My Little Eye (Cert 18)


My Little Eye is a bog-standard horror movie which has been cunningly updated for the age of surveillance cameras and the internet by Welsh director Marc Evans.

Though not another Blair Witch Project, it's a tidy little effort that makes good use of some unknown actors.

Five twentysomethings are recruited to room together, Big Brother-style, for six months in the middle of nowhere, in a big, spooky house, and live their lives publicly for voyeurs over the internet, in return for a million dollars.

But is there a more sinister reason why they have been selected? Evans cranks up the tension with a number of time-honoured techniques, before doing the inevitable and killing them off one by one.

The most original touch here is that we see the characters as though through webcams. We are the voyeurs, titillated by the promise of sex and violence.

The twist won't surprise many people, and there's over-use of amplified sound to make us jump.

It lacks the wit and narrative surprises of Ben Elton's novel along the same lines, Dead Famous, or Series 7: The Contenders, one of my favourite movies from last year.

Still, it's a big advance on the filming two years ago of Martin Amis's not dissimilar Dead Babies.

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