How do I get over his affair?

After 19 years of marriage my world has fallen apart in the space of a week. My husband lost his job and four days later told me that he had been having an affair.

She was trying to blackmail him so he told me himself. He said it was just for sex and that he was lonely as he frequently worked away from home and it boosted his ego. He also confessed to a drunken one-night stand around the same time.

The children and I have been second best as he has always put his job first. His first marriage ended because of that and he also cheated on her. The pressure of his job often makes him angry and aggressive.

I have stayed at home looking after the children and my mother who is dying of cancer. Though the marriage has been fiery we have had some great times.

We have made love since his confession and it was fantastic but inside I felt betrayed and empty. How do I get over these feelings?

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