With a huge trend for eyelash extensions, soaring numbers of people are visiting eye doctors with infections, Dr Robert Dorin, an expert based in New York, warns. read

Beat that Tatooine! Solar system with FIVE stars discovered orbiting each other 250 light years from Earth

Astronomers at the Open University in Milton Keynes said the quintuple star system, shown in the artists impression pictured, is one of the most exotic ever found and may even have planets. read

1967 Toyota 2000 GT from Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' auctioned in California

The 1967 Toyota 2000 GT, dubbed the 'Japanese E-Type', is being sold as part of a $66million sale taking place in Monterey, California next month. read

Men of all ages reveal what they REALLY think when told to 'be a man' for video series...and the answers they give will surprise you

The latest in a series of word association videos by covers the phrase 'be a man', asking men from the ages of five to 50 what their first thoughts are upon hearing the phrase. read

Volcanic eruptions have caused freezing temperatures, crop failures and famine since early Roman times…and they may even have changed the course of history

Scientists at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno have reconstructed the timing and climate forcing of 300 individual volcanic eruptions extending as far back as the early Roman period. read

Prozac and Seroxat can increase chance of birth defects by up to 3 and a half times 

Researchers in Georgia found anti-depressants could cause problems for unborn babies including heart defects, brain problems and irregular skull shape - but experts stress the risk is still small. read

Judge Constance Briscoe loses appeal after lying to police investigating Chris Huhne speeding points

Judges finally drew a line under the ongoing Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne saga by denying an appeal from Constance Briscoe, pictured, against her conviction for which she has already served jail time. read

Gene therapy that restores hearing in mice could be used on humans in five years

Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne claim an injected virus could someday treat a hereditary form of human deafness. read

Old footage of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark reveals her life before Prince Frederik

Old pictures and video of Princess Mary give a glimpse into her life before she met Prince Frederik in 2000. She worked in advertising, back-packed around Europe and had an active social life. read

Bridget Jones turned Chardonnay into the naffest tipple around but not any more

Chardonnay went from being sought after to frightfully naff. But now, after years in the wilderness, the wine is finding favour - and flavour - again. read

Driver Vladimir Lohin banned after film of him driving Fast and Furious-style

Vladimir Lohin was filmed performing the potentially lethal 'drifting' manoeuvre at 5am on a section of the Hartside Pass near Penrith, Cumbria which is 1,904 feet high at its summit. read

Nasa want to turn the Moon's Shackleton Crater into a lunar science lab

Shackleton Crater on the moon’s South Pole could be turned into ‘an oasis of warm sunlight surrounded by a desert of freezing cold darkness’ according to the Nasa. read

Italian holidaymaker captures footage of a SHARK stalking its prey

An Italian tourist attempting to film a sunrise over the deserted Punta Prosciutto beach in southern Italy inadvertently captured footage of an aggressive shark stalking its prey. read

Hydrofoil quadcopter drone seamlessly films from the air and on water

The Hydrofoil minidrones (Orak pictured), from French firm Parrot, sail at 10km/h (6mph or 5.4 knots) on water before taking off and flying at 11mph (18km/h). read

Map of Pluto reveals whale shape on surface and a mysterious 'donut'

Nasa scientists in Colorado have produced the best map yet of Pluto's surface from images sent back by the New Horizons space probe and have nicknamed one long dark patch as 'The Whale'. read

Clown throws pie into woman's face and she goes crazy in Brazilian mall 

Seemingly minding her own business as she takes the escalator, one lady got a sudden shock when a clown slapped a cream pie in her face, prompting a hilarious reaction from the angry woman. read

Made in Chelsea's Fabian Bolin reveals he's battling cancer in a moving blog

Fabian Bolin, 28, from Stockholm, was diagnosed with leukaemia on July 1 and is receiving chemotherapy treatment. His blog describing his gruelling treatment has gone viral. read

Minions McDonald's happy meal toy that appears to spew profanity

Parents across America are complaining McDonald's Despicable Me 2 kids meal contains a toy more appropriate for adults. read

Toddler Samuel Harry suspected of being shaken to death died from injuries

Baby Samuel Harry was found already unconscious and very pale by the time an ambulance arrived at a two-storey terraced house in Bromham, on April 21, 2013. read

Mother heard son die in Leicestershire road collision after he phoned her

University catering boss Mark Price (pictured), 51, was killed instantly in the Christmas Day smash along with the female driver of the other vehicle after he rang his mother to wish her 'Merry Christmas'. read

'Wendiceratops' dinosaur reveals clues about how the triceratops got its horn

Discovered at a site in southern Alberta, Canada, Wendiceratops (illustrated) is one of the oldest known members of the large-bodied horned dinosaurs called Ceratopsidae. read

Badgers age faster when fighting and should prioritise health and sex

Researchers from the University of Exeter who tracked the animals over 35 years found that male badgers who live near a lot of other male competitors led shorter lives. read

Kenya tourist comes face to face with cheetah who leaped into his jeep

While on safari in Kenya's Masai Mara, an Irish tourist came face to face with a very curious - and very cheeky - cheetah, which hopped into the back seat of the jeep to say hello. read

Inside Czech Republic's 'Skull Church' made up of over 70k skeletons

The spine-tingling Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic is estimated to hold the remains of between 40,000 and 70,000 people, many of whom died in the plague in 1318. read

Selfie-obsessed Karen Danczuk being lined up for Celebrity Big Brother

The selfie-obsessed estranged wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk is reportedly top of Channel 5's wishlist for the reality TV show. read

Australian couple arrested for 'having sex on a bench in Florence'

In just the latest example of tourists behaving badly in the Renaissance capital, the couple were allegedly caught in the act in the Lungarno Torrigiani public gardens on Monday night. read

Are smartphones making us dumb? Students given iPhones to help with their studies used them for social media instead

Psychologists at Rice University in Houston Texas wanted to see if the latest mobile technology would be used by the students (stock image) to improve their learning. read

Beat the heat  with frozen shower gel and chilled-out lip balm

Sweltering days and sweat-soaked nights are expected on holiday, but recently we’ve felt the heat in the UK, too. Alice Smellie road-tests eight beauty brands that promise to keep you cool. read

Elephant picks up selfie stick dropped by tourist and hands it back to him

Dizzying footage shows the moment the helpful elephant used its trunk to scoop a selfie stick out of the grass and pass it back to South African tourist Adrian Fowler near Victoria Falls. read

Anaconda cut open swollen and ANOTHER snake found inside it's belly

This is the incredible moment villagers sliced open the bloated belly of a dead anaconda to discover its fatal last meal was another anaconda. read

Chinese wife walks streets in underwear with sign saying ‘I want to sell my body’

'I want to sell my body' reads the handwritten sign in Chinese hung around the neck of the woman as she walks despairingly through the streets in Jiangxi province, China. read

Swindow teenage bully filmed pushing victim to ground blames peer pressure

The 14-year-old thug from Swindon, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was convicted of assault after a video of the incident went viral. read

Pamplona bull runners are squashed as they try to photograph animal 

The photographs were taken at the entrance to Pamplona's main bull fighting arena and shows revellers risking their lives as lay down and encourage the beast to run over their backs. read

Tom Selleck 'stole truckloads of water' for his California ranch despite drought

The Magnum P.I. star and his wife Jillie Mack are accused of dispatching a white truck to a neighboring valley at least 12 times since 2013 to retrieve gallons of precious water. read

Aerial photographer Tommy Clarke captures STUNNING ocean landscapes

Photographer Tommy Clarke's memorising landscape shots gaze down over sumptuous turquoise landscapes dotted with miniature-looking boats and colourful beach goers. read

Christopher Kellie becomes one of Scotland's top models after popping to McDonald's

Christopher Kellie, 21, from Mount Vernon, Glasgow, ventured down to his local fast food joint in quest of a part-time job and he left with a modelling contract. read

Cornwall's house from Daphne du Maurier novel goes on the market for £3m

Chapel Point House in Cornwall is a unique Grade II listed home with 4,000 sq/ft of space. It has five bedrooms, four reception rooms and three bathrooms - plus two more separate properties. read

Mac on... tax credits being limited to first two children 

Well it makes a change from 'I've got a headache!' read

Rare Golden Lobster caught by fishermen off coast of Scotland near Dunbar

The lobster, pictured, was caught off the coast of Scotland near Dunbar and it is believed that just one in five million have the incredible colouring that led him to a sea life centre - instead of the dinner table. read

Inside Mount McGregor Correctional Facility with mountain-top views and its own gym

The sprawling medium-security Mount McGregor Correctional Facility in upstate New York consists of more than a hundred structures including a gym and a chapel. read

Iceland waterfall made entirely of FOG falls from cliff into Breidafjordur below

A waterfall made entirely of fog cascaded from a cliff in Iceland – and the mesmerising sight was captured on camera. Kjartan Gunnsteinsson shot the footage while on a hike in Iceland. read

How did a 1982 Ford Capri get in the Regatta Lake near Nottingham?

The car, pictured, was found in Lake Regatta near Nottingham during a routine weed inspection and had been being used as a home by a family of eels when it was eventually recovered. read

Washington DC's National Building Museum turned into giant beach-themed ball pit

The 'Beach' is meant to represent an ocean and is made up of nearly a million recyclable translucent balls across the floor at the National Building Museum in Washington DC in the US. read

Noise pollution cuts mean passengers can expect a 'calm ambiance' before flights

To communicate with travellers, airports are now turning to new technologies and adopting a more 'silent' philosophy in an attempt to cut down on noise pollution from overhead announcements. read

Group photography app lets anyone film Matrix style ‘Bullet Time’ footage

Columbia University researcher Yan Wong has created an app, dubbed CamSwarm, which allows anyone to generate Matrix-worthy action shots using a group of smartphones. read