Wedding hopes for Miss Jones


With her outrageous stage shows and fashion sense, she is best known for being at the cutting edge of New York's fashion scene.

Now shaven-headed 1980s singer Grace Jones is said to be about to settle down in the English countryside with an aristocrat 17 years her junior.

The androgynous Jamaican, whose hits include Slave To The Rhythm and Pull Up to the Bumper, began a romance with Viscount Ivor Wimborne late last year.

Now friends say marriage is on the cards - despite the fact that at 52 Miss Jones is too old to bear her husband an heir and carry on the family line.

"Even though they come from very different backgrounds, there is a real chemistry between them," said a friend of the aristocrat, who inherited £30million when his father, the third Viscount Wimborne, died in 1993.

"He's absolutely besotted with her and marriage is definitely on the cards."

Three-times-married Miss Jones, who played a villain in the 1985 Bond film A View To A Kill, was said to be instantly smitten with the old Etonian.

"Grace took a real shine to Ivor and he was unable to resist," said another friend.

"She's a woman with a very strong will who does not take No for an answer."

The couple, who share a love of music and fashion, met in New York while Viscount Wimborne was working as a record producer.

They now divide their time between London and Paris.

If a wedding takes place, Miss Jones will become Viscountess of the 2,700-acre family seat, Ashby St Ledgers.

Viscount Wimborne is spending £10million on restoring the Northamptonshire estate, which he bought back into the family in 1998.

At 35, he is just 13 years older than Miss Jones's 22-year-old son, Paulo, from her marriage to French "photographer" and designer Jean-Paul Goude.

A gay icon, Miss Jones is known for her aggressive behaviour both on and off stage.

Once engaged to actor Dolph Lundgren, she set fire to £18,000 worth of his clothing when they split.

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