YOU test the latest quick-dry nail polish


Every fortnight we ask four readers to road-test a selection of top-selling cosmetics.

This week, our panel of testers have been trying out quick-dry nail polish - perfect for brightening up fingers and toes if you're in a rush.

But do the latest quick-dry polishes really dry as quickly as the manufacturers claim and are the results as good as regular polish?

Lisa Betteridge, 27, lives in Daventry with her husband, Andy, where they run their own web design company. Lisa is a huge beauty product fan and has a particular penchant for Gatineau, Elemis and Decleor.

Lisa tried Revlon Speed Shine, £5.95.. So was she impressed with the results?

First Impressions: I had read in the press about how this polish has a specially designed brush. I didn't see what was so special about it. It tended to overload with polish and flood my nails.

Results: I applied two coats to my toes. This product is supposed to dry in just 60 seconds so I waited just over a minute before I attempted to move. Unfortunately, I stubbed my toe, the polish smudged and I had to varnish it again. Personally I would recommend waiting at least five minutes for the polish to dry properly. The results were long-lasting though - my toes stayed chip-free for five days.

Verdict: An average price for an average product. Long-lasting rather than than quick-drying.


Alison Metcalfe, 43, lives in Keighley, West Yorkshire with her husband, nineteen year-old twins and 21 year-old son. Alison's make-up bag is packed with products and she's always willing to try both expensive and more budget brands. She wouldn't dream of even answering the phone without her 'face on' and couldn't live without her eyeliner!

Alison tested Boots 17 Fast Finish, £2.80 A bargain buy, but was she impressed with the results?

First impressions: I liked the cute bottles and am impressed with the range of colours available. Pastel, fresh and perfect for summer.

Results: As you only need one coat of this polish, it was extremely easy to achieve a good result. I wasn't overly impressed with its quick-dry capability though - it seemed to take much longer than the 60 second claim. My nails were only touch dry after a full ten minutes. It's excellent value for money though, as the one coat application makes one small bottle last for ages.

Verdict: Cheap and cheerful rather than chic and classic but I loved it!


Gillian Taplin, 43, has four daughters aged between 14 and 23 and lives in Poole, Dorset. She has a bathroom full of beauty products and can't resist the lure of anything with 'new' on the label. Her worst beauty habit is buying new products without finishing the ones already sitting on the bathroom shelf!

Gillian tried out Rimmel 60 Seconds Extreme Nail Polish, £2.49, So how well did it perform?

First impressions: The bottle was small and neat and the easy-to-hold brush made application easy.

Results: This polish gave good cover in just one application and there was no need for an extra coat. It lasted well on my nails too, especially as I never wear gloves to clean the house! It definitely took longer than 60 seconds to dry on my nails though - touch dry maybe but I would suggest not doing anything with your hands for a good few minutes, to avoid any smudges.

Verdict: Good value for money with a wide range of colours that are ideal for everyday use.


29 year-old Sadie Cumpsty lives with her partner in Luton, Bedfordshire. Like our other testers, she LOVES beauty products and confesses a weakness for being lured by offers of free gifts with her purchases. Sadie is always willing to try out the latest new miracle products, money permitting!

Sadie tried out Maybelline Express Finish Nail Enamel, £3.99. Was she impressed?

First impressions: The polish went on well - the brush was easy to use and hold. I was also impressed with the initial colour, which was very true and rich. I didn't need a second coat as the coverage was perfect. True to its word, it dried exceptionally quickly.

Results: Although the initial results were good, they didn't really last. I did about an hour of general housework an hour later and the polish chipped badly at the top of my nails. I reapplied the polish over the top, thinking that this would reinforce them, but by the next day it was chipped again.

Verdict: A great product if you want a quick result for one night out, but not brilliant if you like your polish to a last a few days.

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