Mum's tearful plea over missing boy

The mother of a missing seven-year-old boy has made an emotional appeal for help in finding him.

Paula Entwistle, 30, wept as she sent a message to her son Daniel: "Please come home - you're not in trouble."

The schoolboy was last seen by neighbours at around 5pm on Saturday shortly after leaving his home in Copperfield Avenue, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Concern grew after police found a red and white bike - believed to be Daniel's at the end of a short lane leading from a main road in Great Yarmouth to a walled quayside.

At a press conference at a community centre close to the family home, Mrs Entwistle said: "If anybody knows or has seen anything, anything suspicious or untoward, could they please just ring the police.

"Even if they do not think it's important, ring the police.

"Daniel, if you are watching, please come home, for you are not in trouble, please come home."

Mrs Entwistle said of Daniel: "He's outgoing, he's pleasant, he can be mischievous like a lot of children and he's a bit of a loner. But he says says 'hi' to anybody. He has friends that live locally and we just thought he was there."

She said Daniel had been in the area where the bike was found, and that he had once previously disappeared but only for about two hours.

Detective Superintendent Julian Gregory, who is leading 50 officers in the hunt for the schoolboy, said: "We are very concerned about his whereabouts and his safety and welfare."

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