Steamy e-mail gets banker suspended


After several cases of candid e-mails reaching a wider public than intended, City banker Trevor Luxton should have known better.

Yet he couldn't resist sending a message to five friends detailing a sexual encounter while his live-in fiancee was away, and adding: 'Am I the worst boyfriend in the world or what?????'

Unfortunately and somewhat inevitably for the 22-year-old East Londoner, one of the recipients decided he deserved his comeuppance and passed it on to as many people as possible.

As it flashed from screen to screen, they added their observations, such as one relating to his poor fiancee, Jo, which read: 'Hopefully his bird will end up seeing it and dump him!'

By last night, up to half a million office workers in Britain and abroad had seen the e-mail and its author, who styles himself 'Luxyboy', found himself suspended from his lucrative job with the French bank Credit Lyonnais pending an investigation.

The sorry saga began on Wednesday at 9.20am when he emailed the five friends to tell them of the previous night's events.

Employing some rhyming slang he began: 'Last night I was all geared up for a night in front of the telly watching football, having a ruby (murray - curry) and a couple of beers while Jo's still away.

'Suddenly I get a text from Laura - my mate's ex - which says she's coming round because I need to see you.

'So we get chatting about all sorts of stuff and then we start kissing and fondling (as you do).

'Then I find myself sitting in the armchair with a beer in one hand, remote in the other, West Ham on the box and Laura on her knees ... '

He then told how the phone rang and 'it's Jo who was bored at the airport'. He was chatting to Jo 'on the dog (and bone - telephone) while Laura looks up at me, winks and whispers, "Say hello to Jo for me" and then gets back to the job in hand ...'

With the e-mail proliferating in cyberspace, many women saw the chance for instant retribution.

One recipient said: 'I think we should get this dirty love rat in as much trouble as possible by sending it round the City.'

Another added: 'Let's get this two timing a***hole in trouble ... send this to everyone you know in the City and hopefully it will get back to his bird!!!! I love being evil!!!!'

By lunchtime his e-mail had arrived at secretarial agencies, a large greeting card company and the offices of at least four national newspapers.

City worker Mark Gerchen - one of those who received the message after it was first sent, said: 'I don't want to comment.'

A spokesman for Credit Lyonnais said: 'Trevor Luxton has been suspended on full pay and will be the subject of an internal investigation about the abuse of our e-mail policy which is taken very seriously.'

At the family home in Stratford, East London, Mr Luxton's father Barry, a lecturer in engineering, said: 'He is really worried and so are we.

'It was meant to be a bit of fun but he could lose his job over this.

'He e-mailed a few friends and one of them let him down. That guy has already apologised to him.'

Mrs Jenny Luxton, a secondary school teacher, added: 'We are desperately worried about him.

'He has just moved in with his fiancee. They have bought a house and he is worried about the mortgage.

'They are meant to be getting married soon.'

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